Alcala 1973

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Good Morning! Welcome to another grand and glorious day at the University of San Diego; Where every day isa holiday and every meal a banquet.


YOU give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.

-Kahlil Gibran


Third and eight

home crowd-gotta win look professional no mistakes Vinci's directing faces Croom Sanchez Sintay Leonard and a cast of thousands Efe controls the mood cheer kill the ref boo Finally, climax Sorry Claremont USD is on its way 14-6 We're here to stay DECRESCENDO The Alcala Trio precisely mellow.

FOCUS Depends on where your head is for many a TG sponsored by the Vets for a few it's Phi Sigma Tau the school's first honor society.

Out of focus Raps

raps with you raps with Hughes raps with me raps with the 3 T's

It is old hat

nostalgia time again 23 skiddoo

Triple exposure Speed policy

mind formations

halfback draws

away from the


Croom blastsooff tackle

Candidates blast the old games

Minds mingle together seeking the quiet the truth the joy the way in

Speed policy

mind formations

a triple threat

Baseball-good times

no contact stolen bases Gotcha-oh eat it eat it raw

rah rah rah That's the spirit


®^ TTTr

That's the spirit

moving inPomona before sparsecrowds

The exhibit Politico had its own crowd

faceless fanciful spirits moving in

ghostly patterns—


"Lionel Van Deerlin's at More Hall today. Goin'?" "Naw, he's just gonna talk about the war again." "Yeah, guess you're right. Goin' to the game though, aren't you?" "For sure."


lined in shadows

music flows in measured rhythm

and the butterscotch

sun has



d.m. gray

pam leighton, homecoming queen '73

... Crape wine in a mason jar

Chug-a-lug, Chug-a-lug Makes you want to say hi-de-ho Burns your tummy, don't you know ...

Home-made and brought to school, chug-a-lug, chug-alug ...

USD: Building today for a better tomorrow.

It flashed through him that of course he had a test to pass ... perhaps he would not pass the test ...

... He then watched them fill the aisles, and he moved backward from them, into his familiar loneliness. -James Baldwin

Routine: Time to kick up your heels Time to contemplate the "why-fors" and the "why-againsts" of studying

Routine competition:

A time to share; wins as well as losses.

remember: it's not whether you win or lose, it's whether you win. -Vinci-

... You must observe the traits of every age And give each changing life and year its due ..


. A boy, who now can talk and walk aright, Loves playing with his friends, gets angry soon, Calms down assoon and changes every hour . . .

... A bearded youth, his tutor gone at last, Loves horses, hounds, the sunny Campus grass .. -Horace



Why stay in the dusty heat where everything withers? Come here, lie down, and be drunk awhile, you fool -Vergil-

To fling my arms wide In the face of the sun, Dance! Whirl! Whirl! Till the quick day is done. Rest at pale evening ... A tall, slim tree ... Night coming tenderly Black like me. -Langston Hughes-


"Can you believe it?" "What a game!"

"And talk about noise." "What? I can't hear you." "Here we come Bakersfield." "What? I can't hear you." "Oh never mind!" "What?"


Slice your tee shot Hit a tree Three-put greens Lost Yavorsky on hole #3.


Words new and freshly-formed

If they are sparingly extracted from The flowing fountain of the Greeks


He who cannot do what he wishes, should wish to do what he can. -Leonardo Da Vinci-


Oh, the shark bites with his teeth dear, And he leaves them pearly white ...

Mecha resents;

Cinco de Mayo


Here's the news across the natiQP


Author E. Hughes, Jr. Ph.D. President of the University


Sr. Sally Furay, Ph.D. Provost

Dr. Donald T. Weckstein Dean, School of Law

Robert Nelson Acting Dean,

School of Education

Ernest N. Morin Acting Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Clement J. Nouri Dean, School of Business Administration

V ic ki Crain

Kathy Kerr


Joseph Lessard

Kerry Leiser


After I had remained there some time, two emotions suddenly arose in me, fear and desire - fear of the threatening dark opening, desire to

see whether there were any marvellous thing within it.

-Leonardo Da Vinci-

Oaniel Maddo

Rhonda Millet


Lisa Abrahams Maria Adame Joseph S. Adamo Jan Ahlman

Joanne Ambrosi Joe Arrisi

Aleica Ayers Bill Aylward Mitra F. Barin

Diane Beilmann Sally Berndt Jim Burnett Ken Butigan Christa Campbell

Catherine Capps Ellen Carmichael

Mark Carrol Brian Chambers

Let no man be like another yet every one like the highest. how is this to be done be each

as perfect as himself


Patricia Chavez Maureen Clark Kay Connelly Patrick Connor Julie D'Angelo

,f 1 .i ,· ..., ' •' ' ~

Margo David50n Mary Devereux

Mary Ann Dmochowski Allison Sunny Esigeund F. Stop Fitzgerald

Ray Fowler Jr. James Fox Reginald Gaines Julie Gallant Eileen Gannon

Ana Delia Garcia Greg Garcia Lilia Garcia

Maureen Gardner G retchen Cokey Anooshah Golesarkhi

i\ M 5

Donna Marie Cray Alexa Cretfin Tracey Gros ser Angela Hammer Leslie Hare

Joanne Higgins Vernon F. Hirsch Debra Jean Holland Mary Ellen Hooten Heidi Howard

Maria Patricia Hul John jakubczyk Hank Johnson Pam Jones Stephen W. Jones

Sandy Kahn Barbara Kaiser Kathy Kampmann Sue Kenny Sheila Kennedy

Ric Kesling Stevan R. Laaperi Vicki JeanLee Iohn A. Lentine George Leal

Patricia Lippe Joe Lipsey Jo Littin

Jim Lovell Liz Lundquist Rosemarie Lyon

Rosemary Matey William McCulloch Liam McGee Thomas McGuire Graham Milner

Heather Mowrey Colleen Murphy Daniel Murphy Therese Naugle Gary Sterling Ness

the water which you touch in a river is the last of that which has passed and the first of that which is to come. the same is tru of the present moment; life well spent is long

Michael Achapu Nwaeme Coletta O'Donnell

Leonardo Da Vinci

Dorothy O'Donnell David Oddo Jim Ovieda Chris Parker Warren Patch

Jolene Marie Peragine Maureen Phalen

Haf Quinlivan Kim Randolph Luis Rendon

Claude Reynaud Margaret Riegelhuth Jeff Rockefeller

Henry Ross David Rossi Rick Sand

Sergio Santos Andrew M. Saper Val Sawyer Sabine Schroder Geralyn Shaffer

Steve Shandley Anthony Shanks Joan Sharpe /mad Shihadeh Cheryl Smith

Kenneth Smith Time Snow Marguerite Springhorn Liz Statzer Rosanne Stehly

Darlene Tempelton Yu Thuat Thien Joshua Tipton Gary Walswick Edward Wancewicz

"A planet doesn't explode by itself," said drily The Martian astronomer, gazing off into the air– "That they were able to do it is proof that highly lntellegent beings must have been living there." -John Hall Wheelock

Bruce Whittaker Rebecca Wiedower


Ceieste Williams MaryWintus Susan Yoes Joe Yusuf


Mary Ann Abbott Joan Adams Ramon Armendariz Karen Baker Audrey Barrett

Bill Bartek Joss Benz Darrell Beshears Maureen Best Teresa Brown

Michael Campion John Castillo Teresita Castro Cecil Chan Francene Collins

Melanie Collins Sue Collins

Mike Cooney Pete Cosenza Oliverio Diaz Vincent di Tomaso Terry Duffy

Mary Dunn Stephen Evatt Bob Fleming Bill Flynn Terri Fowler

Lisa Gorton Vince Harding Laurie Hawkins

Ann Hester Victoria Hernandez Henry Hui

Kathleen Hutton lulia Kao Angela Keffala Robert Kenniston Claudia Lademan

Michael Lawton Ray Le Blanc

Cheryll LeMay Debbie Lynne

Sam Mar as co Claire Maund Ned McCarthy Nancy McClelland AnnMcKee

Carl McEwan Patsy Miller Earl Milligan Mary Moran David Mousette

Jim Mahoney Mike Mullen Joyce O'Hollaren Karen O'Leary Brian O'Neill

Anne Obeji Hannu Ojala Mariko Omeri Heidi Ong Jim Pesavento

Barbara Phelps Barbara Pickens Andrew Rae Mary Riley Gary Schneider

Ted Schultz Cathy Shumate Kathy Simonis Goldie F. Senegal Rogelio Sortil/on

Robin Spicer Mary Stehly Ruby P. Stringer

May Sun Mark Truver Bill Uberti

Anita Skye Ugarte Thomas I. Ulovec )ohn Van Vleck Charmaine Villard Richard Wagner

The Young Wazoo Dennis West Amy Wong Ethel F. Yamameto

Linda Youngblood Teresa Yue


Pete August Linda Barkley Richard Beseth Melinda Blade

Bernadette Bourret Cathy L. Cade Lorraine Cagliero Dominique Cattaneo Debby Cuyler

Bill Davey Richard T. Davey

Sheila Dixon Molly Donovah

Ben Farias Michael Fischer Judy Fitzpatrick Michel J. Fradet Guy Fritz

Joanne Creenwell Raymond Creenwell Anne E.FF aar

Nancy FFoFmann Donna FFouston

Linda Johnson Tony Laughter Marcia Levy Mike Liuzzi Alexa Luberski

WmmBH < «• v i

bilgewater, bilgewater call the frog, bilgewater, bilgewater sis, boom, bog! roll'em off the log, slog'em in the sog, swamp'em, swamp'em, MUCK MIRE QUASH!

—Eve Merriam

tohn Raigh Ludwig Neal Lynch Barry Lyons Margaret McCay Cuenevere McFarland



Colleen Mauricio lames Mehren Albert Menegus lim Miller

Leonard ]. Monroe Rob Moore Nazenine Moadel Russel Newhart

Paul Newman Michael E. Outlaw Josef E. Pesta Jr. Barry Schneider

Joe Smith Jeanine Stehly Carol Thomas Mark Troiano

Archie Tsark The Old Wazoo Mark Zecca EdZintz Bernie Ciernick



USD TOTAL ENROLLMENT Men 741 Woman 691 1432


Won 6 Lost 3 Tied 1

Scoring by Quarters 1 2




209 174

51 47


48 53

21 47

89 27

School Records

Sammy Croom - Broke eight school records; single game carries, (29); season carries, (191); single game rushing yardage, (271); season rushing yardage, (1177); total offense - single game yardage, (332); season offense yardage, (1361); longest run from scrimmage, (99 yds.); and season rushing yardage, (6.2 yds. per carry). Roger Leonard - caught 34 passes for 531 yards. Bill Jache - 19 consecutive extra point kicks, and to­ taled 21 PAT'S. USD BASKETBALL '72-73 USD compiled the best won-lost record to date, win­ ning 19 while losing 9. The team's regular season record of 18-7 won them a berth in the NCAA Dis­ trict 8 playoffs, where they took third place.

Starting five totals

Avg. 17.9 16.9


Pts. 503 473 279 241 229




292 179 250


S.Washington B.Thompson

26 39 25

8.9 8.6 8.2

J.Smith K.Smith




Won 20-Lost 5 (Third ranked small college in nation) Individual results Won Lost Andy Rae 19 6 Harry Fritz 18 6 Russell Watts 18 6 Don Kramer 13 5 Earl Freeman 15 6 Hannu Ojala 15 7 Joe Washington 8 8


Won 7- Lost 7

Individual results


Gary Raggio John Wilson TomMorrell Bob Mirch Jan Haegen RickGhio Brian Boyle Buzz Schott

75.1 76.0 77.6 80.5 82.3 85.0 85.0 87.0


Won 19 -Lost 22

Team batting average - .276 Jim Williams - topped the team with 32 RBI's and 4 home runs. Kerry Dineen- had 201 hits over a three year period (school record), and led the Toreros with a .411 batting average.

All the coke bottles have been cashed in, the candy wrappers swept away. Every year we're stepping on more cracks, getting real blase. Yeah, were getting pretty old; we've almost killed another year. Can you remember kindergarten? Can you remember your third best friend when you were ten?

Twenty years from now I opened this book. I looked at the pictures, didn't read any of the words. Words always sound too young when you read them afterwards. Twenty years from now I didn't step on asingle crack the whole day just trying toremember my third best friend.

-Pat Mc Cartney-

the makers Kari Eklund, Howard Matt, Randy Woodard, Anooshah Golesorkhi, Donna Gray, Greg Downs, K.C. Illes, Bill Trudell, Victor Avila.

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