USD President's Report 1985

University of San Diego Archives


The Universiry of San Diego is a dynamic Carholic insrirurion of higher educarion locared on 180 acres overlooking San Diego's Mission Bay. The universiry enrolls almosr 5,300 srudents in irs six schools - Ans and Sciences, Business Adminisrrarion, Educarion , Law, Nursing, and Graduate and Continuing Educarion. Throughout its history USO has remained committed co rhe ideals of liberal educarion and co recognizing rhe dignity of men and women as human beings and as creatures of God . As a Catholic instirurion USO is committed co examination of rhe Catholic tradition as the basis of a continuing search for meaning in con- temporary life. The university was chartered in 1949. The College for Women opened in 1952 , followed by the College for Men and the School of Law in 1954. The two colleges merged in 1972 to become USO. Students come from across the United States and around the world co attend USO. Once enrolled, rhey receive a personalized education which stresses the srudent-teacher relationship.

On the cover: Students read y helium balloons for release during a fund- raising event for Oxfam , a world organization dedicated to reducing hunger.

Education student Glenda Rosendaul helps a Hol y Family Catholic School student with her reading. The university recencly signed agreements to provide volunteer student and faculty help to both Holy Family and Carson Elementary School in USD's neighborhood.


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