Alcalá 1962








To the Most Reverend Charles F. Buddy, who has opened for us the doorways to leadership, we dedicate our Alcala. We owe to you, your Excellency, the key to success here at our college and home. You have opened the doors of

[/nity, by reminding us that we are all one with Our Lord in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass;

spirit, by inaugurating some of our most beautiful University traditions and by establishing the criteria of our social activities; and,

jf^edication, by your own example of devotion towards the lasting benefits of Christian education.

While Unity, Spirit, and Dedication have only recently been our themes, they have constantly been the force behind your work here. For unlocking these doorways to Christian excellence, and for so many other benefits — benefits which defy definition —we thank you.



ASSOCIATED STUDENT BODY OFFICERS: Judith Bremner, Social Chairman; Herlinda Rordiguez, President of the Children of Mary; Mary Bahan, Vice President; San­ dra Loubat, President of the Student Body; Martha Spiers, Recording Secretary; and Elizabeth Fiorino, Corresponding Secretary.



1 2

Princess Margaret

Princess Margy


Princess Olga de la Fuente, Princess Patricia Shannon, Princess Maribeth Mattinson





Mr. Lippert (Santa), ner, at the A.S.B.

Mothers Shaffer, McShane, Danz and Brem- Christmas Party.

Mr. Van Vleck and Drama Club officers: SEATED: Donna Brower, Milcha Sanchez, Christine Camus; STANDING: Francesca Halligan and Rosemary Dunn.



Mr. C. Clayton Fox and the Chorale Group.

School Choir.

Mrs. Kramer Rohfleisch

Mr. Paul A. Schmidt and the String Ensemble.



Mary Bangasser, Pats) McMahan, and Mrs. Mer cado at Equipment Cup board in Lanai.

CLA S S - OF - 1 9 6 5


A fantastic menage of new experiences, people, and places greeted the sometimes apprehensive, yet sometimes almost sophisticated, freshmen in Septem­ ber, 1961. Meeting roommates, unpacking, navigating between trunk room and residence hall without get­ ting lost, ferreting out car pool companions from lounge and library, discovering both Big Sisters and Big Brothers, beach parties, and mixers were all part of the colorful mosaic of Freshman Week. But the newness soon wore off and the freshmen began to settle down into the routine of daily college life. Perhaps it was distressing, at first, to find one­ self no longer the pampered baby of the college, but it was more heartening, at Freshman Follies time, to realize that this class was already an integral part of the Student Body. They "belonged." Then, it was time to get to know themselves better. The relaxed air at the Class Party, at Sandra D'Agos- tino's was a unifying spirit. They had worked togeth­ er for the Follies and had become better acquainted,

but here they could meet without the stress and strain of rehearsals and deadlines and merely enjoy each other's company. This class, more or less quiet since the Follies, now showed yet another facet of its abilities. Their two "Friday nighters", one featuring a pinata, the other — stirring renditions of Christmas Carols, proved very successful, as did their Christmas Toy Drive and doll raffle, a benefit for the mission on Formosa. Their first college retreat, marking the end of finals and first semester, gave these Freshmen time to think, time to fit in place all the pieces of the confusing puzzle that was their first semester in college. It also provided time to look forward towards February and the Supper Dance, coordinated by social chair­ men Colleen O'Brien and Karen Graham. Ahead was an even better second semester, under the able leader­ ship of newly elected class officers, Nancy Cain, pres­ ident; Ave DeVanon, vice-president; Anne Jurika, secretary; Claudia Downs, treasurer.

4 4

SEATED: Mother Furav, Counselor: Nancy Cain, President; STANDING; Ave De Vanon, Vice President; Claudia Downs, Treasurer; and Anne Jurika, Secretary.

BRENDA BARTER San Diego, California

DENISE BELSON San Diego, California

Steve Briggs, Mary Downs, Carol Lowney, Tom Mix, Susan Berlin, Silvia Malanga, Marsha Adkins.

MARIA BIONDO San Diego, California

SUSAN BERLIN Anaheim, California

MARY LOU BELT San Diego, California

Olga Valle, Martha Barba, Men's College dance.

CHARLENE AUSTIN Riverside, California

JUDITH BLAINE Pasadena, California


Irene Carames, Alcides Guevara, Tuly Holcombe, Ed McCarthy. International Club Dance.

MAUDEEN (MIK1) BOGER La Mesa, California 49

DIANNE BLELL La Jolla, California

VIRGINIA BLAKE Claremont, California


LORETTA BOWLER Arcadia, California

SUSAN BROWN Santa Ana, California

FORTNIGHTLY OFFICERS: Tica Doyle, Marty Martin, and Anne Jurika.

MAUREEN BUCKLEY La Jolla, California

EVA L. BROWN San Diego, California

BEVERLEE CENDALI San Diego, California

GEORGIA BUTCHER La Mesa, California

James Leonard, Jim MacCracken, Gary Ruempling, Richard Lonnecker, Frank Ponce, Jill Ver Hoven, Sue Brown, Kathy Shea, Charlene Austin, Carolyn Sutton, Sheri Planansky: Bus to GAME.

ANNETTE CANEDO San Diego, California

MARY CADDEL Roseville, California

SUSAN CORETTE Butte, Montana

IRENE CARAMES Miami, Florida

ABIGAIL CASEY Lakewood, Colorado

DIANE CHAVIRA Covina, California

CECILIA COLEMAN San Diego, California

Jose Cachuela, Olga Valle, Loretta Bowler, A1 Nottoli, Scott Gavin, Carolyn Shaffer, Delle Willett, Sally Bak­ er, Sally Johansing, Martha Brown, Jim Witt. POM POM PARTY.

PATRICIA COADY San Diego, California

SUSAN CHOW La Mesa, California

MARY CLARKE Pasadena, California


VIRGINIA CONWAY San Francisco, California

LYNN CONRAD Chicago, Illinois

GERI COMEAU Los Angeles, California

PATIO at 3 p.m.

MARILYN CREDE Denver, Colorado

DIANE CORETTE Butte, Montana

SUSAN CRONIN San Francisco, California

ANNE CUNNINGHAM Kentfield, California

ARRIVAL at LINDBERGH FIELD: Jim Gunning, Jose Cachuela, Ben Flores, Akemi Yamamura, Michiko Ohkura, Donna Brower, Barbara Breveleri, Patricia Buckley.

MADELEINE ANN DARCY Chula Vista, California

SANDRA D'AGOSTINO San Diego, California

SHARRA D'AMICO Denver, Colorado


Mary Bahan, Ned Wil­ son, Patsy Buckley, B. Breveieri, S. Loubat, A. Y a m a m u r a , M i c h i k o Ohkura.

MERYL DEXHEIMER San Diego, California

JANE T. DOLAN Menlo Park, California

LANA DIRR San Diego, California

AVE MARIA DE VANON San Marino, California

Registering at the BISHOP'S PARTY for New Students at THE LARK.

SUSAN DARLING San Jose, California


SARITA (TICA) DOYLE La Jolla, California

CLAUDIA ANN DOWNS El Cajon, California

DIANA DOWELL Pasadena, California

SUZANNE DORRIS Newport Beach, California

MARILYN DRULINER Burrego Springs, California

JULIETTE DUENEZ San Diego, California

DIANNE DUNCAN San Diego, California

PATSY DURR Rock Island, Illinois

Michiko Ohkura, Hisako Okada, Akemi Yamamura with His Excellency, Bishop Buddy.

U.S.D. Picnic.

\ ff

* \ $

NANCY CAIN San Francisco, California

GEORGINA FORGO La Canada, California

CONNIE FORTIER Oxnard, California

MARY GEHAN Coopersville, Michigan

U.S.D. Picnic.



ANITA MARIE GEYER Los Angeles, California

Kathy Steves, Sharon Edwards, and Penny Parker with friends at U.S.D. Picnic-Barbecue.

RACHELLE GUILIANI El Cajon, California


SANDRA GRADY Whittier, California

U.S.D. Picnic.



GAY GUZINSKI San Diego, California

KATHY EIALLIGAN San Francisco, California

TINA HARBER Buena Park, California

CAMILLE HARDMAN Los Alamitos, California

,\\ wm PATRICIA HOFMAN San Diego, California *

EDNA HILLMAN Cananea, Sonora, Mexico

ANNE HOWARD La Jolla, California

ELIZABETH ANN HUBNER San Francisco, California


CATHERINE IKARD Anthony, New Mexico

SUSANN HURLEY Denver, Colorado


SYLVIA JOBES Waialua, Oahu, Hawaii

ELIZABETH M. KAYSER San Diego, California

MONITA KERLEY La Mesa, California

ANNE JURIKA Menlo Park, California

YVONNE JOLLEY San Diego, California

Eileen Farrell, Reverend Donald F. Doxie, Carol Lowney, His Excellency Bishop Charles F. Buddy, Susanne Schultz at His Excellency's Party for the New Students.


JEANNETTE McDANIEL Lemon Grove, California

BARBARA McDONALD Los Angeles, California

ANNE McGARVEY Des Moines, Iowa

CATHIE McMAHON Denver, Colorado

MICHALYN MORGANTI San Luis Obispo, California

ANNETTE MEHREN South Pasadena, California

FORTNIGHTLY OFFICERS: Barbara Boehler, Kar­ en Graham, and Colleen O'Brien.

JOANNE MORRISON San Diego, California

LAURA MORRISON Chula Vista, California


Meryl Dexheimer, Olga Lashchuk, Laura Morrison, Adele Schroeder, Lynn Conrad: TOY DRIVE COMMITTEE.



JOYCE MURRAY Palm Springs, California

SUZANNE MUNSELL Encinitas, California

SALLY O'MALLEY Phoenix, Arizona

JEREMIE OWEN Englewood, Colorado

6 5

MARTHA PALACIO San Diego, California

ANN PARKER Pacific Palisades California

ANTOINETTE PECAROVICH Rolling Hills, California

EDITH E. PIERCE EI Cajon, California

Monita Kerley, Karen Graham, and Joan Schadewald talking over plans for College.

ROSE MARIE PECORARO Lemon Grove, California

DEBORAH POTTS Winnetka, Illinois

CYNTHIA POLHAMUS La Mesa, California

Mrs. P. S. Reneau listening to a rendering of the Song of Roland by her English Class.

PEGGY RAYNOHA San Diego, California

MARY PAT RAWLINGS San Diego, California

MARY KAY RAPKOCH La Mesa, California

DORIS ANN PULLIAM Encinitas, California

MARIANNE REGO Chula Vista, California

CAROL REDLEIN San Diego, California

DIANE REBER San Diego, California

VIOLA ROBISON San Diego, California

ANNE C. ROBINSON Roswell, New Mexico

BARBARA ROMLEY Phoenix, Arizona

Lynn Conrad with Mine. J. Brink

Mrs. Young and her students, Peggy Raynoha, and Priscilla Bodenstadt.

JUDY ROWLAND La Mesa, California

Dr. P. B. Bragadin giving some Latin help.

SALLIE SALADINO San Diego, California

JOANNA SADY El Cajon, California

WALICIA RUIZ Tijuana, B. Cfa., Mexico


Mr. Rudolph Lippert with his Astronomy Class.

YVONNE SALAMY San Diego, California



JOAN SCHADEWALD Coronado, California


ADELE SCHROEDER Los Angeles, California

MARY SCHOETTLER Madera, California

GLORIA SCHOLDER San Diego, California

BEVERLY SCHROEDER San Diego, California

DONNA SEERY Lakewood, California

SUZANNE SCHULTZ San Diego, California

CAROLYN SHAFFER Woodland, California

Mrs. John J. Koromy's English Class.

KATHLEEN SHEA Anaheim, California


BRENDA THAYER La Jolla, California

Tanja Smith, Katherine Jalbert, Joanne Schelske, and Rachel Mansir.

MARILYN THAYER La Habra, California

BETSY TRIPP Fresno, California

LINDA TYSON Riverside, California

MICHELE UNTHANK La Puente, California

THORA WALSHE Pasadena, California

JILL VER HOVEN Grosse Pointe, Michigan

ROBIN VAN WAGNER La Mesa, California

JANICE VAN DAHL San Diego, California


KAY LUNDY San Diego, California

THERESE WENTZ San Diego, California

DARLENE PARR San Diego, California


CAROL HOBLIT Santa Ana, California


FORTNIGHLY OFFICERS: Maria Theodore, Dernse Bel- son, and Nancy Cain, on Li­ brary Staircase.

LISBETH ESQUIVEL Mandgua, Nicaragua



SEATED: Anne Bqehler, President; Mother Patch, Counselor; Ruth Wickersham, Treasurer! STANDING: Joan Karpinski, Vice Presi­ dent; Patti Murphy, Secretary.

MARITA ANGLETON San Diego, California

Patricia Tiernan, Joan Karpinski, and Carol Burke; SEATED: Mary Fipp, serving at Carol Burke's and Patricia Tiernan's Party the end of August.

ELSA ARNAIZ Tijuana, B.Cfa, Mexico

MARY BANGASSER Seattle, Washington

MARTHA BARBA DE LA TORRE Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

BETTY ANN BARRETT San Diego, California

BABETTE V. BAUER San Diego, California


MARTHA BROWN St. Louis, Missouri

FRANCES BRESCIA National City, California

CINDY BRAY La Jolla, California

ANN BOEHLER El Paso, Texas


CAROL BURKE San Diego. California

CHRISTINE CAMUS San Diego, California



ANNETTE COLES La Jolla, California

CARA COLLINS Seattle, Washington

BEATRIZ COTA Tijuana, B. Cfa., Mexico

SUE CURLEY San Diego, California

TYRRELL DAMMANN La Jolla, California

OLGA DE LA FUENTE Calexico, California

Miss Mildred C. Hagan explaining corrections on papers to some of her students.


CARMELA DE VITA San Diego, California

GEORGIA DELP Lancaster, Pennsylvania

BARBARA DORSEY Long Beach, California

MARILYN DINGMAN Pacific Palisades, California

Socorro Cazares and Colette Paderewski in door­ way to theatre.

MARTHA BARBA DE LA TORRE Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico 83

MARY TIMOTHY DOWNS El Cajon, California

Mother Lambin, Miss Wiltzius, and Mary Wil­ liams.

ROSEMARY DUNN San Diego, California

Dr. J. Kalvoda and Mr. John D. Morgan.

i \ks MARY JANE FANNING Hollywood, California

NANCY ERHARDT San Diego, California

PEGGY EVERETT Lemon Grove, California


MARY FIPP San Diego, California

MICHAELE FLAHERTY Whittier, California

JACQUELINE FOLEY Compton, California


ROSEMARY FROST National City, California

Sheryl Planansky and Louise Holmberg with some of the clothes received for the Thanksgiving Drive.

CECILIA GARDZA San Diego, California

BEATRIZ GONZALEZ La Jolla, California

ANITA GOOD San Ysidro, California



ALICE GRASSI Pomona, California

KATHLEEN HAGAN San Diego, California

JUDITH HAGEMAN Altadena, California

ANITA IZUEL El Cajon, California

BARBARA HUDSON Brawley, California

BETTY JO JENSEN San Diego, California

Song leaders in action at U.S.D. Stadium.


Jose Cachuela with the newly elected Song Leaders: Mary Bangasser, La Delle Wil- lett, and Michaele Flaherty.

MARGARET JO KING Tucson, Arizona

SALLY JOHANSING Pasadena, California

JUDITH JOHNSTON Phoenix, Arizona

JOAN KARPINSKI San Diego, California

EILEEN KIRKBRIDE San Diego, California


NANCY KOKX Orange, California

SUZANNE KORZON San Diego, California



CATHERINE LINDSETH San Diego, California

ALICE LA VIGNE St. Louis, Missouri

Second Semester Registration

Mrs. T. Vacquier and some of her students in Russian I.

STEPHANIE MAYFIELD San Diego, California



ANNE MCDONNELL San Diego, California

SARAH MCKANNA La Jolla, California

JUDY MCMILLAN San Diego, California

MARY PAT MCNALLY San Diego, California

JOY MILES Astoria, Washington

Miss P. Donnelly and some Physiology students.

CECILIA MORENO Calexico, California

Mrs. E. Rothe


PATTI NEVIN Long Beach, California

PATRICIA MURPHY San Diego, California

MARGARET MORGAN La Mesa, California

SHARON O'CONNOR San Diego, California

JULIANA OAS San Diego, California

ANN NEWMAN Denver, Colorado

Sophomores planning!

GLORY ODGERS Claremont, California

NANCY O'KEEFFE Compton, California

La Delle Willett and Tresa Smith find that it does sometimes rain in California.

MURIEL PALMER Seattle, Washington

MAUREEN PECHT Oxnard, California


LORNA POPP El Cajon, California

MARILYN PUZO San Diego, California

CHRISTIE ROSS Los Angeles, California

LINDA RAHL Seal Beach, California

ROSE MARIE ROSS San Diego, California

Carolee Smith, Cynthia Hunter and.Susan Carroll.

SANDRA SCHADEWALD Coronado, California


KATHY SHAW San Diego, California

Norma Cazares

f1\ TERESA SOUSA San Diego, California


Mrs. Subert with Mary Bangasser.

Dorothy Deom, Malena de Monzarz, and Carolyn Jelusich.

Mrs. Belson.


PATRICIA TIERNAN San Diego, California

VIRGINIA THOMPSON Downey, California


Mrs. I. J.Klein and Miss F. Reps.

JOANNE URNEZIS San Diego, California


LA DELLE WILLETT San Diego, California

RUTH WICKERSHAM San Diego, California

Jane Sager, Arlene Nye, and Beverly Jermyn.


HELEN A. BAKER San Diego, California

SALLY BAKER Evansville, Indiana


La Mesa, California

Martha Brown, Ken Torano, Patsy Buckley, Jose Cachuela welcoming students.

GEORGIA BECHLER (KIM) Long Beach, California


BARBARA BRB ^ EL ? RI San Diego, California



\ n DONNA BROWER La Mesa, California

PATRICIA BUCKLEY La Jolla, California

JOAN BUSSMAN, R.N. San Francisco, California

NANCY BUTLER Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Mary Olive Chambers and Frances Oldak with Adele Schroeder at Patsy Buckley's Welcome Party.

DIANE CORKILL West Los Angeles, California

COLLEEN CONWAY Oxnard, California

MARY OLIVE CHAMBERS San Diego, California


Colin Bennett, Christie and Wendy Ross, Dick Lonnecker, Jim Delaney.

MARGARET DE GUIDE San Diego, California

KATHLEEN DAY San Diego, California

ROSANNE COYNE Santa Ana, California

JEANNETTE DORAN Danbury, Connecticut

RIZALINA ERESE Paete Laguna, Philippines

BEVERLY FALLIS China Lake, California

^ QQ

ELIZABETH FIORINO Everett, Washington

DIANE FEARING San Diego, California


SHANNON HAMM Whittier, California

SHARON GRIMM Fullerton, California

KATHY FORSYTH Coronado, California

FRANCESCA HALLIGAN Fullerton, California

Patsy McMahan, Ellen Hawtree, Judy Turley, Maria Diaz, Virginia Thompson, Patricia McElhaney, Marion Morosin, Pamela Jordan, Rosa Yamada.

ALMA LUJAN Tijuana, B. Cfa., Mexico

CAROL LOWNEY San Diego, California

DONNA ZUEGE LEWIS San Diego, California

Martha Spiers, Diane Hartman, Kathy Forsyth, Dr. John H. MacGrath, Lillian Pran- til, Karen Warren, Margy Gillson, and Kathleen Murphy.


% HEIDI MAHER Winnetka, Illinois


PATRICIA MC ELHANEY San Diego, California

Poway, California


ANN MC NEILL Coronado, California

and Dr. R. A. Kocourek.

Ann McNeill, Jean Manly,

MARSHA MOORE La Jolla, California

Marion Morosin, Pamela Jordan, and Dr. F. J. Sweeney.

MARION MOROSIN San Francisco, California

Mickey Clifford, Sheila Prendergast, Mother Murphy.

PENNY NUTTING La Mesa, California

Heidi Maher, Mary Jane Rucker

Pat Shannon Paul Tillman

IRMA MOTA Iguala Gro., Mexico

STEPHANIE O'CONNOR La Mesa, California

KATY O'HARA San Diego, California

FRANCES OLDAK San Diego, California


NORMA PECK San Diego, California

ANGELA PALERMO San Diego, California

MARIE ODDO San Diego, California

MARILYN QUALIATO La Jolla, California

LUCILLE PRY San Diego, California

LILLIAN VAIA PRANTIL San Diego, California

Sally Baker, Jim Vitt, Leon Bianco, Jill Ver Hoven.

PATRICIA SHANNON North Hollywood, California

CAROLYN SUTTON West Covina, California

MARTHA SPIERS Coronado, California


NORAH UEKI San Diego, California

MARGARET TRUDELL San Diego, California

ELEANOR TAIX San Diego, California

ALICIA VILLAREAL San Diego, California

ROSA YAMADA Tijuana, B.C., Mexico

MARGARITA ZELAYA San Salvador, El Salvador, C.A.

1 11

MARIA LUISA ALDRETE San Diego, California Majors: French, History Minor: Philosophy

MARY AGNES BAHAN, E. de M. Lynwood, California Majors: English, Philosophy Minors: History, French

MARGARET ELLEN BANGASSER, E. de M. Seattle, Washington Major: Philosophy Minors: English, Education, French

KAREN ANNE BEASLEY Hillsborough, California Major: Bacteriology

Minors: Chemistry, Philosophy

MARY CATHERINE BECK Pomona, California Major: Sociology

Minors: Education and Philosophy

ANNA GRACE BOCCACCIO Coronado, California Major: Spanish

Minors: Education, Philosophy



KATHLEEN ROBERTA BOIVIN Klamath Falls, Oregon Major: Sociology Minors: English, Philosophy

JUDITH LYNN BREMNER Evanston, Illinois

Majors: Sociology, Philosophy Minor: Psychology


MARY SUSAN CARRIER San Diego, California Major: Biology

Minors: Chemistry, Mathematics, Philosophy

HAZEL E. (MICKEY) CLIFFORD Winnetka, Illinois Major: Political Science-History Minors: English and Philosophy

1 1 8

ELAINE FRANCES CRANE Del Mar, California Major: Biology

Minors: Chemistry, Philosophy

MARGARET ANNE D'AGOSTINO San Diego, California Major: Music Minors: Education, Philosophy

DOLORES MARY DESIDERI Phoenix, Arizona Major: Sociology

Minors: Education, Philosophy


Kansas City, Missouri Major: English Minors: Psychology, Philosophy

1 2 0

MARGARET DILLON GILLSON Phoenix, Arizona Major: English Minors: Education, Philosophy

MARTHA ANN GOLDEN, E. de M. Menlo Park, California Major: French Minors: Sociology, Philosophy

1 2 1

SHARON JANE GREELEY, E. de M. Los Altos, California Major: Chemistry Minors: Biology, Philosophy

DIANE MARIE HARTMAN San Diego, California Major: English Minors: Art, Philosophy

1 2 2

LOUISA HOLCOMBE Tiquisate, Guatemala Major: Chemistry

Minors: Mathematics, Philosophy


Los Angeles, California Major: Chemistry Minors: Biology, Philosophy

SOFIA KENNEDY FLORES Tijuana, B.C., Mexico Major: Chemistry Minors: Biology, Philosophy

VALERIE CHRISTIAN KIRVEN Coronado, California Major: Sociology Minors: Education, Philosophy

PATRICIA ADAMS LANGDON, E. de M. Menlo Park, California Major: French Minors: Sociology, Philosophy

SANDRA MARY LOUBAT, E. de M. New Orleans, Louisiana Major: History Minors: Languages, Philosophy

1 2 5

LYDIA FRANCES KIELER, R.N. San Diego, California Major: Nursing Minors: Philosophy, Psychology

PRISCILLA ALICE LANSDEN Cairo, Illinois Major: History

Minors: English, Philosophy, Sociology

MARY LYNN MANNING Des Moines, Iowa Major: English

Minors: History, Philosophy

PATRICIA LEE McMAHAN Escondido, California Major: History

Minors: Political Science, Philosophy

DOREEN TILKER MEADE San Diego, California Major: Sociology

Minors: History, Philosophy

SUSAN MARY MONAHAN, E. de M. San Diego, California Major: English Minors: Education, Philosophy

MARY MARLENE MULLEN San Diego, California Major: History

Minors: Education, Philosophy

MARY KATHLEEN MURPHY San Diego, California Major: English

Minors: Drama, Education, Philosophy

1 2 9

CAROLINE PATRICE MURPHY Pasadena, California Majors: History, Psychology Minors: Philosophy, Education

RITA FLYNN PATTEN San Diego, California Major: History

Minors: Philosophy, Education

JUDITH ANNE PETERSON Whittier, California Major: History

Minors: Philosophy, Education

SHEILA ANNE PRENDERGAST San Diego, California Major: English Minors: Philosophy, Education

MARLENE GLORIA QUALIATO La Jolla, California Major: Spanish Minors: Philosophy, Education

KAREN REEMELIN SMITH, E. de M. San Diego, California Major: Chemistry Minors: Mathematics, Philosophy

MARTHA MONICA ROAN Coronado, California Major: Education Minors: English, Philosophy

ERMILA LORETTA RODRIGUEZ BIythe, California Major: Spanish Minors: French, Philosophy

1 3 3

HERLINDA RODRIGUEZ, E. de M. Calexico, California Major: English Minors: Education, Philosophy

MARY MARGARET RUSSELL San Diego, California Major: Sociology Minors: Education, Philosophy

VICTORIA ELIZABETH SEIDEL, E. de M. Pasadena, California Majors: English, French Minor: Philosophy

CECILE MARIE SORCABAL La Puente, California Major: Sociology

Minors: Philosophy, Education

ENGENIA ANN STANKER, E. de M. Menlo Park, California Major: History Minors: Education, Philosophy

MYRNA LOUISE STOFLET San Diego, California Major: Chemistry

Minors: Biology, Mathematics, Philosophy

1 3 6

MARY ADRIENNE SWEETING, E. de M. San Diego, California Major: History Minors: Education, Philosophy


San Diego, California Major: Chemistry Minors: Biology, Philosophy

FRANCES CECILIA WEISMANTEL San Diego, California Major: Chemistry Minors: Mathematics, Philosophy


El Cajon, California Majors: Art, Philosophy Minor: English

1 3 8

MARGARET KATHERINE WURZER Davenport, Iowa Major: Sociology Minors: Education, Philosophy

PATRICIA LEE YOUNG La Jolla, California Major: History

Minors: Education, Philosophy

Mother I. Lawrence, J. Rivell.

RIGHT: Freda V. Callahan with Miss Engstrand. BELOW RIGHT: Miss May Clarke and Mother S. Wilson. BELOW: Rita F. Patten, Mother M. Guest and Cecile Sorcabal at ART 139-

Aloha" on opening day, September, 1961

Diane Hartman

1 4 6


Sandra Loubat, Mrs. Harry J. Ragan, Reverend Mother E. Teegarden.

Katharine Broome

BELOW: Mrs. Karena Shields explaining an Amerind skull to Anthropology Class.

Reverend Mother Rosalie Hill with Agnes Hilby and little Heidi.

BELOW: Mary Megow Gadler.

1 4 9

John and Patrice


Professor of Biological Sciences

B.A., Linfield College, Oregon; M.A., Ph.D., Stanford University.

C. CLAYTON FOX Assistant Professor of Music B.M.E., Columbia School of Music Education, Chicago; M.M.E., De Paul University. Associate Professor of English B.A., Duchesne College, Omaha; M.A., San Francisco College for Women; Ph.D., Stanford University. MOTHER SALLY FURAY M.A., Columbia University; Ph.D., University of Havana. MOTHER MARGARET GUEST B.A., Seattle University; M.A., University of California at Berkeley. MILDRED CECELIA HAG AN Instructor in Education B.A., M.A., Teachers College, Columbia University; graduate study, Uni­ versity of Southern California, University of California, Purdue Univer­ sity. THERESE T. HANAFIN Instructor in Art B.A., San Diego College for Women; graduate study, Crafts Student League, New York. Instructor in Art B.S., Cleveland School of Art, Western Reserve University; M.A., West­ ern Reserve University. FRANCIS J. HOWARD Associate Professor of Physics and Mathematics B.A., M.S., Ph.D., University of California. JOSEF KALODA Associate Professor of Political Science and History B.A., Hunter College, New York; M.A., Ph.D., Columbia University. Professor of English B.A., College of the Sacred Heart, Menlo Park, California; M.A., Creigh- ton University, Omaha; Ph.D., University of California. MARCIA BOWMAN KLEIN Instructor in English B.A., University of Oregon; M.A., University of Oregon; two years grad­ uate work, University of Illinois. ROMAN KOCOUREK Professor of Philosophy B.A., College of St. Thomas; M.A., University of Minnesota; Ph.L., Ph.D., University of Laval. HENRY KOLAR Instructor in Violin B.M., DePaul University; M.M., Northwestern University. FRANCES KOROMY Instructor in English B.A., Universitiy of California at Berkeley; graduate studies, University of California, Columbia University, Sorbonne in Paris. MOTHER IRENE LAWRENCE Associate Professor of Social Sciences B.A., San Francisco College for Women; M.A., Ph.D., Stanford Univer­ sity. RUDOLPH MARTIN LIPPERT Instructor in Astronomy and Geography B.A., Albright College, Reading, Penn.; F.R.A.S., Fellow of Royal Astro­ nomical Society of Great Britain, Fellow of British Interplanetary Society, Fellow of International Lunar Society. Supervisor of Secondary Student Teaching B.A., Universitiy of California at Los Angeles; M.A., Claremont College. Associate Professor of Education ROZETTA E. HILL MOTHER LAURA KEELER KATHRYN M. MARKEY GRACIELA MIRANDA GRAVES Instructor in Spanish


JOHN H. MacGRATH Assistant Professor of English B.A., Boston College; M.A., Ph.D., Georgetown University; Research, Oxford University, England. Professor of History B.A., Duchesne College; M.A., Loyola University, Chicago; Ph.D., Uni­ versity of California at Berkeley. IDA L. MERCADO Instructor in Physical Education B.A., San Diego College for Women. JOHN D. MORGAN Instructor in Philosophy B.A., Loyola University, Los Angeles; M.A., University of Southern Cali­ fornia; Ph.D., candidate, University of Southern California. MOTHER AGNES MURPHY Professor of Philosophy and History B.A., Barat College, Lake Forest; M.A., Loyola University, Chicago; Ph.D., Catholic University of America. MOTHER GERTRUDE PATCH Associate Professor of English B.A., M.A., San Francisco College for Women; Ph.D., Stanford University. PATRICIA SPRAGUE RENEAU Instructor in English B.A., University of California, Berkeley; M.A., San Diego College for Women. ELAV1A P. REPS Instructor in History B.A., St. Joseph's College, Emmitsburg, Maryland; M.A. candidate, Georgetown University. MARJORIE ROHFLEISCH Instructor in Music B.A., Pomona College; graduate study, University of California, Mills College, San Diego State College. MOTHER AIMEE ROSSI Professor of Education B.A., M.A., Loyola University, Chicago; Ph.D., Stanford University. DARIA ROTHE Instructor in German B.A., M.A., University of Michigan. PAUL A. SCHMIDT Instructor in Violin Studies at the Chicago Conservatory of Music and at the Chicago Musical College; Vandercook College, and DePaul University, Chicago. MOTHER AGNES SCHMIT Professor of Chemistry B.A., University of South Dakota; M.S., St. Louis University; Ph.D., Stan­ ford University. JOYCE SCHMOCK Supervisor of Elementary Student Teaching B.A., San Diego State College; M.A., University of California at Los An­ geles; doctoral studies at the University of California. MOTHER PATRICIA SHAFFER Instructor in Chemistry B.A., San Francisco College for Women; M.S., Stanford University. KAREN ASHIELDS Associate Professor of Social Science; B.S., in Education, San Jose State College; B.A., University of Southern California; M.A., University of Mexico; 15 years research en situ, Middle American ethnological studies. SHARON SMITH Instructor in Biological Sciences B.A., San Diego College for Women; graduate study, Stanford University. FRANCIS SWEENEY Assistant Professor of Psychology B.A., University of Chicago; M.A., Ph.D., Loyola University, Chicago. MOTHER CATHERINE McSHANE

"Graduates, see you here?" Gymnasium and Olympic Swimming Pool«USt)

DRAPER TRAVEL AGENCY 1258 Fifth Avenue San Diego 1, California presents GRAND TOUR OF EUROPE Especially prepared for UNIVERSITY OF SAN DIEGO College for Women

Model UNITED NATIONS, San Diego, 1962


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