Introduction to Asian American Studies: Final Zine Project (4) - Lauren Hendrickson - Kelli Kufta - Madi Earnshaw - Hayley Lee

ETHN250: Introduction to Asian American Studies Final Zine Project

Group 6: Lauren Hendrickson, Kelli Kufta, Madi Earnshaw & Hayley Lee

Table of Contents:

WEEK 2: Erika Lee “The Chinese Must Go! The Anti Chinese Movement” WEEK 3: Nerissa Blace “Filipino Bodies, Lynching, & the Language of the Empire” WEEK 4: Yuichiro Onishi “Transpacifc Antiracism — AfroAsian Solidarity in Twentieth Century Black American, Japan, & Okinawa” WEEK 5: Diane Fujino “Concentration Camps & A Growing Awareness of Race” WEEK 6: Crystal Baik “ Reencounters — On the Korean War & Diasporic Memory Critique” WEEK 7: Man “American Quarterly — Aloha Vietnam: Race & Empire in Hawaii’s Vietnam War” WEEK 8: Yen Li Espiritu “Body Counts — The Vietnam War and Militarized Refugees” WEEK 9: Ocean Vuong “On Earth We’re Briefy Gorgeous” WEEK 10: Robert G Lee “Orientals — Asian American in Popular Culture; The Cold War Origins of the Model Minority Myth” WEEK 12: Leti Volpp “The Citizen & the Terrorist” WEEK 13: Robyn Rodriguez “Neoliberalism & the Philippine Labor Brokerage State”

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