Citadel 1961



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the Associated Students ERSITY OF SAN DIEGO











Dedication and Theme


The motive of education on the collegiate level should primari ly

be the development of the complete man, that is, development in–

tellectually, aesthetically and spiritually. Situated atop the sand–

stone citadel of Alcala Park, the College for Men seeks to form a

living pattern of education, deeply integrated with the attitudes and

means which produce this development, and ultimately, man's ma–

terial and beatific goals.

All aspects of collegiate life, administration, curriculum, stu–

dents, and activities are fused under the protection and guidance of

Mary, matriarch of the Christian world.

The Most Reverend Bishop in selecting the title of the lmmacu–

lata recognizes her as an integral force. The CITADEL '61 is

reverently dedicated to the Mother of God, under the title of the

lmmaculata; we look for maternal influences upon the spiritual and

intellectual maturation of the Pioneer man.


The Imm



aculata Guides




MOST REVEREND CHARLES F. BUDDY, S.T .D. , Ph .D. , L.L .D. Bis hop ofSan Diego Fou nder, Pr es ide nt,and Chanc ello r of the Un ive rsi tyof San Diego






Rev ere ndJ. Wa lshe Murra y A.B ., M.A ., S.T .L., Ph .L. Dean of Stu de nts

Irv in gW. Pa rke r B.A., M. A. Dean of Ad mi ssion san d Re cor ds

Re ver end Charles J. Do llen B.A ., M.S ., L.S. Di rec torof Lib ra rie s

Rev ere nd Le on ard J. Br ugman A.B . Ch ap lai n



Ph ilipN. Na coz y ca nd . Ph.D. Ch air man Di vis ionof Hu man itie s

DEP 'T. of ENG LISH (l -r ): Ro be rt C. Wal sh, Ph. D.; ch ai rm an ;Rev. Jo hn P. Ga llagh er,M. A.; Rev. Leo F. La mph ie r,M. A.; Rev . I. Br en t Eag en, M.A .; Jam es J. Young , M.A .

LANGUAGE DEPT. (l -r ): Ire ne St einle, M.A .; Rev. Ri chard Ru sse ll, A.B .; Rev. Ac hil les Ed ele nyi , S.T.D.; Rev. Joseph Ho c, ca nd . Ph .D.; Rev. Cre- sce nte Espe so, M.A. No t pictur ed :Rev . Fra nce sJ. Ca rro ll,M.A .

'H av ingtro ub le ,so n?"

PHILOSOPHY DEP 'T (l-r ):Rev . Ray­ mon d B lu et t,B.S .; Rev . Pau l Lo uis , Ed .D. ; Rev . Wa lter Bu etz ler , Ph .D.; Rev. Ac hil les Ed ele nyi , S.T. D.; Rev . W illi amSh ipl ey ,Ph. D.



Richa rdP. Phil lip s,ca nd . Ph.D . Ch airman, De pt. of Ma the ma ­ tic s an d Scie nce s

MATH DEP 'T (l-r ):Louis Ra ush ,Ph .D.; Georg e Nie s, ca nd . Ph .D . Not pictur ed:Rev . Jame s Gan ahl, M.S .

DEP 'T OF SCIENCE (l -r ): Rev. Ph ilip Mu rra y, Ph .D. ; Geo rge K. Est ok, Ph .D. ; JackEl lio t,M.A .; Rev. Fra nc isNe me th,Ph .B.


DEP' T of HISTORY (l -r ): Rev . Jos ep h Willia ms , M. A.; Jos ep h Rua ne, Ph .D.; Rev . John P. Gal­ lag he r,M.A .

Rev . F ran cisJ. Rig ney , Ph.D . Ch air man , Di vis ionof So cia l Sci enc es

DEP 'T of SOC IAL SCIENCES (l -r ): Maxin eM. Gu nd erson ,Ph .D.; An dre T. Vince, Ph . D.; Rev . Jo se ph Ho c, ca nd . Ph .D.; Rev. Wm . A. No lan , Ph .D.; Rev . Fr an cis J. Mc Ke own, M.E d.; Rev . Wm . D. Sp ain , M.A .




Ste ph enJ. Ba rre s, Ph .D. Ch airman, Div isio nof Bu sin es s Ad m in ist ra tio n an d Ec on omics

DEP 'T of BUS INESS ADM INIS TRA TIONan d Ec on om ics(l-r ): Rev. Ray­ mon dBl ue tt,ca nd .M.S .; Ha ro ldDe rmod y,M. B.A .;Rog er As hamy ,M.S .; Andre T. Vin ce, Ph .D.; Edward A. Mer ril lJr ., M. A.; Rev . Pau l Lo uis , Ed.D . No t pic tu re d: W illa rdA. Swa n, B.S.


(L- R) Rev. John B. Bre m- ne r, M.S ., Gre g Pea rso n, M.S .



Fa ther Do llen' s rig ht hand in th e sm oo thru nn in g of th e lib ra ryis Mr s. Joa n Da mrau

San Dieg o Cou nc il,Kn igh tsof Co lum ­ bu s pre sen teda s he lf of loc al hi st or y to The Un ive rsi ty Li brary, on No­ vemb er 18 , 19 60 . RADM Pau l F. Du ga n, USN (Ret) an d M r. Willi am A. Su lliv an made th e pr es en tat ion an d Fa ther Ch arle s Do lle n, Un ive r­ si ty Lib ra ria nacc ept ed th e g ift .

Fa the rDo llen in st ruct sstu ­ de nt in th e lib ra ry ro om.

The Im



culata Inspires






WI LL IAMAMB RE, B.A . National Ci ty, Ca lif . MAJOR : Mat he mat ics MI NOR: Philo so ph y

As the sen iors of 1961 go fo rt hin to th ei r res pec tivefie lds , our tho ug hts go wi th them . Be th ei r ma jor Histo ry ,En gli sh , Business , Mathe matic s,or Ph ilos ophy, the y w ill rep­ resent th ei r Alma Ma ter . The Un ive rs ityof San Dieg o hopes to be pro ud of them . They w ill alwa ys be pro ud of the Univers ity . Their degr ees rep res en t weeks,month s,and years of ha rd wor k, stu dy , and per sev erance . Armed wi th these degr ees they w ill ap­ pro ach new vis tas . Their lear ni ngprocess has onl y beg un.

SENIOR OFFICERS (l- r) :Pr eside nt,Wa lly Keog h; Vice- Pre sid en t,Tom Wh elan ; Sec .-Tr eas ure r,Tom Mu lca hy

MERRITT BORDEN , B.A . Br id ge po rt,Co nn. MAJ OR: Engli sh MINOR : Hi sto ry

WAYNE BOURQUE,B.B .A. Jame sto wn ,N.Y . MAJOR: Gen era lBu sin ess MINOR : Ph ilo so phy

JOHN B. CALI SE JR.,B.A . San Ped ro,Ca lif. MAJOR: Ph ilos op hy MIN OR : Engli sh

DENN IS BROKAW, B.A . San Die go, Ca lif. MAJ OR: Ma the mati cs MINOR : Philo so ph y

WIL LIAM L. BOURQUE,B.A . Ja mes town , N.Y . MAJOR : H is to ry MIN OR :Ph ilo so ph y


LLEWELLYN D. COB B, B.B .A. Santa Mo nic a,Ca lif. MAJOR: Mar ke tin g MIN OR :Ma na geme nt

DAV ID COX, B.A . La nc as ter ,Ca lif. MAJ OR: Bu sin ess Ad m in is tra tio n MIN OR :Ph ilo so phy

PETER CRAWLEY JR., B.B.A . San Die go, Ca lif. MAJOR: Bu sin ess Admin istr atio n MIN OR : Phi los oph y

BERT DEGHERI, B.A. Pas adena, Ca lif. MAJOR: Hi sto ry MINOR : Ph ilos ophy

JOA QUI NP. DURA N,B.A . Ma lag a, Sp ain MAJOR: Mathe matic s MINOR :Ph ilos op hy

GASTON TAIX JR. B.B.A. San Die go,Ca lif. MAJOR: Bu sin ess Ad mini str at ion MINOR :Philo so ph y


DENNIS HAL LOR AN, B.B .A. San ta Ana , C al if. MAJOR: Bu siness Ad m in is tra tio n MINOR : Ec on om ics

BEVERLY GENE HU NT ,B.A . San Die go, Ca lif. MAJOR: Hi st ory MINOR : Philo so ph y

GARY L. HURTEAU, B.B.A. Mi nneapolis, M inn . MAJOR : Bus ines s Ad mini str at io n MINOR: Ph ilos op hy

RICH ARDJOHNSON, B.A. San Die go, Ca lif. MAJOR: Engli sh MINOR: Ph ilos op hy

WALLACE H. KEOGH JR ., B.B .A. San Die go, Cal if. MAJOR: Bu siness Ad m ini str at io n MINOR : Ph ilos op hy

DANIE LL. KERR , B.A . San Die go,Ca lif. MAJOR: Hi sto ry MINOR :Ph ilo so ph y

CARL OS A. LAGOS, B.A. Ma na gu a,Nica ragua MAJ OR: Eco nom ics MIN OR :Phil oso phy

PH ILI PLUSARD I, B.A. San Die go,Ca lif . MAJOR: Hi st or y MINOR : Ph ilos op hy

ROBERT MADRUGA, B.B .A. San Die go,Ca lif. MAJOR: Bu sin ess Ad m in ist ra tio n MINOR : Philo so ph y, Econ om ics

WIL LIAMG. MIT CHELL ,B.B .A. Bo ston, Mas s. MAJOR: Bus ine ss Ad m ini st ra tion MIN OR : Ph ilos op hy


JAMES G. MASTORAKOS, B.B.A. San Die go , C al if. MAJ OR: Bu sin ess Ad min ist ra tio n MI NOR: Ec on om ics , Ph ilo so phy

THOMAS D. MUL CAH Y,B.B .A. San Die go , Cal if.

MAJOR: Ac co un tin g MINOR : Ph ilo so ph y


ALLEN J .PADEREWSK I, San Die go ,Ca lif. MAJOR: Ec on omics MINOR : Philo so ph y

HARRY R. RE ID, B.B .A. La nc as te r,Oh io MAJ OR: Ac co un tin g MIN OR :Ph ilo so ph y

H. JOSEPH ROZE LLE, B.B .A. San Die go, Cal if. MAJ OR: Bu sin es s Ad m in is tra tio n MINOR :Ph ilo so ph y


ROLF SMITH , B.A . Es con did o,Ca lif. MAJOR: Ma the ma tic s MIN OR :Ph ilos op hy

JAME S F. SLEMMO NS, B.B .A. San Die go, Ca lif. MAJOR: Bu sin ess Mana gem ent MINOR : Ph ilos op hy

WIL LIAM H. STREET , B. B. A. San Dieg o, C a li f. MAJOR: Bus in es s Ad m in is tra tio n MINOR: E co no mic s, Phi los oph y

WILLIAM P. THOMAS , B.A . La Canad a, Ca lif. MAJOR : Englis h MI NOR: Jo ur na lism , Ph ilos op hy

ROBERT H. WERDEN, B.A . Sa n Die go , Cal if. MAJOR : Ph ilos op hy MINOR :Psy cho log y


THOMAS J. WH ELA N,B.B .A. San Die go, Cal if. MAJOR: Busin es s Adminis tration MINOR: Ec on omics , Ph ilo so ph y

SUMNER CHARLES WICKERSHAM,B.A . San Die go, C al if. MAJOR: H ist ory MINOR : Ph ilo so ph y

CHAR LESH. WIL LIAMS , B .A. Tu lsa , Okla. MAJOR: Englis h MIN OR :Jo ur na lism , Ph ilos op hy

HUGH WORLAND , B.A . La Jo lla ,Ca lif. MAJOR: Ph ilo so phy MINOR : Englis h

JUNIORS We are a class which sta rted in the ver y lean years of ou r y o u n g u n i v e r s i t y . We h a v e wa tchedit grow and stre ng the n, just as we have seen the clas s str en gthen . Out of an in iti a l cla ss of qu an tit y,we have seen so lid qu al itydevelop . Th rough the pas t thr ee year s the loos e ends have been smoo the dou t and we now look fo rwar d to a stro ng and vigor­ ous Senio r year cu lm inat ing on gr ad ua tio nday, 19 62 ,when we can say wi th pr ide,"We are tru e Pionee rs to come ou t of the Un ive rs ityof San Di eg o. "

Jr . Cla ss Of fic er s— Je rryMa rcu s, Pre s., Br ian Fo rd, V.-Pr es., Jim O' Ne il, Sec ., Jos e Ca chue la,Tre s.,Ji mFio ren za,Sg t.-a t-a rms.


Gra y E lli ot t, Br ianFo rd, Sam Ga las so,B illFo to

Bob Atw ood, Al De Pie tri, Joe Be llo , Jo hn Cose o, Ph ill ipArc e

Di ck Gra y, B ill He rmsen, Jo hn Ho llid ay ,Bob Tom - eo ni, Cu rti sHa rt

Do n Rod ee ,Dan Wacho wi ak,Alc ide sGue vara

Di ck Lo nn ec ke r,Te rry Lor enz ,Ch arl esKi ng ,Ti m K. Ley den

H e ct o rCue lla r,Ar t Wi cal, Ji m O' Ne ill

Ign ac ioOla zab al, Ne il Mo ye r,Joe Ma gu ire

Dick Pap p, Roger Sne ed, Le Roy Pe nd ray ,Dick Pat­ ric k


Joe Varg o, Mi ke Ru ss ell,Lou Lo es chn ig,Dic kWi lbu r

Vi nc en teSa bla n,Ji mTa va sci ,Ne d Wil son

Ji mGa bri el,Jo hnMc Co rm ick , Al Zunig a

Joe Lo es chn ig,Ar no ldEs cob edo , Wally Jo os , Joh n Ro bbi ns

SOPHOMORES The pas t two yea rs have been

qu iteactiv efo r the sop homore s. The clas s has had rep res ent a­ tives in al l sports — fo ot ba ll, ba sketb all , and baseb all. Sop homores have als o been activ e in the Ma sq ue r's Cl ub, the Pionee r, the Pas sion Pla y and now the Ci tade l. Each se­ me ste rthe re has been a soph o­ mo re on the Dean' s Li st . Las t sprin g, as fre shme n,the cla ss spo nso red a cas ual dan ce fo r U.S .D. stu dents . The class loo ks for wa rd to nex t year and uppe r di vi si on st at us .



Soph. Clas s Offic er s— An dr eFo rti er , Pre s., Ha nk Ac qu are lli,V. Pres ., Sco tt Gavin , Sec.- Trea s.



Ro ger M eh lb re ch , Gary Ze llmer , Cha rle s Wic al


Tom Le on ard ,Sam Ju lia no ,Jerom eSh err y, Ra lph Fea r, Ke nto nJo hn so n, Fra nk Pon ce


Don Dor kow sk i,D ic k Ba rs el l,Ri ch ar dTo nt i,Tom Go dda rd

Ma ur ice Eyssauti er, Bo b Jo hn so n, He rb Su lliv an ,An dre Fo rti er ,We lton Roy


Ron Limbec k, Bob Mo rrisse y,B ill Sc hamm el,Jac k Si mm on s,Raf ael Es pin osa , Ju lia nGa llar do PHILOSOPHY


Ph il Pow ers, Je rry O'D ell, De nn is Ad ams, Gr an tt Ric ha rdson ,Joseph Pic one

Tom Sh aff er, Russ Cra ven s, B ill Jo hn so n,Mi ke Mc De vit t

Sc ot t Ga vin , John Co om b, Ji m Lamb , TomGrove, Tom Mi x

FROSH We the 19 60 -196 1 Fresh­ man class have co nt rib ut ed to the growt hof the Unive r­ sit y of San Diego. We have bro ught wi th us ou r too ls of ind us try ,ene rgy, in te lli­ gence , and fa ith wi th the conv ict ion that we can main­ ta in and bu ildupo n theaca­ demi c, socia l, and cu ltu ra l tra di tio nsof USD. As we grow in know ledge and wis dom, we w ill have begun on the road of du ty as the ris in ggene rat ion .

Se ba sti anD 'Am ic o,Pre s., Jo hn Ba bic k, Sec ., James Co llin s, Tre as. , Stev e Hu nyad y,Sg t.-a t-a rms




Fr an k Con st an tin o, Joe Hi ld re th ,Dick Ba rt, Bob Car mon a, A rtCo lga te,Ro be rt Cha rtie r

Larry Gra y, Jame s Fra nk , Wa rren Gre en, Ph ilipGre en, Eric Vo nE hre nb erg

Co llin Be nn ett , Stev e Law rence, Fra nk O'D wy er, Te rry Ke tte nh of en , Mi ke Ho err

De nni s Magu ire , Fra nk Me rha r, Fra nk Yu rc ich , Ja mes Sh aul es

Chuck Riv as, Ro be rt Wh elan, Gu sta vo Ro me ro, Th omas Winn ,Ji m Th omps on


Clay ton Gi lmore, Ro be rt Kuhn er t, Jo hn Bau mg ar-


te n

Ha nd leyCoo k, Coli nFo rt,Ri ch ar dKadlu bo ws ki, Ri ch ardO'C onno r

Ken Soa res , Ca rl Sil va , Ni ch ola sPrin cip at o,Th omas Wa llac e, Ste ve Hu n- yad y, Dean Reed, Josep h Ke lley


Jo hnGle nn , Noel Hal l, Sta ffo rd Ke lly , Jame s Far re ll

Ste ve Br iggs, Pe ter Be res , Al vin Mc Ca rty


Pa tric k Ba iley , Fra nci s Gra ce, Pau l Cag le, Jam es Co llin s, Bru ce Clarke

Da vid Hi no jos a,Jos ep h Hi el , Jos ep hCo llin s,Jo hn Hu gh es ,Th om asFan­ nin g, Ji m Frye


Fre d Cove r,Guy Sel leck , RobertMaris ca l,Pau l M ajk ut

Ton y Tafo ya , M ike O'Br ien ,B ill Fi tzg er ald

Ju an Fan es, Dic kMe is, Ri ch ar dSp an dl


Ge dim iua sKa zla usk as ,He nry Vas quez , Raul Zar ate ,Jame sRo de nb orn

Gar y Ru em pin g,Leo n Bi an co , Jer ry Di tze n


Se ba sti anD' Am ico ,Alex Sv atk o, Ra lph He in tz, Gar y Ge rst en

Ro na ldFrie se, Da vid La bruzzi ,Mi ch ae lLa nn en


Jo hnSta ng , DickMc Ca rty , BobMa rlin

Ba rry McGee, Je rry Wa gne r, John Ba bic k, Don Bo lle ro, James Gu gin o

Ben Flo res ,Spee d Fry , Ju lia nGo od ell, B ill Co ury ,He nry Bu rd ick ,Joe He im



Ron Re aum e, Ma rk Saund ers , De nni s Ba ke r, Gene Po lha mu s,


Ch uc kBo yd, Lawr enc e Di ss ett e,Pau l Luc as

Bob St ich ,B ill Ku gle r,Don Sho tli ff , Je rry Ch apm an

De nn isMa dd en , B ruc e Bo llin ge r, Geor ge Pr imov , Gilb ert Nar es

B iff Bo rs t,Ph il La ttu ca ,Mik e Mc­ Do nnell ,Pa t Ha ge rty ,Tom M ille r


Do ug Stre ut er , Rich ard Lan ga n,Mi keSh roff,Ad ria nLenain, Willia mBi na rd

Bob Am bre , B ill Ba sh , PatLo ng


Fr an kLis i,Paul Nac ozy , FredAl ca nta r, Jim U li

Ne lso nMur ph y,Ja ck Ma ra sc hie llo , Dave Ba ade ,Do ug Lu pt on ,How ard Willi am so n


Bob E lli ot t, Ri ch ar d Gama che , Ern ie Be cc ac io, Jim Lan g, Tom Pe terson

The academ ic day of USD col leg ian scomp rises lastminu te stu dy che cks ,a qu ick cig aret te , adash to class. Keepi ngposted by bu lle tinboard no ticesand ann oun cem ent s, the stu dentfin ds a f u lland bus y sche dul e always ahead of hi m.

Tlie Imm


aculata Sanctions



Growin g in sta tur e, sp ir it and size , the Associa ted Stu den ts and the Ass ocia ted St uden t Council broad­ ened th ei r scope of ac tiviti es .As pro vid ed in the stu ­ dent body constit ut ion ,a Lowe r Hou se of Legis lature was created since en ro llm en texceeded 50 0. Wi th USD Wor kday at the Tia juana Orp han age , mi xe rs, Home ­ comi ng ,Studen tCourt and yea rbook plans , the agenda of Pre sident Chapman and hi s crew was kep t amply fil le d.

Jan Ch apman As so cia tedSt ud en tBo dy Pr es ide nt 19 60 -1 96 1

ASB of fic er s le ft to rig ht are B ill Th omas ,Se cre tar y; B ill He rm se n, Trea su rer ; an d Ch uck W illi am s, Vice- pr es ide nt

A yea r fil le dwi th co llegia tememo riesbeg ins wi th Mass of the Ho ly Ghost fo r USD stu dents . The foc al po int of the cam pus ,the Imm acu lat a pro vides the common gro und fo r comm un ica ­ tio n between stu dentand Cr ea tor. He re the col­ lege man asks fo r guidan ceand str en gt hdu rin g the on comi ngsemeste rs.



Despi te a ver y few mino r dis cre panci es,Op era tionB ig Brot he r-Litt leSis ter made its play as the trad iti on alOri­ en tat ionWeek activ ity .Ju st as the Womens' Co lleg e pro ­ vide s B ig Sister s fo r al l Frosh, the Coll ege fo r Men uppe r- clas smen int rodu ce dth ei r "L ittle Sis te rs " to the busy whirl of co llege socia l lif e. Me et ing them upo n th ei r ar­ riv al, sq ui rin g them to get acquain tedevents, B ig Br ot he r played th ei r " li tt lesis te rs '" guard ian sh iprol e with con ­ summa tea rt .

Brothers, Sisters, Little and Big

"W ha tdo ya me an ya lo st yer lit tlesis ter ?'

"A reyo u reall ymy lit tl e br ot he r? "





As the bi g Au tumn Ba ll of the year, the Ma squ ers ' "H itc hc oc kH op "kept the nig ht of witc hes and gobli ns liv ely , comp lete wi th co f­ fin s, mo nst ers , and wolves, we ll—an doth er­ wise .

?jv iIio c . j*o: m » i 15 0 O 01 3 1 ' 3pm Utu

F U N P t U l l S • O fc H C V M G


Marcia West, I960Homecoming Queen

Ri gh t:Pio nee rPete ge ts a s ho es hin e

Tr ad itio na lHome comi ngac tiviti es ,spo nso red this year by the Un ive rsityof San Diego Ma sque rs,were en­ live ned by man y new ac tiv itie s.Among these were the sin g-alo ngpa rti es in the La rk, Pom-Pom pa rtie s,Blu e and Wh ite Day, and the crazy an tics of jolly ham s who made conta gio usthe es pr itde corps fo r wh ich the Mas­ quers ar e known . The pr og rammingof the fest ivities and en ter tai n­ me nt was alwa ys me rry , although no t neces sar ilyalway s coor din ate d. , , At tra ct iveMa rci a West reig ned as 19 60 Homecom­ ing Queen .

"M ao !Wh ere 'veyo u be en ?"

"An dfu rth er mor e, I ha teco nv er tib le s"

Rev. Leo L. La np hie r,Mas ­ qu er s' mod er at or , hi ts a jag -tim etu ne du rin gHom e­ co m in g pep ra llie s an d sin g-a lon gs in th e La rk Ca fet eri a.

Jos e, th e bo un cyon e, ke pt sp iri talive an d go ing du r­ in g th e cro wd ed events of Bo nf ire Ni gh t in th e new sta di umsh ell .

A pensive Pecarovich watches the game

What bonfire?


The Ma squ ers ' succ essfu l summ er pr od uc tio nof "A ll My Sons " was fol­ lowed in the fa ll by Mar y Chase 'scom­ edy rom p, "H ar ve y. "The Fr. Leo F. Lanphie r-d irecte d"p ooka "pa rty too k plac e night lyOc tober6 th roug h9 in the USD Li ttl eRing Thea tre .


Wit h Den is Hal lo ranca st as dypso Elwood Dowd , the com­ pany was su pp or tedby Glo ry Mu llen,Paule tteSanto s,Milc ha Sanchez, Barba ra Jo rdan ,Ph il Bu rc h ,Her b S u ll iv a n , Be rt Deg heri, Liz Ko rand er ,Gr an tt R ic ha rd so n ,Al Zun ig a and Penny Nut tig .

"Skipper Next

to God"

Jan de Harto g' s "Skipp erNext to God "was the wi nt erof fe ri ng of the Col­ lege fo r Men and the annual "s ta g " pr od uc tio n.A ten se drama of Semi tic pre ssu res, it was prese nte dat the Bal­ boa Pa rk Puppet Thea tre, Jan uar y 13 throug h15 , 1961. Jim Lamb sta rre das the skipp erand as sis tin ghi m were Tom Ragan, Roge r Mehlb rech, Bill Herm sen, Co llin Ben­ ne tt, Don Gie sing,Tom Ge nti lle la,Mike Ma rqu es,Ben Flo res , RobertSchnei der , Joh n Coombe, Al No tto li,Ph il Powers, Tony Taf oya , and Andre Fo rtie r.


& M I L E T ' S * I B E \ qfiflV-- PREP f' 0 ...


No vemb er' sUn itedNa tio n' sDay too k on added sig nif ica nce wi th the peace ful pi ck et ingby a CM an ti-c ommunis t ra lly .Giv­ en fu ll coverage fro m pre ss, tel ev isi onand radio , its impa ct was we ll-f elt as the stu dent demo ns tra tor s ma rcheddowntown. Alex Ha rpe rspea rheadedthe event .


USD Workday at

Casa de Cuna


The tin y res ide nts of Casa De Cuna Or- phange in south of the bo rder, Tij ua na , were the ob jec t of the second annual Tiju ana Workday, spo nso red by the Men 's College . Food , clo th ing,and oth er sta ple s were col­ lec ted anddi st rib ut ed , foll owed by a mo rn­ in g of repa irin g, pa in tin g, and ca rpen try wor k on the orphan age gro unds its el f. It was a fulf il li n g experience fo r al l the CM Stu den tswho too k pa rt.




UnderM r. Rober tSex ton ,the Un ive rs ity 's fi rst prog ramof In tram uralSport s was ina ugura t­ ed. M r. Sex ton and in tramur al comm iss ion erJoh n Ca lise set up a sch edu le wh ich includ ed vo lle yb all ,ha nd ba ll,fo ot ba ll,ba sketb all ,tenn is , pin g-p ong, and bas eba ll. Wit h the bu ild ing of the new sta diu man d fie ld house, the in tra mur alpr og ramw ill be fu rth er sup pleme nte dby gymn as tics,sw imming , bowli ng , etc.

The Nigh t of Noe l

The cle an -upco mm itt ee ho pe d i twould sta y thi sway

"N ig h tof Noe l" was a gala and di ffe re nt occ asi on. Once again H is Exce llency, Bis ho pCharle sF. Bu dd y'sann ual Ch ris t­ ma s Bal l was a succes s. The them e of the foo d dep artme nt could have bee n ap tly tit le d ,"A ro un d the Wor ld ."Boo ths were decor­ ate d in accordance wi th the na tion rep res ent ed . Ins ide the bo oth s, wo rke rsof fe redsu ccule ntcu isi ne fro m such co un tri es as Fran ce , B ra zi l, Ital y, and Me xico. Ne xt do or, in Mo re Hal l au di to riu m,music and danc ingen­ live ned a most gra cio useven ingenjoyed by bo th stu dentsand fri en dsof the Uni ve rs ity .



Unive rs ity of San Die go Re sid en t Apa rtm en ts

The ap ar tmen thous ingpro vide d by the Un ive rs ity fo r its stu dents is un­ us ua l, ifno t unique . Un lik ethe do mito ryfa ci lit ie sof most sch ool s, the ma le stu de nthousi nghere of fe rs separa te liv in g quart ers with kit chen s,liv in groom s,and even a pa tio ter race. The adv ant age s are obvio us: isola tio n fo r stu dy , pri va cy fo r relaxa­ tio n and fa cilitie sfo r co ok ingthei r own meals , if the stu de nt swis h. The re are th irt y- ei gh t suc h ap ar tmen ts on the school camp us .Each has a single story he ight, pla ced alo ng fiv e steppe d ter­ races to a row with th e exc ept ionof the top wherethe re are six .

Of fic ers— Ha nk Ac qu are lli,Pre s.; Fra nk Ponce ,V. P.; Mik e Mc Devit t,Sec.- Ben Flo res ,Tre as.


Li vi ngRo om in typical ap ar tm en t

"S em es terBr ea k"

Letter men

"T u rnof f the li g h t"

FIRST ROW (l -r ):C. Willi am s,J. Ch apma n,P. He mi ng er,J. De Sa ntis, B. Bo urq ue ,SECOND ROW: L. Pe ndr ay,T. Suoz - zo, J. Gr ay , D. Melt on ,T. Le yde n, A. Pader ewski .TH IRD ROW: M. Gu rro la, A. Zunig a, T. Lor enz , T. Go dd ard ,J. Da vis . FOUR TH ROW: J. Co llin s,E. Ba ran, B. Tr itz ,T. Ca pu to, M. McD ev itt.FIFT H ROW: A. Wic al, J. O'L ea ry,J. Ro bb ins ,J. Fior en za ,SIX TH ROW: G. Se llec k, W. Bo rque ,D. Ma dse n, J. O 'N ei ll,C. Wic al.



The 19 60 -6 1season was ri fe w ith ac tiv ity fo r the fast moving Masq ue rs. Harvey , star rin gDenni s Ha llor an an d Be rt Deger i, st ar ted thi ng s off wi th a laugh- pac ked ban g. The Dracula Dr ag Hal loween masqu erade at the U. S. Gra nt was a co lo rful memo rable eve . Then, "Sk ippe rNext to God" clos ed th e fi rs t sem est er cal endarwith thr ee s ti r­ ri ng pe rform ances featu rin gJim Lamb in the tit le ro le. The second semest er openedwi th th e fi ft hannual pre senta tionof the Betray ­ al. The Ma squ ers spon sored the high school drama tou rnam en tfor the sec­ ond successive yea r. The clim ax of th e who le year was the much an ticip at ed ann ual mu sic al;th is year, the Girl From Jazztown, USA. The awar ds din ne rwas May 20 th wi th comp eti tio nkeen an d sp iri tshi gh .

Fre shm en— FIR ST ROW (l -r ):H. Bu rd ick ,J. Ro de nborn,C. Sil va ,T. Ta foy a,D. Lu pt on ,B. Flo res ,B. E lli ot t.SECOND ROW: T. Peterson, S. Ke lly, B. Ku gle r,T. Ch apma n,D. Ma dd en, A. Lenain, T. O 'N ei ll,an d B. McGree.

So ph omores— FIR ST ROW (l -r ). K. Soa re s,J . Coo m be , J . Lgm b,P. Pow ers, H. Ac qu ar el li. SECOND ROW: T. Raga n, J.Rod ee,H. Sull iva n,


L. Aid s,D. Ba rse ll.

(l -r ):J. Ca chu ela ,B. Fo rd, B. He rmsen, J. Gun nin g, A. Zun iga .

Circle K The C irc leK has as its pr imar yaim , theserv­ ice s of sch ool andna tio n.It is the collegeequ iv­ alent of th e Kiwani s na tiona lcl ub . Each Circle K has its own senior sponso r. The downtown Ki wa nissponso rs theCi rcl eK at USD C ircle K a t schoolannua lly conducts the Un it­ ed Fund on cam pus , a blood bank, serves as us he rs , and has money ra isi ng events. Mem­ be rs of th e gro up att end con ven tion sand con­ gre sse s hel d at othe r colleges all over Cali for nia . Club memb ers have lun ch ever y Tuesday wi th th e irse nio rspo nso r,downtow nKiw ani s.

To p— J.Cose o, J. Ga rrit y,N. Wil son .

"You're lat e fo rcla ss, Fa th er ."


Society for the Advancement of Management


The Soc iety fo r the Advanceme ntof Man agemen t (S. A.M .) is a natio nal pro fes sio na lbusine ss organ­ izatio n des igne d to give stu dents of Bus ines s Ad­ minis tra tion and Econom ics an insig ht in to the wo rkin gsand pra ctic esof mo de rnbus iness. The Natio na lOrg ani zat ionis composed of Sen ior Cha pter s in many cit ies and Stu dent Cha pter s at the Coll ege leve l. Members of S.A.M. pa rti cipat e in fie ld tr ip s, lec­ tur es , andfor umswhi ch co llecti ve lyst riv e to fu rth er the st ud en t'sint ere stand knowledge in the var iou s aspects of bus ines s.

O ffi ce rs— (l- r) : B. Fo rd, Sec -Tre as;T. Ley den,Pres .; R. Pat­ rick, V. Pre s.; Ste phe nBa rre s, Ph .D .; Fa ther Bl ue tt.

Fin an ce—W .Mitch el, J. Tav asc i, J. Magu ire ,T. Ley den W. Stree t.

Ma nag ement - Kin g.

Ac co un tan ts— FIR ST ROW: R. Pa tri ck ,J. W illia ms ,P. Crow­ ley , R. Atw oo d. SECOND ROW: R. Tome on i,B. For d, B. He rmsen,J. Mc Co rmick , S. P an iss idi .

Pep Band

USD sho uld we ll be pro ud of its pep ban d. Its memb ers have given much of thei r tim e and ef fo rt to make th is a successfu l st ar t. An aca dem iccr ed itfo r the band is s ti ll a th in gof the fu tu re .The band has, when at fu ll st reng th ,fif teen mem­ ber s. Of t he fif te en ,seven are fres h­ men. It is in lie u of this encourag­ in g fac t that the band hopes to ex­ ceed twe nty memb ers next fa ll. Th is, the onl y of fic ia llyorg ani zed mu sic al gro up at the CM, has pro­ vided a ce rtain touc h of sp ir it and music fo r the foot ba lland bask et­ ba ll game s, wi th a specia l amoun t of en ter tai nm en tand humo r in the la tte r.A great amountof cr ed itand tha nks go to Fa the r Spa in, the fac­ ul ty mo de rat or,an d to Dr . Ri chard Luthe r, him se lf an excellent mu­ sic ian ,who gave of his tim e to give the band a so lid st ar tand push.

FIRST ROW: D. Lo nn ecker, T. Ke tte nh ofe n, D. Ree d. SECOND ROW: J . Fio ren za, P. Maj ku t.TH IRD ROW: G. E lli ott, B. Flo res ,S. Ju lia no .FOUR TH ROW: T. M ix, R. Umb ec k (le ad er ),R. Fri ese .

Spirit Committee

Th is commi tte e was estab ­ lish ed to sa tis fy the need of gro up dis cu ss ion and to shed mo re lig ht on the lac k of school sp iri tfoun don ou r cam pus. Th is bran ch of the Stu den t Council was fou nded in Ap ril , 19 60 . The gro up discusses pro blems pe rta in ing to cu rre nt even ts and po in ts that w ill str ength ensp iriton cam pus .

J. Ca chue la,N . Wi lso n,J. Gu nn ing ,D. Lo nn eck er,H. Ac qu ar ell i,F. Pon ce.

Club Th is year U. S. D. wi tnes se d the fo rm at ionof an ot he rcam pus or ga ni za tio n, th e M r. & Mrs . Club . Thi s c lu bwas fo rm ed to br idge th e ga p in th e so cia l ac tivitie s fo r m a rr ie dst ud en ts and th ei r wives a t th e Univer­ si ty . Me mb er s fi n d them se lve s among agr ou pw it hso ci al in ter­ est s muc h th e same as th e ir own . Th is is no t th e so le pu r­ pose of th is cl ub .It goe s a ste p fu rt he r,th a t is , it wan ts to sat ­ isf y the in telle c tua lwa nt s of mar rie dco up les.Gu es t speak­ ers are in vi te d to gi ve sp ec ia l hi nt sto ma ke th emar ria ges fa r mo re su cc es sf ul . M r . S M rs .

Of fic er s— Fa ther Lou is, Mo de ra to r;R. Gra y, Pre s.; R. Tome on i,V. Pre s.; L. Da lto n Sec.; J. Willia ms , Treas.

Intramural Commission

Co mm iss ion er s— D. Ha rt, H. Ac qu are lli,J. Wag ner, Mr. Ro be rt Se xto n,Mo de rat or J Calise .

Student Advisory Council

Ste ph en Ba rre s, Ph .D .; W. M itchell, B. He rmse n, T. Ley- den , B. Fo rd.

International Club

A gro up of stude nts, wi th the view of help ­ ing to incr eas e be tte r re lat ion s between USD fore ign and Americ an stu de nts , form ed the In­ te rnat iona lCl ub . The cl ub 's cons titu ­ tion has been app rove d by its membersand the Associated S t u d e n t Body Co un cil , a deci ­ sive ste p toward s the cl ub 'sprogram. Al l the memb ershope to make th is cl ub a to ta lly un iqu e soc ial ac tiv ity .

Officers—B. Flo res , Pres .; L. Ra ven tas ,Vic e-P res .;J. Ca chu ela ,Sec .; M. Zel aya, Sec .; an d P. Arc e, Tre as.


H. Ac qu are lli, J. Ca chu ela , D. B arsell


"We go tta w in !! !"


The Citadel makes its debut on the Alca la Campus this Sp rin g.Th is annu al is a produ cti onof imag inat ion, cre ative- ness and tim e. Fat her i. B. Eagen gla dly took th e re­ sp on sib ilit yof mo de rat or fo r th e Cita ­ de l. Je rry Ditz en, an ex ce lle nt a rt is t, di d al l the ca rto on ingfo r th e an nu al, wh ile Chu ck Boyd, one of th e finest photo gra phers in South ern Ca lif ., di d mo st of thephotogra phy.

S itt in g—J.Wag ner, T. Lor enz (e di to r) , R. Rea ume, G.Pr imov . Stand ing —J. Dit ze n S. J ul ian o,H. Ac qu are lli.Ab se nt— M. Sh ro ff.


The Pioneer, a fort­ n ig h tlyne wsp ap er , is pub lis hed fo r an d by the Ass ocia tedStuden ts of the Un ive rsi ty.Father Willia ms , the modera­ to r, ab ly supervi sedthe m an ag em e n t of th e pap er.

C. W illia ms ,J. Ma rcu s,(e di to r) , A. Wic al, F. Pon ce.


Thi s distin gu ishe d gro upof men have don ated bo th tim e and mon ey to the progress of the Un ive rsity. Th rou gh thei r wo rk, bo th the academ ic and ath­ let ic pro gram shave soa red to a hig h plan e. The ef fo rt sof the Boost er Clu b w ill be gr ea tly appre cia tedas long as the Uni ve rs ity lives .

Fa the r Willia m D. Sp ain , Vice -Pre s.of CM, Mr s. Ri ch ar dLu th er ,Dr . Richa rd Lu the r,Pre sid en tof th e Bo os ter s;Mo st Rev ere ndCh arl es F. Bu ddy, Pr es ide ntof th e Univers ity ; and Fa the rRu sse ll Wilso n, Pr es ide nt of C.M .

Women's Auxiliary

Mr s. Ri ch ar dBa rber, Pre s.; Mr s. Ca rlo sTav are s,V. Pre s.; Mr s. James Mu lva ne y,Sec .; Mr s. Be rna rdCu nning ham, Sec.; Mrs . Thom as Ti erna n,Tre as.

Alcala Guild

Th is org an izatio n is compos edof the vives and mo the rs of facu lty and stu- Jents. Its purpos es range fro m ra is ing non ey to spon so ring progra ms , such as ho fac hinn show here illustra te d.

"F ir stof al l, gen tleme n, wh o's re sp on sib le fo r therib bo ns ?"

There's gotta be a caption for this one

Studying for finals

His Big Sister is Homecoming Queen








USD gr id iro nme ntors lef t to ri ght ar e George Hobbs, Ge o rg e R a d o v ic h , e ad c o a c h M ik eP e c a ro v ic h , Ro bert Se xto n. No t shown is C. G. Wa lke r.

Ever sinc e the adoptio nof foot ba llin 19 56 the Un ive rs ityof San Diego has hadthe di st in ct ion of being the on ly Ca tho licCol lege on the West Coast to fie ld a foot ba llteam. Be gin nin ghis fi rs t year as head foot ba llcoa ch, Mike Pecaro­ vic h fie lde da te am that cons iste dof 15 re tu rn ing let ter me nand 24 fre shme n.Because USD's en ro llm en t is below 75 0 stu de nts ,it is allowed to have freshm en on its va rsi ty. Next yea r the blu e and white w ill be rep resent ed by 25 re tu rn inglet termen . The new sta diu mbe ing unde rco ns tru ct ion , home game s were play ed at Wes tgate Park and Balb oa St ad ium ,whe re the Pionee rs play ed a free lanc e sch edu le that inc lud ed some of the to p small col lege and m ili ta ryba ll clu bs in the co un try. Among the se were Whi tti er ,Humb old tSta te, San Fra nci sco Sta te and Mar ine Cor ps Re cru it Depot. USD has accumulat ed21 win s, 18 losses, and 1 ti e fo r fiv e seasons of int er co llegia te football. Tho ugh small in size and young in year s, it hopes to at ta in the gr idiro nprowess that w ill make it na tio na llyknown.

Tr ain erJoe Ro ge rsch eck swi th Joe Vargo, eq ui pm en tma na ge r.

Captain Wayne Bourque

Joe Loeschnig battles against an Azusa Sentinel in the 13·6 battle waged at Balboa Stadium.

De Santis and Joos against Whittier


Whittier ....... . ....... 20 New Mexico Western ...... 29 Humboldt State ......... 20 Azusa College . . . . . . . . . . . 6 So. Cal College . . . . . . . . . . 6 San Diego Marines . . ... . . 20 San Francisco State .. . ... 35 Pepperdine .. . .. ....... . 20 Cal Poly (Pomona) ........ 28 Ariz. State (Flagstaff) ..... 14

Jim DeSantis is a not-so-courteous host against Azusa.

Often the Pioneers' ace-in-the-hole was HB Joe Gray.


After taking three losses in the beginning of the season , the Pioneers spanked Azusa 13-6 and followed through with a thorough scrounging of Southern California College, 54-6. The Pioneers were also responsible for one of the Southland ' s biggest football upsets, routing a tough MCRO team, 21-20. Pepperdine's Waves proved to be easy surfing for the Pioneers with a final tally of 28-20.

USO ...... 6 USO ...... 20 USD ...... 0 USO ...... 13 USD ...... 54 USD . ..... 21 USD ...... 0 USD ...... 28 USD ... . .. 14 USD .... . . 14

They're gonna have to do somethin ' about the team transportation situation.

A New Mexico Western Mustang lunges for Gabriel.


They Said It Couldn't Be Done ..•.. But


Pioneers* ShockMCRD,* 21-2*0 Chapman I hrows

2 TD Passes, Scores Third By JOIESNY Mc DOXAI .D Jan Gia pm an , a gu tty litt le

i r


Azusa gives Joe Gray a two way squeeze as Jack Maraschielfo rushes m.

Promising freshman Dan Bodi snares a long one in the plebe's game against San Diego State. Frosh took the first year Aztecs.

Intercepting or rebounding?


Four year men on the 1960-61 Pio– neer squad are Larry Tessary, Wayne Bourque , Jan Chapman, Bob Hughes; (bottom) Pat O'Connor, Bill Bourque, and Chuck Williams.


Un de r th e kee n eye an d dir ec tio nof Rev . Jo hn B. Br em ne rat hl et icin fo rm a­ tio n an d st at is tic sare proces sed by Jo hn Peck an d Ralph Fea r, wh ile B ill Th om ascompe tentlyfil ls in as at hl et icpu bl ic is t.

London Bridge is falling down, etc.


Pio nee r ho op stersle ft to rig ht are Dave Hi nd s,M ike O' Co nn or,Ch arle sWic al, Ar t Wi cal, Russ Cra­ ven s, Ton y Ca pu to,ma na gerDe nn isAda ms ,Al Pa der ew ski ; (b ot to m )Dic k Ma dse n,Ed Ba ran ,coach Ken Les lie, Bo b Tr itz ,Ji m Fle mi ng ,Jo hn Ro bb ins , tra in erJo e Ro dge rs.

Tho ugh en di ngwi th a los ing rec ord 10 -1 7,the Pio­ nee r cage rs showed th ei r rem ark ab le impro vementove r las t year, pla yin ga fin er game again st fin er teams . Aft er wi nnin g the fir s tgame again stPh ibp ac, thePio­ nee r qui nt etdropp edfive st ra ightgames, the n ro lle don to win aga ins t Bio la Col lege ,10 2- 61 .Th is brig ht int er­ mi ss ion ,however , was fol low ed by fiv e st ra ightstops . Ra lly ing back, the co ur t men gun ned down the nex t four teams ,were sto ppedmo men tarilyby Ph ibp ac ,and the n roa red bac k for four mo re win s. The Pioneers came away empty -ha ndedin th ei rlast five games. Jim Flemi ng led in scoring , br ea king his pre vious season rec ord of 43 6pt s. wi th 50 6. Flemi ng also led in a.p .s. p.g . w ith18 .7 . He was followe d by aggr ess iveRuss Cravens who sco red 45 5 po int sfo r a 1 6. 5 avera ge.Russ also lead the team in reb oun ds (1 75 )and set a new sin gle game sc or ingrec ord (3 5 ).

Alle y-o op!


The 1961Ba sketb allseason fou nd the Pio­ nee rs a youn gand ine xperie ncedba ll cl ub that mad e many mi sta kes.The lac k of depth hu rt the clu b game a fte rgame, bu t sp ir itand hu stl e acc ompan iedthe cl ub every timeit too k to the fl oor .... a sp ir itth a twas obvi ouslyin st illedin the team by coa ch Les lie and gua rd Fleming .

Ever hea r of th e 22 0 in bas ket bal l?

Ah fella you're not keeping your ey~ on the ball there.

Jayvee maple chiefs John Stang, Jan Chapman, John Rodee, Jim O' Neill, Dick Wilbur, Mike Heminger, and Bob Maines.

. . . And now a selection from " Can-Can"-

I I @



. ClE.



Ho pin gto impr ov eon th ei rtw o pre vio ussea son re co rd sof 17 -7 an d 18 -8 are USD dia mo nd ersTom Go dda rd, Mi ke He mi ng er ,John Baum ga rte n,Dic k W ilb ur ,Pa t He mi ng er ,Te rry St all ar d,Dave Melt on , Dic k Me is, De nn isSh iel ds ,Ti m Ley den, tra in erJoe Ro dge rs; bo tto m:Coach Mi ke Mo rro w,Jim Th omp­ son , fe rr yLo ren z,Guy Se llec k,Jo hn Ho lliday , Jim Fio ren za,Ra ul Mar tin ezan dWa lly Keogh.

As t he annual goes to pre ss, bas eba llseason is jus t ge tti ngund er­ way. The pas t two seasons have been fr u it fu l fo r the Pionee rs, bri ng ­ ing home 35 vic torie sand 15 de fea ts. The ho rse hid ecrowd is very st rong in the pi tc hi ngde pa rtm en t. Te rry Lorenz , who w ill be ha nd lingth ir dbase th is yea r alo ng wi th his du tie son the mo und, posted a 9- 1 rec ord and a 1.75 E.R.A. last yea r. Tom Goddard, sop hom ore , posted an 8-3 rec ord wi th a 2. 50 E.R.A . New comers to the mo und staff are Mike Hemi nger, fo rmer Ju nior College All Ameri can,Te rry Stal lard ,a fre shma nfro mPomona Ca tholic Hi gh , va lua ble becau se of his fast le ft hand , and Den nis Sh ield s who shou ldpro ve him se lfan A -l rel ief a rt is twi th his fine cur ve ba ll.

Coach Mi ke Mo rro w,a ve ter an of mo reth an 30 ye ars of co ac hin g in th e San Dieg o are a, dis cus sesth e '6 1sc hedule wi th Wa lly Keo gh.


Coa ch Morrow, who fie ldsnoth ing but winn er s,fee ls th is year's team is load ed with ta le ntand if eve ryon ejells togeth er, USD sh ou ldknockof f some of the great teams it w ill be pl ay ing. Jim Fio ren za lead s the slu ggers wi th a .4 39 ave rag e last yea r, cr ac ki ng12 home ru ns and d ri vi ng in 45 runs .Dick W ilb ur ,ca pt ai n,be lted.3 60 and is con­ sid ere done of the bes t cl ut chhi tte rsin the are a. Dave Mel tonba tte d .3 41las t yea r, fo llowe don the lis t by "D oe"Ho lli- day w ith a .3 09 . Tim Leyden als o wie lds th ewoo d we ll.These vet erans are join ed by out fie ld erJim Thompso n. Wayne Fe rri s,Pa t Flem inge r and Joh n Ba um ga rte n fi ll ou t the catching depar t­ men t. Baumga rte n is also an exp losi ve pow er h it te r.Di ck (" th egl ove" )Me is, Raul Mar tin ezand Guy Sel leck roun d of f sq uad as hi gh -pot en tia l fre shme n.

SCHEDULE Los Ang eles Sta te Cal -We ster n UCLA Pep per cline Whit tie r us e Bio la Not reDame Un ive rs ity Cal Pol y Pomo na San Dieg o Pad res N.A .S.; Pt . Ma gu Loy ola Un ive rs ity PH IBp ac So. Cal Col leg e Ar iz. Sta te (Tem pe ) Pasade na Co lleg e Un ive rs ityof Re dla nd s MCRD Azus a

One, two, buckle my shoe .. .

Jim Thomson takes to the field.

Where's my hat?

Melton beats one out at second.

Holliday charges along on a round trip.

Tim Leyden waits his turn at bat.


Another one over!

Baumgarten cuts around thtrd and heads in.

I go through more uniforms this way.

Casey at the bat.




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