Alcalá 1961

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University of San Diego Archives




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T o you , Re ve ren dMot he rRo sa lieHil l, Mot he rof ou r schoo l an d family , W ede di ca teou r ALCA LA. You hav e dis cover eda gr ea tsecr et: Tha t

To fa ll in lo ve u/i th God

You giv e you r life and ef fo rts Tha twe as Ch ild renof th e Sac red Hea rt May rea liz eth at :

To se ek Him

M . fijbjtArfayVltl

Her eat Al ca la,our fo rt resson a hi ll, You wo rk and pr ay Thatwe may say toge therwith you: That

To fi ndHim




Fo r th is we expr es sou r gra ti tu de Becau seyou have shar ed your secr et with us !

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AS SO CIAT ED STUDENT BODYOFF IC ERS:Marcia W es t,So cia lCh air ­ man ; Ca ro l Kup ili k,Pr es iden tof th e Chi ld re nof Mar y; Sandra Ca sse ll, Pr esid en t of th eSt ud en tBody; Ba rb ar aJo rd an ,Vic e Pr es iden t; Susa nMon a- han, Re co rd ingSe cr eta ry;and Sa nd raLo ub at,Cor re sp on di ng Secre tar y.


The welcome mat is out.


California here we are!



p A R T y








They led the Masquers' Ball.


U. S.D .Upp er da ssmen find co nv er sa tio n easy .






His Excellency, Most Reverend Charles F. Buddy, Right Reverend Monsignor William A. Bergin with University Students before the Manger of the lmmaculata.





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R R I D s T s M T A 0 s R






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Mrs. Andrews discussing a School of Corregio's painting wi th her class.

Mrs. Hill explaining a point in color and design to her students.

History of Art class s t u d i e s some slides of French cathe– drals.




Ed ito r

Her lin daRo dr igu ez Ba rb araBr ev ele ri Su za nn eGau gh en Ro sa nneCo yn e

Li ter ary Edito r

As sis tan ts

Art Ed ito r

Geo rg iaBe chl er

Assis tant s: A rt an d Pho to gr ap hi c:

El iza be thFi or in o Ellen Haw tre e Lo lit aRa ve nto s Mar ga ritaZe lay a Eu ge nia St anker

Secreta ry

Her lin daRodr igue z an dM r.Wal ly Haw tre e.

El iza be th Fi or in o, Ge or gi a Be chler, Ro sann eCo yne , Su zann e Gau gh en ,Ba rbara Br ev ele ri,Eu ge nia St an ke r,Lo lit a Ra vent os , andMar ga rit aZe lay a.M iss in g:El len Haw tre e.






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The International Relations Club worked successfully in 1960-1961 , as

it concentrated its efforts on Africa, the Dark Continent coming to light.

The I.R.C. began in September with an over-all presentation of Africa,

concentrating on the Congo. Succeeding meetings explored Nigeria and its

fight for independence, Algeria and her position as a French possession,

and the nationalism prevalent on the continent.

To conclude the year's business, Africa was summed up as she stood in

April, 1961, with the spotlight on previously discussed countries.

The officers: Mary Fiorino, president; Claire Schell, vice president; and

Ruth Patterson, secretary-treasurer, could look back on a year of accom–

plishment under the I.R.C. moderator, Mother McShane.


Lucina Bray, Mrs. Stanley, Sandra Schadewald, Rosemary Dunn, and Rosemary Frost.

Joanne Urnezis and Mother Wilson A. s.

B. Mother Lawrence, Sheila Cronin, Diana Baker, and Barbara Dorsey ·in the bookstore.

UPPER: Maureen Pecht, Mary Jane Tiernan, Susan Mona– han, Sandra Cassell, Sandra Loubat, Mary Bahan, and Sally Tooley presiding at the ASB Luncheon for the new stu– dents, second semester. LOWER: Karen Knobbe, Mother Bremner, Rose Marie Ross, and Beverly Hosechen.





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Rita Flynn Patten

Rosemary Jones, and Kathleen M1:1rphy.


Mr. Van_ Vleck, La Delle Willett, and Josephipe· Montroy preparing for WCSD broadcast.


Emily Pugh and Rosemary Jones, officers of the AL– CALA PARK PLAYERS invited you to hear the LITTLE GAELIC SINGERS, and to see EVERY– MAN.








The pu rp os eof the Science Club is to pr omot ethe in ter ­ est s of science amongit s memb ers . SanDiego has renown ed sci entis tsvis iti ngits educat ionalcente rseach year as we ll as a number in res idence .Las t yea r memb ershad the pr iv ile ge of he ar ingNob el Pr ize winne rs in phy sical chemi stry,bio­ chemist ry,an d gene tic s.Theclub keeps its memb ers poste d on loca l science progra ms, en cour ag es at tend an ce ,and br ingsas man y as pos sible to the coll eg e.The clu b alsohe lps its memb ers to kee p up wi th cu rr en tscie ntif ic jou rna ls by pa ne l discus sions at thei r mee tin gsan d by askin g st ud en ts in th e phyic aland lif escie nce clas ses to pe rfo rmdemo ns tra ­ tion expe rim en ts. A very impo rta ntfunc tio nof the clu b is to he lp science majo rs dis cov er the pa rti cu lar vocat ion in wh ich they can ma ke the gr ea testco nt ribu tio n. Tours and pe rso na lconta cts with scie ntif icin st itu tio ns ar e ar ra ng ed ; fe llows hip s,gr an ts and scho lar sh ips are inve sti ga ted . Thisyear the officers wer e: Joy ce Law son ,vice pr es iden t; Mar th aFi orin o,pr es iden t; Jud y Turle y, tre asurer ; and Ge or ­ gi a Be ch ler ,sec retary . The ywor ke dwith Moth erFa rre nsas mod er at or . In the pi ct ureabove the y are demon str at ing the use of the War bu rgap pa ra tu s.At the righ t, D r. Ch ris ten - sen is checkin gthe wo rk of Ju dy Tur le yand An n McGo w- an , as they wo rk ou t a pro blem in Ce llu larPhysi ology .


B F I I 0 E

L LT 0 DR G I y p

Mrs. Walch and the Microbiology Class.

Mother Schmit and her Chemistry Classes.



Dr. Urey and Mr. Lippert.

Mother Shaffer and her General Chemistry Class.

Miss Donnelly and her Biology Laboratory students.

Dr. Howard demonstrates for his Physics Class.


Car ol Kup ili k pr es id en tof th e Chi ld renof Mary

Tabe rn ac leSoc iety


Ca rol Kup ili k,An n McG ow an , and R ight Re ve ren dMon sig no r Mi cha el J. By rne .

Ri gh t Re ve ren d Mon sig no r James P. O' Sh ea ,Most Rev­ er en d Ri ch ard H . Ac ke rman , R ig ht Re ve ren d Mon sig no r W ill iamA. Be rg in , Most Rev- e r e n d A l f r e d o G a l i n d o , Mot he r Fra nc es Dan z, Hi s Em ine nc eJam es Car di na lMc- In ty reof Los An ge les , Mot he r Ca th er in eMcSh ane.

Re ce pti onof new Chi ld re nof Mar yby Hi s Excel len cy,Mos t Re ve ren dCha rle sF. Bud dy : Mar y Ja ne T ie rn a n , Cl ai re Wh a l e n , M a r t h a F i o r i n o , A n i t a D o l a n , a n d M a r y Fi or in o.




W.A.A. Officers: Diane Corkill and Pat y McMahan with Mrs. Mercado. Margarita Zelaya missing.



To se ekHim

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An inv asi onof pl an es ,cars, and tra insdes cen ded upon the San D ie go Co lle ge fo r Wom en .From them emerg ed fre shme narmed with multif ar iousqu es tions, enthu sia sm , and lu gga ge ! The week of the ir ar riv alwas a busy on ewith re gist ra tio n,mee tin grooma tes ,fu n at the campus fash ion show, the beach pa rty at La Jo lla Shor es, and va rio usot he r ac tiv iti escomp ris ing"F resh manWee k" . The excit emen tof th e first day soon se ttl edas classe sbeg an in ea rnes t. Octo be r 28t h wa s the da teof the fre shm an dr amat icde bu tcommo nly known as "F resh manFo llies ",wh er ein th e st ud en tbody was inv itedto sit downan d en joy a ki ng size coo k br immingover with ta lent an d than ks .Truly ,th e pr oduc­ tio n, unde r th e ch airman sh ip of La Del leW il le ttan dJo anKar pi ns ki , was "Big En ou ghTo Wri te a Book Abo ut ". A very br ightno te in th e classca lendar was the Fre shm anClas s pa rty he ld at th e home ofMa ry Fipp on No vemb er13 th , I96 0. G ro upleade rs,Ju di eJo hnst on,Patt iTie rnan ,Deb bi eDav idso n,Su zann eKor- zon , Margie Mor ga n,Rut hWickers ham,Mur ie lPalm er,Li nd a Rahl, an d Li nd a Jam es, ke pt sp ir it hi gh fo r thi s and many other events. The Ch ris tmassea son br ought en thus ias ticfre shmanspon so rshi p to th e fo ur thannu altoy dr iv eun de rth e chairman sh ip of Ba rb ar aCo nnell yan d Ma ry Fran cesPolak iew icz .Our Pr es iden tia lEl ect ionwa s he ld in Decem berat U.S.D .! Fres hman Clas s officerswer eMau ree nPe ch t,pre si­ de nt ; MaryFi pp , vice -pres iden t; Tr es aSm ith , secreta ry; and Mary Jo Hod ge ,tr ea su re r.The firstsemest er clos ed wi th the int el le ct ua l impa ct of final examin at ions an d the sp ir itu alde ep en ing of th e an nu alre tr ea t. Semeste r bre ak saw th e day stud en tsen te rt ai ni ng th e res ide nt stud en tsat Rut h Wick ersh am 's home , and the recr ui tslook ingfo rw ar dto futu reman euve rson Februa ry5th at th e Fr eshmanSu pp erDa nce pl anne dby Soc ial Ch airmenSus an Sc ar pu lla ,and Rut h Wick ers ham.A FreshmanOpe re tta,un de r the dir ec tion of La Del leW il le ttass isted by Ma ry Ba ngas se r,was the Big Event in th e fre shmansp ri ngof '61 . The tr ad ition al fre shma n- seni orpa rty clima xeda full yea r fo r the resp on sib le and respo ns iveclass of '64 .

Mau re en Pe ch t, Tr esa Sm ith , Mot he r S. Fu ray, Mary Jo Hod ge ,and Mary Fi pp .

SE RN ALAN AAGEN O San D ie go, Ca lif or ni a

MAR IT AANNE ANGLETON Sa n D ie go ,Ca lifor ni a

FO RTN IG HTLY OFF IC ER S:Mar yFi pp ,Mary Dow ns ,and Ann eBo eh ler .

ANAEL ENA AS CH ER FE LD Po wa y, Cal ifo rn ia

VISN JAARTU KOV IC Su rfs ide ,Cal ifo rn ia

ELSA ARNA IZ Tiju an a,B.C ., Mex ico

MARYEDN A BANGAS SER Se att le,W as hi ng to n

SALLYJA NEBA NK S San Di eg o, Ca lifor ni a

BE TT YANN BA RR ET T Sa n Dieg o,Cal ifo rn ia

SALLYBEAMER San Die go , Ca lif or ni a

ANNEBOEHLER El Pas o, Te xa s

JER 1MIC HE LEBOOTH La Ca na da ,Cal ifo rn ia

FRAN CE SBRE SCIA Nat iona lCi ty, Ca lif or ni a


FR ES HM ENCLASS OFF IC ER S: Tr esa Sm ith , Mary Fi pp , Mar y Jo Hod ge , an d Mau re en Pe ch t ex am in ing th e gi ft s fo r th e TOY DRI VE.

MARTH ABROWN St . Louis , Miss ou ri

BO NN IEBU RC HET T Gar de nGr ov e,Ca lifor ni a

CA RO LBURKE San Diego ,Ca lifor ni a

GEORG IA NN BURN ET La Jo lla ,Ca lif or ni a

CHRIS TIN EMA E CAMUS Sa n Dieg o,Ca lif or ni a

CHR IS T IN A CA NWEL L Sp ok ane,Was hi ng to n

SU SA NCARR OL L Sa n Mar in o,Ca lifor ni a

LESLIE CAVE Fr es no,Ca lif or ni a


Mau re enPe ch t pr es en tin g flowers to FR ES HMENFOLL IES ch air menJo an Kar pi nskian d La Del leWil le ttat the en d of th e pr od uc tio n.

BARB ARACON NEL LY W in ne tk a, Ill inoi s

FLOR EN CECOLES La Jo ll a,Ca lif or ni a

NORACO LE GR OVE Fu lle rt on , Ca lifor ni a

NORMACA ZA RE S San Diego , Ca lif or ni a

DEBO RA HA. DAV ID SO Ne w Yor kCi ty , Ne w Yo rk

TE RR IDAMMANN La Jo ll a,Ca lifor ni a

SUE CURL EY San D ie go, Ca lif or ni a

BEA TR IZCO TA Tij uana, B.C ., Me xic o


JO A NNDE ROSA Ke no sh a,Wisc on sin

OL GADE LA FU EN TE Ca lex ico ,Cal ifo rn ia

MA RI LY ND ING MAN Pacif ic Pa lis ades,Calif.

CA RM ELADE VITA San Die go, Ca lif or ni a

NANCYERHARDT Sa n Diego ,Ca lifor ni a


DONNAMARIE DU BL ER Sa n Die go,Ca lif or ni a

El Ca jon, Cal ifo rn ia


CO LETTE EV AN S San Diego ,Ca lif or ni a


PEGGY EV ER ET T Lemon Gro ve ,Ca lif or ni a

MAR YEL EANO REFI PP Sa n Diego ,Ca lif or ni a

MICHA EL EFL AH ER TY W hi tt ie r,Cal ifo rn ia

MAR YJA NEFANN IN G Hol lywoo d,Cal ifo rn ia


- -

JACQUELINE FOLEY Compton, California

"Good News!"

KATHLEEN ANN HAGAN San Diego, California

PATRICIA GIRALDIN Anaheim, California

ANITA RUSSELL GOOD San Ysidro, California

JUDY HAGEMAN Altadena, California



ELIZABETH HARLE Wenatchee, Washington

ELINOR HASEGAWA San Ysidro, California

ANNA IZUEL El Cajon, California

JUDY HOLCOMBE Tiquisate, Guatemala

BARBARA JO HUDSON San Diego, California

MARY JO HODGE Bloomfield Hills, Michigan


LIN DALOUI SE JAMES Red mon d,W as hing to n

FO RTN IG HTLY OFF IC ER S:Mary Ba ng asser, Rut h Wic ke rs ham,and Fran ces (D ede)Su lli va n.

CARO LY N JELU SICH San Dieg o,Cal ifo rn ia

JA CQU EL INELEE JO HNSTON San Di eg o, Ca lif or ni a

BE TT YJO JEN SE N Sa n Diego ,Ca lifor ni a

SALLYJO HANS IN G Pasa de na ,Cal ifo rn ia


m .. 0m tmMbk KATHERIN E PH EL AN KER CKHOFF St . Lo uis ,Miss ou ri

JO ANKARPI NSK I San Di eg o, Cal ifo rn ia

JUDIE LOUI SEJO HNS TON Ph oe ni x,Ar izona

EI LE ENKI RK BR IDE Sa n Di eg o,Cal ifo rn ia

MARG AR ET JO K IN G Tu cs on ,Ar izo na

Mich ae leFl ah er ty

SU ZA NNEKORZ ON Sa n Di ego, Ca lifor ni a

NANCYKOKX O ra ng e,Ca lifor ni a


AL ICE LA V IG NE St . Louis , Miss ou ri

JEANNIE LEAC H Sa n Diego ,Ca lif or ni a

KARE NKU CK EN BERG Po rtl an d,O re gon

MONIC ALIN DKV IS T La Jo lla ,Cal ifo rn ia

CATHERIN E LI NDSE TH Sa n Die go,Ca lif or ni a


Fr es hm enP. E. class rela xi ngaf te ra gam e.SE ATE D:Ju dy Hol combean dSa lly Sc ott . S TAND IN G : Sus anna W hi te ,Li nd aRa hl ,Els ie Har le ,Nor aCo leg rove ,Mar ily nQua lia to ,Je ri Bo ot h, Mur iel Pa lm er, Ja cq ue lin e Mar tin ez ,Ann New man .

MAR CI AMAD ER Y En cin o, Ca lif or ni a

ANNMABRY San Die go ,Ca lif or ni a

CAROLY NMAKAU S Ph oe ni x,Ar izo na

V IV IE NNEMA GNUS La Me sa, Ca lif or ni a

JU AN IT AMALANGA Sa n Die go , Ca lif or ni a

Su za nn eKo rz onan d Monica Li nd kv istde mon st ra tin g a Sw ed ish Dan cefo r th eFR ES HMEN FO LL IES.

LYNNEMcB IRNIE Fa be ns ,Te xa s

ST EPH AN IE ANN MAYFI EL D San D ie go ,Cal ifo rn ia

JA CQ UEL IN E MART IN EZ El Paso ,Te xa s


ANNEMcDONEL L Sa n Die go ,Cal ifo rn ia

MAUREE NMcCORM ACK San Die go, Ca lif or ni a


NANNETTE MAR IE MER GEN S A rli ng to n,Ca lif or ni a

MAR YLU MC GU IRE Be rke ley, Ca lif or ni a

JO Y MILES As to ria ,O re gon

CECI LIAMORENO 6 5 Ca lex ico ,Cal ifo rn ia

MARIE THERESE NEDZA Spring Valley, California

DOROTHY MULLIGAN San Diego, California

ANN NEWMAN Denver, Colorado

PATRICIA MURPHY San Diego, California

FLORENCE NEWTON La Jolla, California

Big Sisters : Mary Olive Chambers and Anne Wilson speaking with Little Sisters: Juliana Oas and Catherine Lindseth.

MARGARET MORGAN La Mesa, California


JULIANA OAS San Diego, California

GLORY KATHRYN ODGERS Claremont, California

KATY O 'HARA San Diego, California

SHARON O 'CONNOR San Diego, California

I / SUSAN PAGLIUSO San Diego, California


Kathy Shaw too busy with assign– ments to notice the poster beside her.

MURIEL LOUISE PALMER Seattle, Washington


MAURE ENPE CHT Oxn ar d,Cal ifo rn ia

JA NEPE RI PO LI Pac ific Pa lis ad es,Ca lifor ni a

JO EL LE NPECH AC EK Sio ux Ci ty , Iowa

PAM ELAPE TERS ON Sa n D ie go, Ca lifor ni a

MAR YFRANCE S PO LA K IEW IC Z Sa n Diego , Ca lif or ni a

MET TAJA NEPH ILLI PS La Jo lla ,Ca lif or ni a

JE ANPO NDER El Pa so , Te xa s

Mary Ba han co gi ta tin gov er St he Fr es hm anba llo t fo r clas s officers,-

LORNAPO PP El Cajon ,Ca lifor ni a

PAMEL APR ICE Sa n Die go ,Ca lifor ni a

FO RTN IG HTLY OFF IC ERS:Jo an ne Ur ne - zis, Su san Sc ar pu lla ,and Mary Jo Hod ge .

D IA NERO BE RT S Ar cadia ,Cal ifo rn ia

LI NDA ANNERA HL Seal Bea ch, Ca lif or ni a

MAR IL YNPU ZO San D ie go ,Ca lif or ni a


KAY RO BE RT S San Die go,Ca lifor ni a

Sa nt a Cl au s su rr ou nd edby Tre sa Sm ith , Mary Jo Hod ge ,Mau re en , Pe ch t and Mary Fi pp , th e ni gh t of th ei r ele cti on as Fr es hm anCla ss offic ers.

SH ARO NROBIN SO N Fo nt an a,Ca lif or ni a

REN ET TEROMER O Sa n Die go ,Ca lif or ni a

JE ANNERO GER S Ni ca sio ,Cal ifo rn ia

LO RR AIN ERU SNAK Ch ul aVi sta ,Ca lifor ni a

SELMA RO SE NLOF La Mesa , Cal ifo rn ia

JE ANROSE San Di eg o,Ca lifor ni a


SU SA NSCAR PULLA Sa n Fr an cis co ,Ca lif or ni a

TRESA SM IT H Bo uld er,Mon ta na

KATHYSH AW San Diego ,Ca lif or ni a

TERE SASOUSA San Die go ,Ca lif or ni a


GU IL LE RM INA GOMEZpo nd er in gwha tto do ne xt .

Sa n Die go ,Ca lif or ni a


MAR YLOUI SE TAMULON IS Ba nn in g,Cal ifo rn ia

FRAN CE SSU LL IVAN Ph oe ni x,Ar izo na

VIC TO RYSTR ASSLE R La Jo lla ,Cal ifo rn ia

IR EN ETA YLO R La ke sid e,Ca lifor ni a

Be atr iz Co ta, Mar y Ba ng as se r,Mary Do wns ,an d Mon ica Li ndkv istwor kingat Fr ench with Mad am eVac quier .

ISABELLETRO MBETT A El Cajo n,Cal ifo rn ia

VIRGIN IATHOMPSO N Do wn ey ,Ca lifor ni a

PA TR IC IAT IE RNAN San Die go ,Cal ifo rn ia

SA NDRA TURL EY Sa n D ie go, Ca lifor ni a

JO ANNEURN EZ IS San Die go ,Ca lifor ni a

PA TR IC IAANNWAHL La Me sa, Cal ifo rn ia

«» 1 • r o r nm* ="i- 3t

Mrs. Rohfl eis ch an d he r ha rmon yclas s.

D IA NAW IL HEL M La Jo lla ,Cal ifo rn ia

RUTHWICKE RS HAM San Di eg o, Cal ifo rn ia

SU SA NNAWH IT E Sa n Die go ,Ca lifor ni a


FRESHMAN SUPPER DANCE: William Kugler, Susan Scarpulla, Mau– reen Peck, Steven Lawrence.

STEPHANIE SMITH La Mesa, California

MARY WILLIAMS Chula Vista, California

Catherine Lindseth, His Excellency Bishop Buddy, Jo– anne Urnezis, at His Excellency's Buffet for new stu– dents.


LA DELLE WILLETT Philippine Islands

His Excellency Bishop Buddy shows his prayer book to Carolyn Makaus while Susan Carroll watches.

Marita Angleton, Marie Nedza, Anna lzuel, Carolyn Jelusich, Judith Holcombe, Mary Fipp, Gloria Odgers, Beatriz Cota, Anita Good, Rosa Yamada, and Sharon Robinson enjoying a talk with His Excellency Bishop Buddy during the Buffet for new students.

DIANE WILSON Chula Vista, California

ANN MARIE ZIEMANN Pasadena, California

ROSA MINEKO YAMADA Tijuana, B.C., Mexico



Big-sister Little-sister activites marked the beginning of a new year for the sophomores. Incoming

freshmen and their Big-sisters were given an opportunity to form new acquaintances during the ·summer

months at a tea given by Penny Nutting and Kathleen Day, and at the dessert party of Angela Palermo

and Lillian Vaia. The 1961 school year began with a luncheon for members of both classes under the chair–

manship of the sophomore class president, Sally Tooley, The event carried a football theme. A luncheon

and pool party at the Hotel del Coronado, under the direction of Martha Spiers and Mary Olive Cham–

bers, also provided an opportunity for sophomores to welcome the new freshman class.

The university football team was given support when members of the sophomore class impersonated

football coach Mike Pecarovich and his players in a skit presented at the Lark. The rally preceded the

victorious U.S.D.-Marine Corps Recruit Depot game.

Sophomores lent encouragement to their freshmen "buddies" during the first quarter midterms and

finals with cheerful notes and small gifts.

Second semester events included a Valentine dance on February 11th, held at the U. S. Grant Hotel.

This dance, along with a mixed volley-ball tournament in early spring, was co-sponsored with the sopho–

more class of the College for Men.

Highlight of the year was the Bal des Fleurs held in May. The theme was carried throughout the rose

patio under a starlit sky. The efforts of the entire class were rewarded by this memorable dance.

The final event of the year was the sophomore serenades on class night. As they bid farewell to the

seniors, sophomores now awaited their return to Alcala as upperclassmen.

Kathleen Day, Patricia Quirk, Sally Tooley. Mother G. Patch, and Norma Peck discussing plans for the BAL DES FLEURS.



TRIAL BY JURY chorus group: Jane Tiffany, Jean La Vigne, Pamela Peters, Patricia Shannon, Sharon Grimm, Josefina Moreno, Margarita Zelaya, Lynn Coseo, Socorro Cazares, Shannon Hamm, Mary Jo Rogers, and Kitty Broome.

HELEN A. BAKER San Diego, California

GEORGIA (KIM) BECHLER Long Beach, California

SARA N. BAKER Evansville, Indiana

LOUISE ELIZABETH BEAL Los Angeles, California

DONNA KAY BROWER La Mesa, California

BARBARA BREVELERI San Diego, California




TRIAL BY JURY: Georgia Bechler, and Mary Anne Hickey settle their problems, while the Jury, the Chorus, and the Bridesmaids surround the couple.

KATHY RUTH BUSE San Diego, California

NANCY BUTLER Vancouver, B.C., Canada .

MARY OLIVE CHAMBERS San Diego, California



DIANE CORKILL Los Angeles, California


WENDYCRIN G Tu cs on ,Ar izona

MICKE YCO YNE Sa nta An a, Cal ifo rn ia

KATH LE ENMAR YDAY San Di eg o,Ca lifor ni a

ANNDO YL E New Orle an s,Lo uis ian a

ROSA RIN ADE TURI San Di eg o,Ca lifor ni a

Fr an O ld akan d W ill iam Dol anat th e MASQUER S BALL .

ELISA ES PA NA T iju an a,B.C ., Mex ico

EL IZAB ET HFIO R IN O Ev er ett ,Was hing ton

BEVERLYJO Y FALL IS Ch in a Lak e, Cal ifo rn ia

D IANEFE ARING Sa n Die go ,Ca lif or ni a

NANCYR . FLEET Sa n Die go ,Ca lifor ni a

SU ZANNEMAR IE GAUGHEN Sa n Diego ,Cal ifo rn ia

SH ARO NA N NGR IMM Fu lle rton ,Ca lif or ni a

Lo lit a Re ve nto s and Ali cic a Mele nd ez on thei r way to the Pr em ier eof th e GA»LLANT HOURS. 81

W IN IF RED GOLD EN San Diego ,Ca lif or ni a

ELLEN HAWTREE San Diego, California

JUDY HANSEN Chula Vista, California

SHANNON HAMM Long Beach, California

GRETCHEN HIRSCH New Orleans, Louisiana

Mother Margaret Reilly and her Psychology class.



MARY HOWARD La Jolla, California

CYNTHIA HUNTER San Diego, California

ALMITA JIMENEZ Burbank, California



Riverside C 1 .f JS:AGH ' a 1 orma


San F

. DAN ranosco C l"f . ' a l ornia

BARBARA San ff JOHNSON iego, California

LYNN JOHANSING Pasadena C 1·f . , a 1 orma

Curtain call TlUAL BY aJt the end of URY.


MARSHA KE Salt Lake City, i;~;h

ELIZABETH A KI Lo A · LFOY s ngeles C !if . ' a orrua

JEAN LA VIGNE St. Louis M. . , 1ssouri

Sa lly To ol ey ,Glo ryMul­ len and Mar tha Sp ier s plan ning som e act ivi tie s.

CA RO LLOWNEY Bu tte ,Mon ta na

HE ID IMAHER W in ne tk a, Illin oi s

MAR GARE T JO AN MC CA RTHY Powa y, Cal ifo rn ia

M r. corte c Do ro thy leen Da y, as he br ings in the da y's pa ck ages.

ELLENMC CAR TH Y St . Lou is, Miss ou ri

PA TR IC IAMcELHAN EY Sa n Di eg o,Ca lif or ni a

MAR YJA NEM IT ZN ER San Di eg o,Ca lif or ni a

OFFIC ER SOF IN TERNAT IO NAL C UB: Ben Flor es ,Lo lit aRa ve nto s,Jos e Ca chue la,Mar ga rit a Ze laya,an dPh ili pArc e.

SH ARONNEWSO M San Fra nci sco ,Ca lif or ni a

MARIONMORO SI N San Francisco, Ca lifor ni a

MAR SH AMOORE La Jo lla ,Cal ifo rn ia

VER ONICANU TTIN G La Mesa , Cal ifo rn ia

DEI DREO 'BRIE N Va nc ou ve r,B.C ., Ca nada

CA RO LO 'C ONNOR San Die go , Cal ifo rn ia



ST EP HAN IE O 'CONNOR La Mesa ,Ca lifor ni a

Mot he rMur ph y

FRANCE SOLD AK San Di eg o, Cal ifo rn ia

MARIEODDO San D ie go,Cal ifo rn ia

PA TR IC IAPE RFIE LD Pac ific Pal isades ,Ca lifor ni a

NORM APECK San Di eg o,Cal ifo rn ia

ANGEL APA LE RM O Sa n Diego ,Ca lif or nia

LUCIL LE PR Y Sa n Di eg o,Ca lif or ni a

MAR TH APR ANGER St. Lo uis ,Miss ou ri

Sal ly To ol ey ,Eli zab eth Fi or in o,Pa tri cia Quirk , Kat hl ee nDa y, an d And reFo rt ie r.

MARIL YNQUALI ATO Lo Jo lla ,Ca lifor ni a

PA TR IC IAQUIRK San Diego ,Cal ifo rn ia

MARIL YNRAMS EY De l Mar , Cal ifo rn ia

LO LI TARAVEN TO SM. DORA -LEAREN IS ON Ca rac as,Ve ne zu ela Ca lex ico ,Ca lifor ni a


MARYJO ROGE RS Bo ni ta ,Ca lifor ni a

Ell en Haw tre e, and Jo an Ri ve ll at th e Val en tineDa nc e.

< 1 JO ANHE LE NERIV ELL San D ie go, Ca lif or ni a

g p '

ANTO IN ETTE RI ZZO Esc ondid o,Ca lif or ni a

PA TR IC IARUBIE Ch ula Vi sta , Ca lifor ni a

MARY JANE RUCKER Calexico, California

ELOISA SANCHEZ Tijuana, B.C., Mexico

MILCHA SANCHEZ Encinitas, California

SUSAN SANDERSON La Jolla, California

Mother Redman

CATHERINE SHAFER Newport Beach, California


PATRICIA SHANNON Belvedere-Tiburon, California

Madame Brink


MARTHA LOUISE SPIERS Coronado, California

SUSAN STAMMER Fresno, California

Marlene Walker and Mrs. Koromy

Mrs. Graves

ELEANOR TAIX San Diego, California


DONNA TETER La Jolla, California

Mrs. Oklerund and Mrs. Shields

SALLY TOOLEY San Diego, California

MARGARET TRUDELL San Diego, California

NORAH UEKI San Diego, California

CARLA TORRES Tijuana, B.C., Mexico

SYLVIA THOMAS La Mesa, California


LILLIAN VAIA San Diego, California

KAREN WARREN Santa Monica, California

ROSEMARY WATSON San Diego, California

MARGARITA ZELAYA San Salvador, El Salvador

DONNA ZUEGE Stevens Point, Wiscon in



Almo st imme dia tel yup on its retu rn,the Ju ni orCl ass beg an wor ki ngon the pr ojec tswh ich were to

fill th e school year. Th ey st ar ted ou t with a po st- game mixe r and we nt righ t into th e annu al Au tumn

In fo rm al .Pa ris was in the air on th e cri sp ni gh t"Les Melo di esde l'A ut om ne " wa s pr es en ted.

Sudden lyth e Ch ris tmassp ir it pe rvad edev ery wh ere,and the Ju ni or swere ca ug ht in the flu rry of

Yul etid eac tivitie s.Con tr ib ut io ns to the toy dr ive,wor k on the Ch ris tmas Pa ge an t,gi ft s fo r the Kr is-

ki nd ls, an dmost of al l, th e pr oje ctof Formosawe re part of the Cla ss gi vi ngat Ch ris tmas .

The second semest er br ou gh tmor eac tiv ity . TheVar ie tyShow off ere da cha nce for Ju ni or sto dis pla y

their ta lent sin a Uni versi tyen de av or .W it hsp ri ng cam e the an nu al Fashi on Show. Onl y th ro ugh class

un ity in a commoneff ort wa s succes spossi ble .

As the end of the school yea r came into view, brin gi ng finals an d gr ad ua tion , th e Ju ni or stu rn ed

their wi tty mind s to th e Pr op he ci esto pr es en t to th e Seniors on Class ni gh t.

In Ma y, the Ju ni or slook ed back on a won de rf ulye ar , ma de possi ble by th e eff ort sof the class offi­

cer s and the wise gu idan ceof Mot her Sha ffe r.

STA ND IN G : Mar th a Gol de n,Pa tri ce Mur ph y an d Gen ieSt an ke r;SE ATED :Mot he rP. Shaff er an d Mar yBa ha n.


MARG ARE T BANGAS SER Seattle ,W as hi ng to n

MA RIALU ISA ALDR ET E San Die go ,Ca lif or ni a

MAR YBAHAN Ly nw oo d,Cal ifo rn ia

EL EA NORBA RN ES Im pe ri alBe ach , Cal ifo rn ia

GLO RIAVE GA BECERRA Ch ula Vi sta , Ca lifor ni a

Marie Ove rg aagW ill iam s,Pa tri cia McE lha ney,Sa nd y Lo ub atand Mary Ba ha n ha st en in g to th e pr em ier e of THE GALLANT HOURS. 96

CATHYBECK Po mona, Ca lif or ni a

Margy Gill so n,Ca ro lJu neO 'Con no r, Eli zab ethW ilm eran d Ri ch ard Ba rse ll ho pe to ar riv eon tim e fo r th e GALL ANT HO UR S.

ANNABO CC AC CI O Coron ad o,Ca lifor ni a

JUD IT HBR EMNE R Ev an sto n,Ill in oi s

KATHLEEN BO IV IN Klam athFa lls ,O re go n

KATH ARIN E (K IT TY ) BROOME San Di eg o,Ca lifor ni a


Jo an neKre js a,Th om asT ie rn anand Ly nn M an ni ngdis cus sin gpl an sfo r a ba rbe cu e.

MARYSU SA NCA RRIE R Sa n Diego , Ca lif or ni a

LE TT YBU CK LEY St am ford,Co nn ec tic ut



W in ne tk a, Ill inoi s

Coron ad o,Ca lifor ni a

PE GG YD 'AG OST IN O San Di eg o, Ca lifor ni a

SHARON GREELEY Los Altos, California

LOUISE HOLCOMBE Tiquisate, Guatemala

DIANE HARTMAN San Diego, California


Catholic Daughters Poetry Contest awards: Vic– toria Seidel receiving hers.

VIRGINIA KARAM Los Angeles, California

Victoria Seidel at Fribourg, Villa Foug– eres,


SANDRA MARY LOUBAT New Orleans, Louisiana


LYNN MANNING Des Moines. Iowa

Mother Guest supervising the arranging of a bulletin board by Gayla Browne and Cathy Beck.

SUSAN MONAHAN San Diego, California 101

MARY MEGOW San Diego, California

PATSY McMAHAN Escondido, California

MARY KATHLEEN MURPHY San Diego, California

PATRICE MURPHY Pasadena, California

MARY MULLEN San Diego, California

Miss Markey with her Counselling and Guidance Group.

JUDITH PETERSON Whittier, California

MARLENE QUALIATO La Jolla, California

KAREN ANN REEMELIN San Diego, California


Mr. Paul Curran

MARY M. RU SELL San Diego, California

HERLINDA RODRIGUEZ Calexico, California

Louise Holcombe at her balance.

CECILE SORCABAL La Puente, California

DANA SLAWSON Los Angeles, California

Mr. Wilson

EU GEN IA(G EN IE ) ST ANKER Menlo Pa rk , Ca lifor ni a

MYRNALOUI SE ST OFL ET Sa n Dieg o,Ca lifor ni a

Sof ia Ke nn ed y,Sh eil aPr en de rg as t, an dJa neDey.

ADRIE NNE SW EETIN G Sa n Diego , Cal ifo rn ia

DOREENANNE TI LK ER Sa n D ie go,Cal ifo rn ia

JU DY TURL EY San Di eg o, Cal ifo rn ia

JU D IT HTHROP Sa n Die go ,Cal if or ni a

FRANCES C. WEISMANTEL San Diego, California

J-\NE WOLCOTr Fl Cajon, California

Mrs. John Subert

PEGGY WURZER Bettendorf, lo",a

Miss May Clarke

PATR1CIA LEE YOUNG La Jolla, California

105 1

EMMA LOUI SE M. ANDER SO N San Diego ,Cal iforn ia Maj or :Bio logy M in or :Ch emistry

CLEO B. ANGLETON , R.N . San Diego ,Ca lif or nia

Maj or :Nur si ng M in or :Bio logy

MARGARE T ELISE ARAIZA San Diego ,Ca lif ornia Maj or :Eng lish M in or :Educa tion

LUCIA REYES BENNETT, R.N . San Diego ,Calif or ni a Maj or :Nursi ng Min or :Ph ilo sophy


MARY JIL L BRAD Y Id ah oFalls , Idah o Maj or :Art M in or: Engli sh


Coro na do ,Ca lif orni a Maj or :Bio logy Minor :Physics

1 10



San Diego ,Calif orni a Maj or :Hist or y Min or :Ed uc ati on

SAND RAMAE CASSELL, M. Lemon Gr ove, Calif orni a Maj or :Philoso phyand Soc iolo gy Min or :Engli sh

1 11

CA RO LINEMATI LD ACH RI SM AN San Diego ,Cal iforn ia

Maj or :Hist or y Min or :En gli sh

AN IT AGWE NDOLA N, E. de M. San Diego ,Cal ifo rnia

Maj or :Socio log y M in or:Ed uc atio n

JANE MAR IE ELDER, R.N . San Francisco ,Ca lif ornia Maj or :Nur si ng M in or :Psycho logy


San Diego ,Calif orni a Maj or :Chemistr y Min ors: Phy sics an d Math emati cs

MAR THAMARY FIO RIN O , E. de M. Ev er et t,Was hi ng to n Maj or :Bi olo gy M in or :Ch em ist ry

MARYMAR THAFIO RIN O , E. d e M. Ev ere tt,Was hi ng to n Maj or :Hi sto ry Minor s:Educ ati onan d Economics

PA TR IC IAMAURE ENFLYNN San Diego ,Ca lif or ni a Maj or :Ph ilo sophy M in or s:Engli sh an d Psy cho logy

LI NDACARO LYNGA RY San Diego ,Ca lif orni a

Maj or :Soc iology M in or :Educati on

1 15

BARBARA ANN GISLER Cama rillo ,Cal ifo rnia Maj or :Hi sto ry Min or :Econom ics

MARY DIA NEHEAD Chica go ,Ill inoi s Maj or :Soc iolo gy M in or: Psycholog y



Tiju an a,Baja Ca lif orni a,Mexico Maj or :Art M in or :Spa nish

ELEANORSYLVIA JIMENEZ San Diego ,Calif orni a Maj or :Psycho logy M inor :Hi sto ry


La Jo lla ,Ca lif or ni a Maj or :Engli sh M in or:Drama

BARBARA LA DEAN JO RDAN An aheim ,Cal iforn ia Maj or :Mus ic Min or :Educ ati on

1 1 8

LI LLIA NURSU LA JU RIKA, E. de M. Men loPa rk ,Calif orni a M aj or:En gli sh Minor s:Educ ati onand Mu sic

MARGARETLEAN KENNEDY San Diego ,Ca lif or ni a Maj or :Soc iology Minor s:Educati onand Engli sh

1 1 9

MARY GEORGEK IN G ,E. de M. La Jo lla ,Cal iforn ia

Maj or :Fre nch Min or :Hist or y



San Be rn ar di no ,Cal iforn ia Maj or :Socio logy Minors: Psy cho logyan d Spanish

1 2 0

CAROL ANNKUPI LIK,E. de M. San Diego ,Ca liforn ia Maj or :Englis h M inor :Educa tion

MARIE ELAINE LANGE Mon rovia ,Ca lif or nia

Maj or :Soc iolo gy Minor :Economics

1 21

MARYDE BO RAHDUGANLOUI E,E.d eM. Los Angele s, Cal ifo rnia Maj or :Ph ilo sophy M inor : French and La tin

KATH LEENELLENMcGAR RY Oak land ,Cal ifo rnia

Maj or :En gli sh M inor :Hi sto ry

1 2 2

ANNMCGOWAN, E. de M. La Jo lla ,Ca lif or nia

Maj or :Bio logy Min or :Fre nch

GLOR IA ANNEMULLEN Pasa de na ,Ca lif orni a Maj or :Hi sto ry

Minors:Spanis h and Ed uc ati on

MARY ELEONO REO 'DO NNELL San Fra nci sco ,Cal ifo rn ia Maj or :Engli sh Minor s:Fre nch an d Ed ucati on

JOYCE MAR GUER ITEO'HA RA War nerSp rin gs ,Ca lif or nia

Maj or :En gli sh M inor :Fr ench

PAULA HENR IETT A DEA NPATCH ET T San Diego ,Ca lif orni a

Maj or :Soc iology M in or :Educati on

RUTHANN PA TT ER SON, E. de M. So uth Pa sad ena,Calif orni a Maj or :Soc iology M in or:Psycholog y

1 2 5

CARLOT TAW . PE RKINS,E. de M. Oxn ar d,Calif or ni a Maj or :Art Minor s:En gl ish and Educ ati on

KAREN JEAN PERL OWSK I San Diego ,Cal ifo rnia Maj or :Ch emistry Min or :Math emati cs


San Diego , Calif orni a Majo rs:Span ishand It al ian M inor :La tin

EM ILY CATH ER INE PU GH Co rona do ,Ca lif or ni a Maj or :Engli sh M in or:Educ ati on

PAUL ETTETHERESE SA NTO S Hon ol ul u,Haw ai i Maj or :Socio log y M in or :Educ ati on

CLAIRE MAR IE FO K-TUNG SCHELL San Diego ,Cal iforn ia Maj or :Art M in or :Ed uc ati on

1 2 8


San Diego ,Ca lifornia Maj or :Ph ilo sophy Minor s:Educ ati onand Engli sh


Co lum bia,So uth Ca ro lina Major :Soc iolo gy Minor :Educ ati on


JO ANBO NN IESUBERT San Diego ,Ca lif or ni a

Maj or : Soci ology M in or:Educ ati on

DONNARITA SUCCET TI San Diego ,Cal iforn ia

Maj or :Socio log y M inor :Ed uc ati on

1 3 0

MARY JANE TIER NAN , E. de M. San Diego ,Calif orni a Maj or :Engli sh M in or:La tin

BEVERLYOLGA WAHL San Diego ,Ca lif or ni a

Maj or :Englis h M in or :Hi sto ry

1 31

MARCIA LOUISE WES T San Diego , Cal iforn ia Maj or :Hist or y M inor :Educ ati on

MARY ADELIN ED. WILLIAMS,R.N. El Ca jon ,Cal ifo rnia

Maj or :Nur si ng Minor :Socio logy

1 3 2



Vi sta ,Ca liforni a Maj or :Nursin g M in or :Philosop hy

SENIOR CLASS Co nvocati onin Septemb ermight well have been ca lle d "N ew Faces of 1957", st arti ng the class of '61 on their way in a se rie sof hi t pe rfo rman ces he ld over fo r fo ur yea rs. Fr eshma nYea r . . . cap s an d gown s, wideeyes and "We 'l lnever ma ke it to 1961 " .. .Ma ss of th e Ho lyGho st. .. Pe rn ican o'spiz za and Os ca r's"ba by bu rger s"dis cove red. . . Fes ta pe r Am ice an d th e hu nt fo r Mar ci a's house th ro ug h Missio n Hill s. .. Fr eshma nsupp er -dan ce an d br un ch. . . str ai nsof "P ir at esof Pe nz an ce". . . Senio r- Fre shm anpicnic . .. the Fo lli es an d "Somebo dyUp There Lik es Me" . . . "W ho? " is the qu es tio n,wi th his tory, Engli sh , an d sci enc e requ iremen ts . . .such od di tie sas term pa pe rs. .. always time forga ther ­ ings with big-sis ters , picnic s, beach parti es , Rich ie' sand Hap py Hour . . . a big yea r with sp irit the key­ no te . . . str angene ss tem pe redwith un ity and the hel pof Mot he rFu ray . Now wise to th e ways of the wor ld ,as soph om or eswe tu rn edto ou r li tt lesis ter s toim partsage wo rds of wi sdom.Mot herCam pb el l's las t an d best yea r . . . or at lea st on e shewill nev erf o r g e t .. . gre at er su rg e of sp irit than eve r . . . Pom-Pomsan d foot ba ll game s . . .Liz , Barba ra , Jil l, Sus ie an d Ba rry as "o u r"first song -le aders. .. sp ir itin mor e im po rt an th ings withda ily Mas s andHo lyHou rs. . Fel icit asPa rk an d the Ha llowe enMi xer . . . de co ra tin g for Home coming . . . Wel fa re . . .po or bas kets as our Th an ks gi v­ in g . .. "G ir lfr om Mon ta na " an d a first in th e now tr ad it io na lUn ive rsi tymu sicals . .. Le fty 's pre- Lente n luxu ry. . . symp honie san d Sp ring Si ng . . .So phom oreSe ren ades . . .more term pa pe rs and exams . . ."W il lwe ever ge t used to th em ?". . . th e Ba l des Fl eurs and fans to wa ve off the th reat en ­ ing clo ud s. . . no ne thel es s a succe ss to end a yea r of th e same. The "ea sy li vi n' "of summer tim eende d ab rupt lywh en we re tu rn edto fac e the many ac tiv iti esan d pr oj ec tspl anne dfor ou r Ju ni or year. "Can you be lieve it ? "W e' reuppe rcla ssm en !"... a new do rm and a new expe rie nc efo r Mot he rSha ffer . . .af te r th e se ren ityof a bo ar di ngsch oo l .. . an ot he r"n ew " with Ca rol as pr es iden t. . . accomp anyin greno va tio ns in outlo oks. . .ha rves tmo on s,lo fty tep ees and In dian Summe r in trod uc in g th e yea r at ou r Aut umn In fo rm al... a reco rd -b reak ing danc ewith many go od res ult s. . . Ju ni or sseen back stage and on stag efor the ann ua lCh ris tmasP ag ean t. . .the Bish op 's pa rty . .. cig ar ett es gi venup fo r th e Fo rmosa fu nd. . .an d, from the sub lim e to th e rid icul ou s, stu ffed an imalsgiv en up to th e Toy Box Drive. . . al l in th e tr ue sp ir itof the Ch ris tmassea son . . .much sp ri ng term activ ity . . . the "l uxury " lin er U.S.S. Ca nb er ra. . . long face s on "t hedut y"ni gh ts . . . T.G. I.F.- ing . . . more soun dsof wed di ngbel ls tha n eve r befo re (o r af te r) . . . th e Gra d- Prixto Snow Whi te and he r seve n . . . Pa lm Sp rin gs ,Hot el de l Buena Vi sta and "Requi em for a HummingBird" . . . "Scooby-D oo"an d un fo rg et ta bl e fash ionshow ingfor "L a Vie En Ro se" . . .Spr in gSi ng and fu n poked at the "m ix ,mingl eand have a ba ll" mi xers. . . "A ro un dthe Wor ldin Tw en tyYea rs "as pr ophe cyto the gr ad ua tin g Seniors . . . we ekendsat T . an d C. and an end to a busy , fu ll yea r. As rec ollec tionsmove ah ea d,we come to th e gr ea tly an tic ipat edend of the ro ad , ou r Senior yea r. Face s no long er new . . .Mot he rMcShane's six th anni ve rsa ry. .. a new pr es iden twith Ma ry Ja ne . . . and wi th J.F .K. . .. "A matur ewoman of th e wor ld—Who ? Me? " . . . insti gatio nof the "B ro th er " sys­ tem . . .more un ity with the Men 'sCo llege. . . "I f I had to be a Fre shm an again I' d on the band-w agonfo r our pre -el ectio nmixe r . . .bu nt in g dr ap ed ar ou nd the bu ild ingfr om ladd er s of pre­ ca rio ushe ight s . . . ra lli esat the La rk and in tens efo ot ballsp ir it. . ."May benext ye ar ". . . he lp fo r the Tiju an aor ph an ag e an d "O le "fo r the bullf igh ts. . . "H ar ve y" the pook a. . . al l so rts of th ingsseen at the Hi tch cock Hop . . . on e ra ther char redbronco at th eHome comi ng ral ly . . . vis ion s offo ot ba llheroe s and ou r Home comi ngQuee nand Senior Prince ss . . .show er -si ng ing and ot he r revers ionsto ch ild ho od . . ."10 0 Wa ys of Cel eb ra tingTw en ty-Fi rstBirt hd ay s" . . . Senio r pict ur es and no com m e n t. .. th e A.S.B. pa rty , Pa ge an tand Bi shop 'sBal l at Ch ris tmas. . . "b or rowed " pi ne con es and rec eiv ingline eti ­ qu et tefo r the Ch ris tmasFo rmalat the Co rona do. . . holy ho urs . . . the tal k by Fa ther Ive rs . . . ca rd parti es ,a len gthy va rie ty show and rugg ed rug by game s. . . achi ng muscle s from pra cti ces for "G ir l from Ja zz town". . . less on pl an san d red penc ils . . .more exams and "I 'm st ill no t used to th em ". .. Un ive rsity Bal l . . ."Pom pand Ci rcum sta nc e" and th e long dec isive wa lk down th e cente r of ou r chapel . . . memo ries. .. fou r yea rs we ll sp en t. . .kn ow ledg ega ined . . .kn ow ledg eyet to ga in . .. ca rry ingwith us ou r di re ct ionan d sp irit . . . ce rta in ,now, of Moth er Mc Shane 'squ ot efrom Emerson . . ."W hatyou ar e shou ts lo ud er tha n wh at you sa y" . . . an tic ipat ion, sad nessand a li tt le fear . . . but mostly grat itu de . . .

ADMINISTRATION REVEREND MOTHER ROSALIE HILL, L.H.D.. . . ..... .... Honorary President MOTHER FRANCES DANZ, Ph.D. .... .. ...... . . . .. .... .. .. ... .... . President MOTHER GENEVIEVE CLARKE, M.A.. ......... . . . .... ... .... Vice-President MOTHER M. AIMEE ROSSI, Ph.D.. . . ........ ..... ... . .. ........ ... ... Dean MOTHER SUZANNE DE LEON, A.B. .... ... .. . ... .. ..... .. ....... Treasurer MOTHER MARIELLA BREMNER, Ph.D............................ Registrar FACULTY Instructor in Art History B.A., Northwestern University; M.A., Columbia University; further gradu- ate study, University of Southern California and Harvard University. P. BRUNO BRAGATO Instructor in Classical Languages and Italian Ph.D., University of Padua. /EANNE BRINK Instructor in French B.A., Brevet d'enseignement du francais aux etrangers, Alliance Francaise, Paris; M.A., University of Montreal. MOTHER MARIELLA BREMNER Professor of French and Psychology B.A., Manhattanville College of the Sacred Heart; M.A., Ph.D., Loyola University, Chicago. ELEANOR CHRISTENSEN Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences B.A., Ph.D., Stanford University. MOTHER GENEVIEVE CLARKE Librarian B.A., M.A., Certificate of Librarianship, Loyola University, Chicago. MAY A. CLARKE Reference Librarian B.A., Certificate in Neo-Philology, University of Munich. PAULA L. COTTAM Instructor in English B.A., M.A., San Diego State College. PAUL /. CURRAN, /R. Instructor in Journalism B.S., Fordham University; M.A., New York University; additional gradu- ate work: University of Paris, University of Heidelberg, and San Diego State College. MOTHER FRANCES DANZ Professor of MicrobiologJ' Diploma, Providence School of Nursing, Seattle; B.S. in Nursing Edu– cation, San Francisco College for Women; Ph.D., Stanford University. PATRICIA DONNELLY Instructor in Biology B.A. and M.A., University of Wisconsin; additional graduate work at same. FLORENCE M. FARRELL Supervisor of Elementary Student Teaching B.A., Graduate Study, San Diego State College. MOTHER BERNICE FARRENS Professor of Biological Sciences B.A., Linfield College; Oregon; M.A., Ph.D., Stanford University. MOTHER SALLY FURAY Associate Professor of English B.A., Duchesne College, Omaha; M.A., San Francisco College for Women; Ph.D., Stanford University. GRACIELA MIRANDA GRAVES Instructor in Spanish M.A., Columbia University; Ph.D., University of Havana. MOTHER MARGARET GUEST Associate Professor of Education B.A., Seattle University; M.A., Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley. MILDRED CECELIA HAGAN Instructor in Education B.S., M.A., Teachers College, Columbia University; Graduate Study: Uni– versity of Southern California, University of California, and Purdue University. ROZETTA E. HILL Instructor in Art B.S., Cleveland School of Art, M.A., Western Reserve University. FRANK HOWARD Assistant Professor of Physics and Mathematics B.A., University of California, Los Angeles; M.S., Scripps Institute of Oceanography; Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles. MARCIA BOWMAN KLEIN Instructor in English B.A., M.A., University of Oregon; two years graduate work, University of Illinois. HENRY KOLAR Instructor in Violin B.M., DePaul University; M.M., Northwestern University. FRANCES KOROMY Instructor in English B.A., University of California, Berkeley; Graduate studies: University of California, Columbia University, the Sorbonne in Paris. /ULIA G. ANDREWS


MOTHERN IRENE _LAWRENCE Associate Professor of Social Sciences B.A., San Francisco College for W omen; M.A., Ph.D., Stanford University. RUDOLPH MARTIN LIPPERT Instructor in Astronomy and German B.A., Albright College, Reading, Penn., F.R.A.S., Fellow of Royal Astro– nomical Society of Great Britain, Fellow of British Interplanetary Society, Fellow of International Stellar Society. HELEN M. LORCH Instructor in History B.A., graduate study, San Diego College for Women. JOHN J. LYNCH Instructor in Mathematics and Philosophy B.A., St. Joseph's Seminary, New York; M.A., PhD., Fordham University. KATHRYN M. MARKEY Supervisor of Secondary Student Teaching B.A., University of California at Los Angeles; M.A., Claremont College. MOTHER CATHERINE McSHANE Professor of History B.A., Duchesne College; M.A., Loyola University, Chicago; Ph.D., Uni– versity of California at Berkeley. IDA L. MERCADO Instructor in Physical Education B.S., San Diego College for Women. MOTHER AGNES MURPHY Professor of Philosophy and History B.A., Barat, Lake Forest; M.A., Loyola University, Chicago; Ph.D., Catho- lic University of America. GERDA OKERLUND Associate Professor of English B.A., M.A., Ph.D., University of W ashington. MOTHER GERTRUDE PATCH Assistant Professor of English B.A., M.A., San Francisco College for Women; Ph.D., Stanford University. MOTHER MARGARET REDMAN Professor of History and Political Science B.A., San Francisco College for Women; M.A., Ph.D., Stanford University. MOTHER MARGARET REILLY Professor of Education and Psychology B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Loyola University, Chicago; Graduate Study at the Illinois Institute of Juvenile Research. MARJORIE ROHFLEISCH Instructor in Music B.A., Pomona College; Graduate study, University of California, Mills College, San Diego State College. MOTHER AIMEE ROSSI Pro fessor of Edrtcation B.A., M.A., Loyola University, Chicago; Ph.D., Stanford University. JOSEPH RYER Instructor in Philosoph;• B.A., Iona College, New York; M.A., further graduate work, University of Toronto. MOTHER ALICIA SARRE Professor of Romance Languages B.A., Barat College, Lake Forest; M.A., Marquette University; Ph.D., Stanford University. MOTHER AGNES SCHMIT Professor of Chemistry B.A., University of South Dakota; M.S., St. Louis University; Ph.D., Stanford University. MOTHER PATRICIA SHAFFER Instructor in Chemistry B.A., San Francisco College for Women; M.S., Stanford University. KARENA SHIELDS Instructor in Social Sciences B.S. in Education, San Jose State College; B.A., University of Southern California; M.A., University of Mexico. TATIANA I. V ACQUIER Instructor in _French B.A., University of St. Petersburg (Now Leningrad) ; M.A., Ph.D., Um– versity of Wisconsin. HENDRIK JAN VAN DER WERF Choral Director Studies at the University and Conservatory of Utrecht, Holland, and at the University of Perugia, Italy. B. R. VAN VLECK A ssistant Profes~or of Speech and The~tre Arts B.A., San Jose State College; M.A., Stanford Umversity; G_raduat~ Studies: University of California at Berkeley, and Stanford Rad10 Institute. RUTH K. WALCH ' Instructor in Microbiology B.A., University of California at Berkeley; Graduate studies: University of California at Los Angeles. HENRY WILSON Instructor in Economics B.A., West Virginia State University; M.A., University of W isconsin; graduate studies: University of California at Los Angeles. MOTHER SUZANNE WILSON Assistant Librarian B.A., San Francisco College for Women; M.A., Ph.D., Stanford University. MIMI ZOLEZZI STANLEY Instructor in Mathematics B.A., San Diego College for W omen; M.A., Fordham University. ASSISTANTS MOTHER MARY ANNE CHASE HENRIETTA WILTZ/US GENEVIEVE SUBERT Two graduate nurses in residence. Secretary to the President Receptionist Receptionist


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