USD Magazine, Winter 2004

2:28 p.m.

3:38 p.m. "Acoffee cart." "Smoothie bar." "Copy machines." "Definitely copy machines." "Afireplace. " "We need more comfy, kick-back kind of furniture." "Oooh yeah. Like bean bags." "Bean bags. That's a phenomenal idea." These are all answers from Greg Zackowski's staff to a brainstorming question about what they'd want for the future expansion of the Hahn University Center, where he's been the operations manager for 15 years. "Until adonor makes a gift and an architect's plans are approved, any– thing's possible," Zackowski says. "These are all great ideas. But are we trying to be like Sizzler? You know, trying to do so much that none of it's actually any good?" 5:57 p.m. Dennis Zocco's graduate class in invest– ments lets out a collective gasp. In the midst of a lecture showing students how to analyze a stock on the Internet, Zocco comes across a reference to Callaway Golf Company. He pauses to tell students how several years ago Callaway acquired Odyssey Golf - a company founded by Michael Magerman '92 (M.B.A.). one of Zocco's former students - for $130 million. Once he's got their attention with that stunning sum, Zocco talks about how Magerman wrote the business plan for Odyssey in aUSO class and conducted his research in Copley Library. It's written on every face - Zocco has made an unmistakable connection between the classroom and the rest of the world.



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