Alcalá 1956

* « W I

Founders' Issue First Edit ion 1952-1956


San Diego College for Women SanDiego Cali fornia

Dedic ation.. .

Th is 1956 Fi rs t an d Fo un di ngIssu eof ALCA LA, we ded ic at e to you , who hav e ded ic at ed all your wo rks to Godfor us : "Tha t all may be one" ,

To our we ll-b elovedBishop , Most Re ve ren d Cha rl esF. Bu dd y, D.D., who ha s be en ou r Fat he r in thes e found ing years, whose char ity , guid an ce ,an d en co ur ag emen t, br idge d th e years be tweenplans andreal ity , who susta ins th e eff ort s of tod ay ,an d urges us to bear in mind th at we "a re doin g a gr ea t wo rk an d ca nn otcome down" . . .

His Excell ency, Most Rever end Charl es F. B udd y,D.D ., Bishop of San D iego

T o those whose vision foresaw a great work to hedone for God . . .

for you r exampl e has ta ugh tus this ideal way of lif e, "byHim,wi th Him, an din Him" —th e Sac redHea rtof J esu s.

To our dea rly lov edRe ve rendMot he r Rosa lie H il l, S.V., who se st ro ng gu iding sp ir it pl an ne d,bu ilt an dor ga ni ze dour coll ege , and wh os ege nt le , compe lli ng sp iri tha s impa rted to us th e de pthof he r own lov e an d loy alty, sinc ethe radi anceof Chris t'slif e shinesfo rth in al l herwa ys . . .

Rever end Mothe r Rosalie Hill, S.V., Vic ar of the We stern Vicariate

Assoc iateEdi to rs :

Le an nMahon ey , Carol Fa rr el l,Vi rgi niaRode e

Art Ed it or s:

Pa tri ci aPe rd ue ,Ar lene Glenn, Cec ile Ra ini er

BusinessMan ag er :

Ev el ynTea ch ou t

Phot ogra phyEdi to r:

Ju di thMon ah an

Staff Assis tan ts:

Dor ot hyWaw rzy nskiTex, Bar ba raGan no n,Ju dy Bra nnan ,Ca ro l Reilly , Ann Aggel er, Bever ly O 'Con no r,Moir eMah on ey ,Ce cil ia Mer ino,Ana Lu isaMor le tt,Mimi Zolezzi.

FoundationDays Al thoughth e SanDi ego Col leg e for Wom enis on lyfour year s old , yet it has a tra di tio nof on e hu nd re dan d fifty-five years . In 194 2, Hi s Excel lency, Most Rev er en dCha rle sF. Bu dd y, D.D ., Bis hop of San Di ego, invi ted Rev er endMothe r Ro sal ie Hi ll, Su perio rVicar of th e Wes ter nVicar iat e of the Re lig iou s ofth e Sacr edHea rt , to un de rtak e the founda tio nof a wom an 'sco lle ge in his di oc es e.De fin ite plan s wer e begu n in 1946.

TheSan DiegoCo llege for Women wa s founde don Oct ob er20, 1949, an d ch ar te re dDecembe r2, 1949. Wo rk had al ready begu n on th e la rge me sa ,Al cal a Pa rk, ce nt rallyloca tedin th e cit y of San Diego , and plan s for the co ns truct ionwer e und erway. Thenext twoyea rs wer e sp en t in bu ild ingop erations .On Ja nu ar y31 , 1952, th e first members of th e stafftook up resid enceat Alca la Pa rk. Cla sse s werebegu nFeb ru­ ary 11 , 1952, w itha small gr ou pof stud en ts,wh ich ha s stea di lygrown in numbe rs .

Tem por arychapel, Sep temb er, 1952.Mary Kathlee n Eb y, Eleanor Y. La Pay

First Full t ime stud ents , Februa ry11, 1952. Marta Rem es, Mary Hall, His Excellency, Most Rever end Charle s F. Bud dy, D.D., Joan Hall, Allison Smith.

A rc h it e c t, San D ie g o C o ll e g e for Women , Mr. FrankL. Hope , A lA , His Excellency, Most Rever end Charl es F. Bud dy, D.D., Mrs. Frank L. Hope.

First registrat ion, Fe bruary 9 , 1952. Mary Kathleen Ehy , Mary W eb b, Helen W . Fallon, Mother M. Bremncr , Sister M. Cle me nt, Sister M. Angela, Eleanor Y . La Pay, Mary Jane Hall Weisl er, Clara J. Brisco.

Gradu ation, June 1st,1954, The atr e.

. 7 ^ S V ill *£ » * k

>4, Chap el.

First Grad uate s, June 1st, 1954. Kathleen McGonig le,.Elsa Quir oz, R.N., His Excellen cy, Most Reverend Charles F. Bud dy, D.D. , Therese Truitt Hanafin, Mary Binggeli, Jean Rube l, R.N.

Gradu ates, May 29, 1955. Mary Scott, Ru th Jimen ez, Lillian Jimenez, Constan ce J. Salerno r ,l tcs, .\l y , , . .\l r c tt. lli i e ez, illian i enez, o stance J. Salerno.

Officersof Admin istration

Rev er endMot he rRosal ieHil l Mot he r Cat her in e Pa rks Mot he r Gen evieve Cla rke

Hon or ar yPr es id en t

Pr es id en t

Vice-Pr es iden t

Mot he rAime e Rossi

Dea n

Mot he r Suza nn e de Leon Mot he r Mar iella Br emne r

Tre as ur er Regis trar


Moth erMari ell aBrem ner Profe sso r ofFr en chan d Ps ycholo gy A.B. Man ha tta nv ill e Co lle geof the Sa cr edHea rt ,New York; M.A. Loyo la Unive rsi ty,Chi ca go ;Ph .D . Loyo la Uni ve rs ity , Ch icago, Ill inois . Moth erSusan Campb el l As sis tan tProfe sso rof En gl ish A.B. Duc he sn eCo lle ge ,Om ah a, Neb ra sk a;M.A. St an fo rd Un ive rsi ty;Ph .D ., Stanf or d Uni versi ty . Moth er Gen ev ieve Cla rk e Lib ra ri an A.B. Loyola Un ivers ity ,Chic ag o; M.A. Loyola Un iver sit y, C h ic ag o , I l l in o i s ; C e rtific a te in L ib rari an sh ip , Loyoi a Un ive rsi ty. May A. Clark e Re fe renc eLibra ri an A.B. Un iver sit y ofMun ich ; Cer tific at e in Neo-P hil olo gy ,Un i­ ver sityof M un ich. Moth er Franc es Dan z,R.N . Ass oci ateProfe sso r ofBiologi cal Sci en ce Di ploma , Provi de nc e Schoo l of Nu rsi ng , Seat tle , Was hi ng ton; B.S. in Nu rsi ngEduca tion, San Fr an ci sco Col lege for Wom en ; Ph .D . Stanf or dUn ive rsi ty. Jos ephK. Doli va In st ru ct or in Art an d Archi tect ur e B.S. Univ ersit y ofPe nn sy lva ni a; M.A. Archi tectur al Engin ee r­ ing , Ec ole Po lv techni que,Un ive rsi tyof War saw,Po land . Fl oren ceM. Fa rr el l Su pe rv iso r ofStu dentTea chin g A.B. San DiegoSta teCo llege . Moth er Bem ice Farrens As sis tan t Prof ess or of Bio log ica l Sc ienc e A.B. Lin fie ld Co lle ge , Orego n; M.A . St an fo rd Unive rsity ; Ph .D . Stan fo rd Un iver sit y. Moth er SallyFura y In st ru ct or in En gl ish A.B. Duc he sn eCo lle ge ,Omah a,Neb ra sk a;M.A . San Fra n­ cisco Co lle gefor Wom en ;Ph .D .St an fo rdUn iver sit y. Mot he r Mar ga re t Gue st In st ru ct or in Edu ca ti on A.B. S ea ttl eUniversity , Sea ttl e, Washing to n;M.S . Unive rsi ty of Cal ifo rniaat Be rke ley ;Ph .D .Uni ve rs ityof Cal ifor ni a.

Mot he r Hel enHamma ck , R.N. In st ru ct or in Chemist ry , Mathemat ics Dip loma,St. Ma ry' s Ho sp ita lSchool of Nu rsi ng ,San Fr an ­ cisc o; A.B. SanFr ancis coCo lle gefor Women; Gra du at e work St an fo rdUn ive rsi ty;M.A. San Fr an ci sco Coll ege for Women . Mot he r Lucill e Kraemer In st ru ct or in Mus ic A.B. San Fr ancis co Co lle ge for Women ; M.A. Stan fo rd Un ivers ity . Mot he rMad el ei neLambin In st ru ct or in Fr en ch Br evet el em en ta ire , Sacr eCo eu r,Lil le, Fr ance; A.A. Loyola Un iver sit y, Chic ago, Illi nios. Mot he rIr en eLa wrenc e In str uc torin Soci al Scie nces A.B. San Fr anci sco College for Wom en ; M.A. Stanfor d Un ive r­ sit y; Ph .D .St an fo rdUn ive rsi ty. Mothe r Lor ra in e Law renc e Assoc iatePro fess or of Physic al Scien ces A.B. Bar atCo lle ge , Lake For es t, Illi noi s; M.S. Mar quet te Uni­ ve rsi ty, Milw aukee,Wisconsin ;Ph .D .Ca thol icUn ive rsi tyof Am eri ca. Mot he rAgnesMur ph y • Assoc iatePro fes sorof Philoso phy A.B. Ba ra t Coll ege, Lake Fo rest,Illi noi s;M.A. Loyol aUn ive r­ sit y, Chi ca go ;Ph.D .Cath ol icUn ive rsi tyof America. Dav idNvva ll, Jr. Ch or alDire ctor a nd In st ru ct or in Piano St ud ies atUn ive rsi ty ofWas hing ton,Un ive rsi ty ofMinn esot a; B.M. Am eri can Co nserva toryof Mu sic , Ch icago , Illi nois; M.M. Am eri can Con servato ry of Mu sic , Chica go . Mot he r Cat her in e Park s Pro fes sor ofEdu ca tio n A.B. San Fr an ci scoCo llegefor Wom en ;M.A. Loyol a Un ive r­ sit y, Chi ca go ;Ph.D .Un ive rsi tyof Calif orniaat Be rke ley. Mot he r Mar ga re t Redman Assoc iatePro fess or ofHi sto ryan d Po liti calSc ien ce A.B. San Franc isco Coll ege for Wom en ; M.A. Stan ford Un iver­ sit y; Ph. D . Stan ford Un ive rsi ty. Mot he r Aimee Rossi Pro fes sorof E du ca tio n A.B. Lo yo la Un ive rsi ty,Chica go ,Illinoi s; M.A. Loyol a Un i­ ve rsi ty,Chi cago ;Ph.D . Stan fordUn ive rsi ty. Mot he r RitaRy an Assistan tLib rarian A.B. Bar atCo lle ge ,Lake Fo rest ,Illi noi s;M.A. San Fr an ci sco Co lle gefor Wom en. Mot he rAlic ia Sa rr e Pro fes sorof Roma nceLa ng ua ge s A.B. Bar at Col leg e, L ak e For es t, Illin ois ; M.A. Marqu ette Un i­ ve rsi ty ,Milw auke e,Wi sco nsi n;Ph .D .St an fordUn ive rsi ty. Mot he r Susa nn e Wilson Assista nt Prof essor of Roma nce Lan gu ag es A.B. San Fr an ci scoCo llegefor Wom en ;M.A. Stan fo rdUn i­ ve rsity; Ph .D . Stan fordUn ive rsi ty. STU DENT COUNSELORS Mothe rDan z Senio r Cl ass Mot he rWilson Juni orCl ass Mot he r Campb el l So phomore Class Mot he r Fur ay Fr es hm anCl ass

S;~t~ ulEGO cowca ft>fl 'iVOt~EN


, .



JACQUELINE ANNE KEARNS, E. de M. 213 South B Street, Madera, California Convent of the Sacred Heart, Menlo Park, California

Student Body President for two years, Jackie could always be counted on to make decisions based on principle and to lend a helping hand wherever one was needed. A wide range of

interests including world affairs made her a · history major. A knowledge of practicalities plus adaptability and perseverance made her invaluable on stage light crews all four years.

Major: History Minor: French

ELAYNE B. LANGENIEUX, E. de M. 444 South Euclid Avenue, Pasadena 2, California Mayfield, 500 Bellefontaine, Pasadena, California

President of the Children of Mary for two years and organizer of the Student-Sacristans organization, Elayne has been an example of sincerity and devotion to duty. Her quick Major: History Minor: Sociology

wit makes her fun to have in any group and enables her to win all contests. Combining a love of history and a love of people, she hopes to teach history on the high school level.

KAROLEE URSU LA KUBAN 604 Catalina Street, Laguna Beach, California Laguna Beach High School, Laguna Beach, California

as was ev id en ce d by he r elec tio n to the presi­ de nc yof th e Se nior Cl ass. Mu sic Cl uh and C h o r a l C la s sha ve b e e nh e r pr e fe rr e d ac tiv iti es .

Com ing to us in he r jun ior ye ar from St. Mary 's, South Bend , Ka rolee br ought wi th he r allhe r vit al in ter es tin pe op lean d th ings , Majo r: Soc iology Minor : Home Economics

MARY LOUISE TU RN ER , M. 201 East Stocker Street, Glendale, California Mayfield, Pasadena, California

aff air swe re a suc ces sbe ca us e ofhe r pe rvad ­ ing cha rm ; our po sters andsp iri tualbo uq ue ts ha ve nearl y all been ha llm arked by th e "T ur ne r tou ch".

From he r first day at SD CWMary'swi nn ing smile and ar tis ticha nd hav e been indi sp en ­ sable ass ets to campu slif e. No stag e cr ew could ha ve fu nc tio ne dwith ou t he r; soc ial

Majo r: Soc iology Mino r: Ed uc at ion

MARY AGNES BE UTE L 4530 54th , San Diego 1 5, California St. Joseph's Academy , St. Paul, Minnesota

Mary cameto us in he r senior ye ar from Ari­ zona . Her ch armingen thus ia sman d wa rm Major : Educ at ion Mino r: Art

pe rsonal ityha ve en dea re dher to all. We wi sh her ev er y joy in he r te aching profession.


ABB1E ANN C OMEA UX 3327 Fortieth Street, San Diego 5, California John Francis Polytechnic, Los Angeles, California

an d an activ emem be r ofCDAgiv e evide nc e of he r suc ces s. Tha t sh e may succeedmo re an dmore in he r Chr is toph er work is ou r wish an d pr ay er .

In terest in soc iol ogy an d Cat ho licAct ion in he r pro fes sionalfield ha ve led Abb ie to su c­ ces s in her chosen work . Pres id en t of h e YCW Major : Soc iolo gy Mino r: Philoso phy

MARY ANN DALY, E. de M. 951 Oliver Avenue, San Diego 9, California St. Joseph's Academy, St. Louis, Missouri

that her talents have already been recognized by a San Francisco lawyer who employs her as legal secretary.

Since she was a year-round student at S.D.– C.W., Mary Ann has been sorely missed on the campus since February. But we are happy

Major: History Minor: English

MARGARET ANN FAHLSTROM, E. de M. 3166 Maple Street, San Diego 4, California Rosary, San Diego, California

Studious and efficient, Margaret has com– manded the respect of all as charter memher and president of the Science Club and as an

officer of the Children of Mary. May her long hours in the laboratories and her Salk term paper win her a scholarship for graduate work.

Major: Chemistry Minor: Biology

JOAN MARIE FENNELL, E. de M. 212 Hoffman Avenue, San Francisco 14, Cal,ifornia Notre Dame Academy, San Francisco, Cal,ifornia

Through a rare combination of high ideals and tolerance, Joan won the admiration of . Major: History Minor: Art

all students during her year at Alcala Park. Her friends rejoice at her choice of S.D.C.W. as Alma Mater.


FELICIA MARGARET FLYNN 677Alameda Boulevard, Coronado, California Coronado High School,_Coronado, California

Felicia's unstinting praise of Coronado should make her a valuable member of any Chamber of Commerce. But, whether she is singing the praises of Coronado bea.ches or making a Major: Sociology Minor: English

complex survey in sociology, Felicia is always enthusiastic and convincing. Her wide scope of interests and gay manner enliven all con– versations. Her sociology major points to a career in group-counseling.

BARB ARA ANN GANN ON 222 Washing ton Avenue,Vist a, California Acade my of the Little Flower , San Luis Rey , California

gi ve her a flair for or ch es tr at ion an d arr ang ­ ing, whi ch she ho pe s to mak e he r life's wo rk .

Bar ba rais a blen d ofun us ua l inte lligence and rel axed ch arm.Pr ac tic al ta le nt as a pi anist combi ne dwith a kn ow ledg e of music theo ry

Major : Music Minor : Econom ics

PATRI CIA ANN HALLAH AN 216 Via Koron, Li do Isle, New port Beach, California St. Andrew's, Los Angeles, California

Patri ci aha s th e remar ka bl e abili ty to ar riv e lei su rel ya t th e last mom en tan d ye t give th e Major: BusinessAdm inistra tio n Minor : Soc iolo gy

impre ssi on th at sh e ha s been th ere all th e tim e. Her ch ee ry char m ha s won Pa tri cia man y frien ds in he r year at S.D.C .W.

ANN CHAR LOTT E HODG E 3603 Buena Vista, San Diego 9, California Pine Ci ty High School, Pine Ci ty, Minnesota

A re la tiv enewc om erto ou r co lle ge ,Ann lost no tim e in en de ar ingherse lf to cl as sm at es . Pra ct ic eteac hi ngin Lin da Vi sta an d afte r­

noon cla ssesha vefilled he r sen iordays. How­ ev er ,sh e always foun dtim e to be a gracious ho st es s to re si de ntst ud en ts .

Major : Mus ic Minor : Edu ca tio n

MURIE L J. JACKSON 3110 F Street, San Diego 2, California St. Peter Claver , San Antonio, Texas

of the Make-U pCommitt eefor sta ge pro­ du ct ions . Mu riel left many fri ends at the co llegewho wish he r succe ssas a labor atory - techni ci an .

A Fe br ua rygr ad ua te ,Mur iel will lon g be remem be red for he r activ e in te re stin scien ce an d br idge .A r es iden tst udent,she also gave fre ely of he r tim e as a pe rm an en tmembe r Major : Biology Mino r: Chemis try

EVELYN FRANCES KRA IL 4861 Sixthy-ninth Place, San Diego 15, California St. Ma rys Springs Acad emy, Fond du Lac, Wiscon sin

at in g won he r the pr es id en t'soffice in the Dram a C lu b. An d, as a mu sic ma jor , she help ed to r ga ni zeth e Mus ic Clu b dur ing her seni orye ar an d se rvedon its coun cil .

Ev elyn 'sinf ec tiouslaug han d irr es is tib lepe r­ sona lityga ined for he r an ac ti ve part in all Co lle ge ac tiv iti es .Her ta lent for. impe rson - \l a jo r:Mu sic Minor: Ed uc at ion

LEANN BRIDGET MAHONEY 3705 Bancroft, San Diego 4, California Academy of Our Lady of Peace, San Diego, California

Wr iter and speaker par excellenc e, Leann has found ample opportunity to exercise her talents : as a member of t he Speaker'sBureau, as an officer in Stud ent Governm ent, and as a member of the Yearbook Staff. Taking time

out from a schedule heavy with practice- teach ing, this efficient scribe has been the official recorder of the Associated Students and senior editor ofALCALA. Te aching and a family rate high in her post -graduate plans.

Major: English Minor: Spanish

MARIE MAT HEW 4330 Merritt Boulevard, La Mesa, California Academy of Our Lady of Peace, San Diego, California

Aresident he r firsttwo years of college, Marie has long been known f or her ready coopera­ tion in all school activities. Her leadershipled her to a class office every year. Her sincere in-

teres t in all peoples has motiva ted her choice of a major in sociology, and her love of "little people" has inspired cadet-t eachingwith a kindergar tencareer in mind.

Major: Sociology Minor: Education

MARILY NN ROSE MAY ER 1245 Morado Place, Altadena, California Mayfiield, Pasadena, California

Lynnie 's first two years at the college found her active in class, drama tic, and athl etic activit ies. Proof that she was missed during her junior year was evidenced by he r prompt

election to the chairmanshipof the Speakers' Bureau upon her return in her senior year. Lynnie is an English major in the education program and hopes to teachafte r graduation.

Major: English Minor: Education

LYNN EVENSON McF ADDEN 2263 Commonw eal th Avenue, San Diego 4, California San Diego High School, San Diego, California

Poised and reserved in manner , Lynn man­ aged to fuse her duties as wife and student, Major: English Minor: Sociology

and to succeed remarkably well in both roles following her August marriage this pastyear.

JUDITH ANN MO NAHAN 764 Eucalyptus Avenue, Vista, California Academy of the Li t t le Flower , San Luis Rey, California

i oye! Judy, with a flair for everything Spanish, has combined her linguist ic abilit ies with a history major in order to prepare for acareer

in foreign service.Spanish studen ts of English call her "teacher, " but allthose who come in cont act with her genial smile call her friend.

Major: History Minor: Spanish

DIANE SINCLAIR OTIS, M. 312A Boxwood Road, Oceanside, California Mat/field, Pasadena, California

pered her active interest in school projects. Each production of the Drama Club has found Diane in a s tarr ingrole, and both class and student councils have benefited by her membersh ip.

Diane's wedding in th e early part of Septem ­ ber, 1955, drew many of her classmates to Pasadena to witness the military ceremony. Commuting from Oceanside has not ham- Major: Psychology Minor: Music

CRE SEN CIA PA DU A O . 736 South 35th Street, San Diego 13, California San Diego High School, San Diego, California

prac tice hours, she has found time to take part in dr amatic productions and to serve on the Hostess Committee. Post graduation plans are indefinite, but she hopes to utilize her musical training and linguist ic abili ties.

Transplanted from the Phil ippi ne Islands in 1947, Creseencia has firmly fixed her roots here in San Diego. An ac complished pianist , she quickly chose a music major. In between Major: Music Minor: Spanish

PATR ICIA LUCIL E PERDUE 1031 Le Roy Street, San Diego 6, California Academ y of Our Lady of Peace, San Diego, California

chores will be lightened by her artis try, as it is sure to deligh t herpupils . But just to prove that her talents are not confined to the Arts, Patr icia is an active member of the Science Club.

Paint brush in hand , Patricia couldalways be found direc ting the lates t arti stic endeavor . Dance decorations, posters, andour very own annual bear her signature. Her teaching Major: Art Minor: Education

THERE SE ANN Q UI NN 4609 Towne Circle,Minneapolis, Minnesota Holy Angels Academy, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Known to all for her ballad -singing and a green convertible , Terry transfer red to sunny California from Minneapolis, Minnesota, in

her junior year . She points with pride to her experience in college theatricals andhopes to put it to use in television.

Major : Sociology Minor : History

ARLINE LORRAIN E RA YMON D 4741 Panorama Drive, San Diego 16,California Acade my of Our Lad y of Peace , San Diego, California

teaching hours have left little leisure time, but Arline still manages to writ e poetry and to take an active part in Studen t Council and Hostess Committee functions.

In addition to an active role in the Drama Club, Arline has found time to direc t W.A.A. activi ties. Interest in sports led to supervision of P.E. classes in her junior year. Practice- Major: English Minor: Sociology

CA RO LMARG ARET RID DE LL 46149 Raseline, Highland, California St. Bernardine, San Bernardino, California

atori es shefrequently foundin a quick game of bridge or in laughing conversations on the patio. Graduat ework in chemis try is her desi re for the futur e.

Ah appy-go-lucky air tempered by a love of science makes Carol the beloved "all- round' girl that she is. Diversion from gruelling labor- Major : Chemistry Minor: Mathematics

PAU LA SABIN, E. de M. Quarters B, U.S. Naval Gu n Factory,Was hing ton 25, D. C. Immaculata Seminary, Washington, D.C.



Always stud ious , she was never so occupied tha t shecould not stop to put in a good word for the Navy.

Whethe r playing Queen Elizabeth in MARY OF SCOTLAND or telling of experience in Jap an, Paula is co nvincing and enthusiastic. Major : English Minor: Psychology

ELIZABETH ANN SMITH , E. de M. 9125 Wister Drive, La Mesa, California San Diego High School, San Diego, California

Quick to volunteer for any work to be done anywhere , Beth Ann has taken an active part in all school activities, from stage crews to Major: Chemistry Minor: Biology

Science Club . A budding scientist with a chemis try major and a biology minor, she hopes her many long hours inthe laboratories will fructify in a scientific career.

EDY THE JOHNSON SHE RID AN, R.N. 3761Promontory, San Diego 9 ,California Driscoll High School, Driscoll, North Dakota

The qui et graciousness of Mrs. Sheridan has endearedher to all of us. Wh ile we are going Major : Nursing Minor : Sociology

to miss her very much, our prayers followher in he r beau tiful profession.

MARIE MAGDA LEN E TERRY, R.N. 8661 Onalaska Drive, San Diego 17, California St. Patrick's Acade my, Sidney,Nebraska

Already a registered nurse , Mrs. Terry hopes to add to her laurels a teaching credential . Eve r sensitive to the troubles of those aro und Major : Nursing Minor: Sociology

her, she chose a sociology minor. Caring for her home and family top her list of "extra­ curri cular" activities.

DOROTHY WAWRZYNSKI TEX 3784 36th Street, San Diego 4, California La Jolla High School, ~a Jolla, California

drama club meetings. Dorothy gained her "Mrs." degree early this year, and .then re– turned on graduation day for her B.A. in English.

During her college career, Dot made her pres– ence known in many fields. Her rich alto voice was heard in choral, as well as at class and in Major: English Minor : Sociology

KATHLEEN WOLLSTEIN, E. de M. 408 East First Street, Rome, Georgia Sacred Heart Academy, Cullman, Awbama

Kathleen enjoys anything that promises fun and laughter. She has vitalized many a mixer and makes friends readily - perhaps it is her Major: Sociology Minor: Spanish

Georgia accent, or more probably her real interest in people. Never at a loss for words, Kathleen is everyone's friend.

BERNI CE PETT1D WR IG HT 3607 Pershing Avenue, San Diego 4,California St. Mary's Academy, Los Angeles, California

her through her academic career. May she now find leisure todeve lop her artist ic skills.

Our admirationwas aroused by this dynamic student, whose buoyant disposit ion carri ed Major: Education Minor: Art

Senior Class History Wide -eyed with the wonde r of being the first Freshman Class atthe San Diego College for Women, fifteen of t he present gradua ting class began the ir four-ye ar history of "b eing first." We were the first stud ents on the Alcala Park campus to be rece ived by Reverend Mothe r Rosalie Hill, founder and builder of the San Diego College for Women, to assist at a Mass of the Holy Ghost and to be invested with cap and gown. We wer e the first — and last — to entertainthe British Navy at a supper dance! When ReverendMot her Hill returned from Rome, we even exerci sed tri-location — we were at the station to meet her, we were at the fron t door to gree t her, and we used the theatre for the first time to receive her!!! Another "first" to our cre dit was our "Fresh­ man Follies." Encour aged by tha t success, we presented a unique (and fortunately, pri­ va te) inte rpre tationof THE MIKADO. Rut our production of the first annual Christmas Pageant enti tled "Christmas inMany Lands" was just as fort unately public, ifwe may judge from audience response. Our caroling was also begun tha t year, but on a small scale; already conscious of the Sacred Heart "fam­ ily" tradition ,we carolled the community by cand lelight one evening and next morning began the tradition of a surprise cap and gown Mass by way of saying "thank you" to our beloved faculty.

Ka rol ee Ku ban,pres ide nt,Ma rga retFa hls trom,Mar ie Mat he w

Stu dent Bod y, Se pt em be r, 195 2 From to p of stai rs: Rosem aryCastil lo ,Arl ine Ray ­ mon d, Ann Li sta , Fai th Br ow n, Le annMah on ey , Ka th lee nBrop hy ,Barb ara Ca nn on,Ma rga ret Fahl- str om , Rob bi e Hu tto n,Ast rid Vel as qu ez , Judy Mon a- ha n, Bar bar aBa ret ta,Mara Le e Cip ro,Ev el ynKra d Ma ry Bi ng gc li, Jacqu eli ne Ke arn s, Caro l R id de ll, Paula Sabin , Jane t Conte nt ,Ter ryTru it tHa na fin , Ka th lee n Mc Go nig le, El ayne La ng enieu x,Ma rie Mat he w ,Elsa Qui ro z,R.N. , Lil lian Jimen ez ,Ma ry Eby , Car olRe ill y,Don na Bo yd .

January 30, 1953 marked a "One-Year- Old Par ty" for the college, and shortly after that we elected our first studen t-body officers. As a studen t-bodywe institu tedFriday-night mixers, but then gave them up for Lent and for always, since by tha t time the academic aspect of c ollege life had asserted itself. We, the freshmen , did enterta in the upperclass- men, however, at a Valentine dance , and they reciproca ted on St. Patrick's day. A spring for­ mal in May and Pres ident's Day with games and a picnic on the athleti c courts brought this first tradit ion-making year to a memor­ abl e close. Wewent home burs ting with our importance as "FoundationStones".

Septembe r 1953 reunited the class of '56 with Mother Susan Campbel l as counselor and Leann Mahoney, JacquelineKearns, and Mary Tur ner as our first class officers. Ma de more thoughtful and prayerful by t he loss of Fai th Brown in sudden death, we began our year as sophomores, determined to

solidify Sacred Heart traditions in the college and to extend , them warmly to the"Li ttle Sisters" who joined us a s fre shmen .To ge therwe labored on our second an­ nual pageant, "Chri stmas in Merry Old England ," and to­

geth er we presented the first full-length drama to be staged in the college thea tre — Maxwell Anderson's "Mary of S cotland." But all by ourselves we sponsored and named the annual spring formal, the "Bal des Fleurs."

First Stu de nt Bo dy Offi ce rs :Mar y Bi ng ge li,Ka th­ leen McG on ig le,Joan Ha ll, Con st an ceJ. Sal ern o, R. N.

Regis tra tio n, Se pt em be r, 195 2. Se ate d: Ma rily n May er ,Ela yneLa ngen ieu x,Ma ry Tu rner;sta nd ing: Mary Ka thl een Eby ,Te rr y Tru itt Han afin , Dia ne Sinclai r O tis .

As Ju niors in 1954, many from our midst were elected to student -body offices and places on the Student Council. Jacqueli ne Kea rn sbec am est uden t- body pr es iden t; Leann Mahoney, corresponding secre tary; and Mary Turner,recording secretary. Mother Suzanne Wilson was our junior counselor ; Marie Mathew, Diane Sinclair, and Arline Raymond our class officers. Other members of the class began making a new record of "firsts.' Joan Erickson, Dorothy Wawrzynski, Lynn Evenson , Leann Mahoney, and Diane Sinclair announced that they were to be the first brides in the class. Accordingly, they were promptly fetedat a shower in the home

of Arline Raymond. Seniors at last in 1955,with Karolee Kuban, Marie Mathew, Jane Pett y, and Margaret Fahls trom leading us as officers, a nd Mother Frances Danz guidingus as counselor .. . Our first corporate act this year was to look hack over the years in a "Senior Swan Song." On this occasion we presented the student-body with wha t we thought was our last "first" — the music andwords for an Alma Mater! From that time on, we have no longer been the class of "firsts but the one that lovingly repeats, "This is the last dance we shall sponsor" — the Chri stmas Rail — and "th e last Faculty-Stu­ dent Partywe shall attend." But thanks to the

' Back row: Lil lian Jim en ez , Jack ie Kearns , Jane Pet ty , Ju dy Mo nah an, Ma ry Tu rn er ,Ka rol ee Ku ban, Ev ely n Krai l; first ro w: Joan Eri cks on Geis in g, Dia ne Sinclai rO ti s.

generosity of the Juniors, we discovered that there was yetone more"firs t"we could accom­ plish — the YEARBOOK! Knowing tha t we had been first from beginning to end , the Juniors invited us to join t hem in publishing the Founders Issue of The Alcala. What grea ter proof co uld we have tha t our college motto — "That AllMay Be One" — has been explained to us so fully and beaut ifully by Reverend Mother Hill — has been realized? At the end of our college years we stand "as one" — a concreteexample of the power, strength and sweetness of our college motto — "That all may be one" — given, and so beautifully explained by R.M. Rosalie Hill,

Ly nn Ev ens onMcFad den,Sha ronFl ahert y W ie r.

S . V .

V S r

Physi cal Ed uc at ion

Com men ce men t, 195 5. No ell eOno ra to ,Ly nn Sta nna rd, His Ex celle nc y,Mo st Reve ren d Ch ar lesF. Bud dy ,D .D.

Firs t Aw ar dsPr ogr am ,Ma y 20 , 1953 : V ir gi ni a Rodee , His Ex ce llency, Mos t Reve rend Cha rl es F. Bud dy , D.D ., Li di a Fo nc err ada M a tt so n ,P a tr ic iaK ea ne.

Th er es e Tru itt Hanafin Fir st Gra du at e to ma rry .




Ly nn Sta nnard , M ar y S cott ,H elen O' Co nn or . Gra du at es of Ma y 29 ,1 95 5.

Sar ah Par ker Kar r, R. N.

—Fir st gr ad ua teto go on to Gra du at e sch ool for Master's de gr ee .


I \


Junior Class History

"College at last!" was our thought as we wandered around in a maze of classrooms and laboratories in 1953. But, with the help of our counselor, Mother Frances Danz, we managed to amuse the upper-classmen with the portraits we painted of their future antics in our FRESHMEN FOLLIES.' Class officers that year were Valmere Dessert, Lidia Fon– cerrada, and Carol Farrell. Our sophomore year, under the guidance of Mother Susan Campbell and officers - Virginia Rodee, Carol Farrell, and Joan Young - was filled with memorable activities from dinner aboard Admiral Rodee's U.S.S. Prince– ton to the unforgettable thrill of the BAL DES FLEURS in May. We were saddened by the loss of Rosa Maria Molina that summer, but Colombian shores beckoned her. Charming to the end, she bid us all good-bye at a farewell tea at the La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club. Joan Young, Joann Wigchert, Lidia Foncer– rada, Joan Beretich, Gail Henderson, Eliza– beth Vopateck, Dale Tallman, and Noelle Onorato left us to be married, but they have kept their promise to keep in touch by corre– spondence. Those of us who are determined to "earn a B.A. or B.S. first" gathered at Evelyn Teachout's Chula Vista home for a reunion breakfast on graduation day in June.

Carol Farrell, president; Evelyn Teachout, Patricia Keane

Marion Rogers, Marian Hale, Rosanne Biane, Mary Jimenez.

With our newly acquired upperclass status, we launched our good ship S.S. Junior in grand style with Carol Farrell, PatriciaKeane, and Evelyn Teachout at the helm. The Har– vest Dance gave us our first opportunity to prove that we were seaworthy, and we passed with flying colors. Midterms, Christmas par– ties, and finals flew by with unbelievable speed. Helping "little sisters," retreat, another registration, Easter, and the ever-present work on the yearbook kept us so occupied that summer was suddenly upon us with a fashion-show luncheon, farewell parties, and all the promise of our SENIOR YEAR .. .

Rosemary Castillo, Patricia Hays, Alicia Palau, Antonieta Marin, Carol Reilly

Ma ry Lo u Zr ela k,R.N ., Dia nn e Tuc ke r, Can da ceHosme r, Mary Schaub , Suzan neTi lle tj; se at ed :Ruth Col lin s, Susa n Ro bin son.

Ros a Mar ia Mo lina, Vi rgin iaRod ee , Ros ann eBiane

Mar y Ea rle y,Pa tric iaShe eha n,Ber nad ineBu ssen, R.N. , Jac qu eli ne St ein ,Don na Ko pp , JudyBrannan; se at ed :Ei lee nDal e,R.N ., NormaMan sir, Virgi ni a Ro de e.


Sophomore Class History

As the Sophomores stand midway in their ascent up the ladder of college life, they glance back a t ahistory full of c lass activities and enthusi astic participat ion in school affairs. Following the election of permanen t offi­ cers in December, 1954, freshman-class life began at the San Diego College for Women. Guided by their counselor, Mothe r Sally Furay, and officers—VirginiaRauseh, Patricia

Gonzales, Ann Dyer, and Adrienne Kuhe — class members made plans for daily advance­ ment in spiri tual, intel lectual, and social endeavors. Aswimming and supper party, given Janu­ ary 9 by Arlene Glenn at her home in National City, united the class of '58 in its first off- campus activity. Feb ruary found freshmen roasting weiners at Presidio Park, and making plans for their first dance, "The Play's the Thing ," February 19. El Monte was the scene of the March picnic for freshmen and their date s. Georgia King e nte rtai ned the class at a buffet luncheon in the garden of her La Jolla home during April. Concludingthe excitement of final examin­ ations , the spring prom, and commencement exercises, the class of '58 gathered at Hotel del Charro in La Jolla for its class brunch, May 29. With its initiation ofa summe r news­ let ter , the class began a new tradition for freshmen at S.D.C.W. Retu rning to college as sophomores in Sep­ tember , 1955,class members devoted all their leisure time to helping "Littl eSisters." First on the calenda r of e vent s was a "Swim with the Sophomores" par ty at the Town and Count ry Clubin Mission Valley. A few weeks late r, the Freshman Class was asked to roller skat e with the sophomores at Palisades Roller

Jean Fe at he rs tone ,Ann Dye r, Ma ry Le e W ib le , Virg in ia R us ch ,pr es iden t.

Sharo nSmith , Barb araHa nn a, Gai lDe rrt j, Pat Coo k, Ro sa lie Par kman; se at ed :Barba ra Hen ey , Pa tric ia Ke ati ngBuc kl ey .


Tru dyCrampt on,Ba rba raV id a l,Mary Egge r,Mar y Be th Mc Gu rk,Ma ry Lou Spald ing ; se at ed: Pa tric ia Pr at t, Barba ra McG ow an ,Ar len eG le nn

Skating Rink. Class officers — Virginia Rausch, Ann Dyer, Jean Fea therstone, and Mary Lee Wible — with class counselor, Mothe r Susan Campbell, began planning anothe r full year for the class of '58. An e vening picnic, heldOctober 15 at Pepper Grove in Balboa Park, provided an opportunity for sophomores and thei r dates to demonst rate outdoor cooking skill. With the approach of the holiday season , the class once more gathered at Arlene Glenn's home for a buffet supper following the tradi tion Chri st­

mas pageant. The New Year brou ght resolutions for big­ ger andbetter class reunions. Patricia McNair was the first to make these dreams come true. The weekend following the annua l retreat, she invited all her classmates for two days of snow-filled fun at Crestline in the San Bernar­ dino Mountains. All atten tion and talents were then focused on Sophomore Serenades and the BAL DES FLEURS, the annual events which the Sophomores sponsor as a final tribute to the graduatingclass.

Caro l T ru xa w, Cec ile Ra inier, Ann e Ag ge ler , MaryBo rba ,Rose Mar ie Ghio

Devona Crise, Hilary Broad, Mary Reh; seated: Barbara Carlisle, Anita Velazquez, Patricia Brown

Beverle Bell, Patricia Wohlgemuth, Sandra Jelinek; seated: Georgia King, Patricia McNair, Gael Lauff

n I

Barbara Rogers, Beverly O'Connor, Nancy Adams, Jane Lauerman; seated: Adoracion Remo, Betty Francis, Patricia Welch


Claire Ehlers, Gloria Ravettino


FreshmanClass History As we stood there at the bottom of the ladder , it looked like a long climb. With the help of our class counselor, Mother Furay, the freshman class soon began to rise. Fort­ nightly officers were systematical ly elected unti l our final voting in December, when Sandy Schwarzman took up the gavel, aided by Angel Kraemer, Pat Mulcahy, and Mar­ gare t Farrell.

sisters" was completed , but their help was not dispensed with , for our first midte rms were fast approaching . To cel ebrate the end of exams, our fort­ nightly pres ident, Pat Malcahy, and her fel­ low officers organi zed an afternoon at Coro- nado beach in mid-November. December brought our firstChris tmas Ball, wh ile many of us par ticipated actively in the pageant, "American Christmas, " the following week. On January eighth, the day student s enter­ tained the residence student s at a post-Christ­ mas buffet supper at Irma Serrano's home. The talk of t he party was, of course , final ex­ aminations and the men's college formal. Fa the r Parish's fine retreat gave impetus to our second semester beginnings . Plans were carried through for the fresh-

On Mater 's Feast, our firstpicnic provided time to get bet ter acquainted and to explore Presidio Park. One of our first big steps up the ladd er was the Freshman Follies. Under the capable leadersh ipofAngel Kraemer and LindaHope, "The Freshman Classic" was presen ted, com­ plet e with "original" songs and dances dis­ playing our reactions to science, music, lan­ guages, and P. E. The tribu te to our "big % cm

Sa nd y Sc hw ar zm an , pre sid ent ; An gel Kr aemer , Marga retFa rre ll, Pat rici aMulca hy

man-sponsored "Ma rdi Gras." Dance chair ­ man, Angel Kraemer, and her commi ttee chai rmen, Cordelia Curley, Janet Berardinelli and Inna Serrano, innovated with colorful and clever Valentine pinatas to be broken dur ing the evening. We made rapid progress up the ladder as we par ticipatedin the spring production, "A Midsummer Night 's Dream; celeb rated the accreditation of our S.D.C.W.; enjoyed the resident studen ts' par ty for the day students afte r Easter; inaugu rated an annua l fresh­ man-senior par ty on April 29th; and danced at the Joint Social Committee's Easter ball and S.D.C.W.'s Spring Formal. At Com­ mencement on May twenty- seventh,we said good-bye for the summer at our first Class Reunion Brunch, and congratulat ed each other on our attainment of the first landing in the ladder , thanks to Mother Furay, our big sisters, and everyone who encouraged us. So "Move up, sophomores, we' re here to stay. "

New C om m it te e m em bers:Ka th ri neSea br oo k, Re lig iou sAffairs; Bet ty Be ll, Soci al Affairs; Te rr y Fo lk, Re sid enceCom m it te e.

Ca ro l Kn ud sen ,Joanne W an tu ck ,Mo ire Ma hone y, Ru th Ashmo re, Do lor es Goo de ll;se at ed: Nanc y Ke cshan ,Janet Be rar din ell i,Cor deliaCur le y,Mar­ ga ret Farr ell

Con ni e W il so n , Ho no reFa rre ll,Jan et Tri no , Car men Viz ca rr a, Rosa lieO le a ,Mar ga rit aW a ll a c e.

Mimi Zo le zz i, Son ya Ac kl ey , Ida Mer cado , Margo Bowman

Jea n McD on ag h,Mar y Ro sa, Bet tyBe ll, Pa tric iaC ro we,Bar bara Baile y

Mor nBri json , Ma rjorie Ar ce , Anne Ad ams, Mi chale neFl ah er ty , Lo urde sAs torg a, Josef ina Am ez cu a, Josefi na W h it e , Th er es aBa lsamo

Martha Lopez, Patricia Mulcahy, Jean Hicks, Bernadette Borelli,Margarita Mendiol.a, Angel Kraemer, Sandy Schwarzman

Rosalind Hill

Pauline Solomon

Barbara Tuthill, Margo Lester, Valerie Norton, Alice De Bl.anc; front row: Susana Jimenez, Cecilia Merino

Elsa Isea, Mary Elena Palma, Betty Sue Lewis; seated: Maria Luisa Isea

Irma Serrano

Ka thrin eSe ab rook ,Lin da Hop e, Ana Luisa Mor let t,Do ro thyTat o, Rowe naNa id l,Ma ry Lou ise Lu qu e

Ca rle neAll en , M ad el yn Lo Pic col o,Patri cia Mi tch ell ,Kat e Bas ile, Te rr yFal k, Pat rici a Proctor

Chi ld renof Mary Co un ci l:El ayn e La ng en ieu x,presid en t,Paula Sahi n, Ma rga ret Fahlstr om

Children ofMary

On the Feast of Ma ter Admirabilis 1954, the long awai ted day arrived! The SanDiego College for Women hadits first reception into the Children of Mary. The originalmembers were Lillian Jimenez, Jacqueline Kearns, Margaret Fahlstro m, Elayne Langenieux, Paula Sabin, Diane Sinclair , Mary Louise Turne r. At thei r first meet ing, Elayne was elect ed pres ident; Pau la, vice p resident; and Margare t, secretary . Main taining their posi­ tions for two years, these officerswere of great help to thei r moderator, Mother Parks, in establishing as college tradit ions all the special Sacred Heart devot ions, processions, and practices.

The Lily Procession was i nstituted in 1952 and the May Crowning in 1953, while the above members were still aspirants. Then, as Children ofMary, their first corporate act was to establish in 1954 a Gu ard ofHonor for the Sacred Heart on First Fridays. The following year, a parallel Guard ofHonor was instituted for Our Lady. On St. Madeleine Sophie's Feast, 1955, Joan Fennell, Ruth Jimenez, Constance Sal­ erno, and Mary Scott were received into the congregation; and on Oct ober 20, 1955, Beth Ann Smith, Mary AnnDa ly, Rosemary Cas­ tillo, Kathleen Wollstein, Virginia Rodee, Carol Reilly, and Mary Jimenez. The most

recent reception on February 3,1956 included Rosanne Biane, Carol Farr ell, and Patricia Keane. Unde r the patronage of Blessed Philippine and the instruction of Mother Furary , many freshmen are acquainted with the ideals of the ChildrenofMary. They are invitedto join the Aspirants ofSt. Madeleine Sophie unde r the direction of Mother Campbe ll in their sophomore year. All — pre-aspi rant s, aspir­ ants , and members — strive daily "to make interior life of the soul of (t he ir )daily life," bu t special honors go to Mary Turne r, who has been elected three years in succe ssion to crown Our Lady at the end of the scholas tic year in May.

Religious Affairs

Th e Pres ident, Vice-President, and Secre­ tary of the Chi ldren of Mary and two repre­ sent atives from each class are the members of this commi ttee,established under the Consti­ tution of S eptembe r, 1954. The chairman of the committee holds a place on the Student Council , and also on the Joint Social Com­ mit tee. It is the privilege of this group to arrange for spir itua l pract ices for the student body each liturgica l season; to prepare for the Firs t Friday Guard of Honor and all special novenas and Masses; to carry out the plans for all ceremonies and processions. TheApos- tlesh ip of Prayer andthe League of the Sacred Hea rt are alsounder the auspices of the com­ mit tee. Asub-committee of volunteer student- sacristans has the privilege of preparing under the direction of the sacris tan all Masses and Benediction s in the college chapel. 1954 Member s: Elavne Langenieux, Chair­ man; Paula Sabin, Margaret Fahlstrom, Ruth Jimenez, Rosa Maria Molina, and Barbara Heney. 1955 Members:Elayne Langenieux, Chair­ man; Paula Sabin, Margaret Fahlstrom, Mary Earl ey, Mary Jimenez, Mary Borba, Patricia Pra tt, andKathrine Seabrook.

Marian Celebrations May 9,1954

Mo st Re ve re ndJ. Hol mes -S iedl e, WF , of Kn rem a, Tan ga ny ika, Afr ica; Admi ral W a lt er Ro de e; Mo st Re ve rend Ch ar les F. Bud dy ,Rig ht Re ve re ndMon sig no rFra ncis Dill on; His Em in­ en ceJam esFra nci s Car dinalM cl n ty re of Lo s Angel es; Admi ral L. S. Sab in; Ri gh t Re ve re ndMo nsi gnorPatr ick Du nne, Ch ap ­ lai ns of th e E le ve nt hNa va l Dist ric t

Hi s Em ine nc eJam es Francis Ca rdi na lMcl nt yr e

Admi ral L. S. Sa bin , His Em ine nc eJam es Fra nce s Card inal M cln tyre,Admi ralW a lt erRodee ,Mariu s Biane, K.S .G. , W il ­ liam P. Mah ed y,K.S .G., Gen er alW ill iamJas. Mi lle r, Ret .; Ni ch ola sJ. Mar tin ,K.S .G., Gen er al F. P. Mulc dh y,Re t.

May 9 ,1 954—Mari an Yea r Cel eb ra tions

Christmas Carolling Mercy Hos,>ital December 1.5. 195.5

The Christma,v Cril, at 1/is Excellency'&

Hi s Ex ce lle nc yMo st Re ve rendCh ar le sF. Bu dd y, an d his gu es tsin his chapel , Dec em be r 15 ,1 95 5

Na nc y Tur ne r, Mary Tur ne r, Di an eSinc lair Otis , Ja cque lin eKe arns, Ela ijne Lan gen ieux . Ma y Crow ni ng , Ma y 9,1 95 4

Rig ht Reve rendJam es P. O'Shea

Th e Speakers' Bureau

gresses for the college students and the four hundred juniors and seniors of the Catholic high schools. The first was the Marian Con­ gress of1954, the second the Congress on the Mass in 1955. In both cases the members of the Bureau wrote and delivered the papers. In the spring semester the Speakers' Bureau plans and solicits th e cooperation of the stu­ den t body for the Public Relations program of sending speakers to the private and public high schoolsof the area. The present officers: Marilynn Mayer, Chairman first semester; Mary Jimenez, His­ torian; Paula Sabin, Chairman , second sem­ ester.

The Speaker'sBureau was initia ted March 29,1954. It is aChrist opher movement center­ ing on the Apostleship of Speech. Its purpose is to provide its members with the opportunity to express themselves, to exchange ideas, to deve lop poise in speech, andto practice lead­ ersh ip on and off campus . There were four teen Chart er Members: Margaret Fahl strom, Mary Jimenez, Ruth Jimenez, Jacqueli neKearns, ElayneLangen- ieux, Leann Mahoney, Caro l Reilly, Virginia Rodee, Paula Sabin , Mary Scott, Marilynn Mayer, JeanRubel, Mary Cardoza, and Carol Farr ell. In November, 1954, Mary Scott was elec ted chairman andRuth Jimenezsecretary. In the fall it has organized Student Con­

Th e Stud ent Council

Based on "the princip le that all authority is derived from God and rests with His repre­ senta tives and with those to whom any share of His governing power is dele gated, " acon­ stitut ion was drawn up, in the summer of 1954, providing for a cooperative form of government to be administered by faculty and students working toge ther . Prior to this timethe studentbody hadbeen governed by Kathleen McGonigle as presi­ den t (1952-1953 and 1953-1954), Mary Bing- geli as vice-president (1952-1953and 1953- 1954 ), Constance Jimenez as social chairman and Joan Hall as secretary . In Sept ember 1954, Kathleen Brophy was elected social chairman and Janet Contant as secre tary. According to the new const itution the elections of 1954-1955 called for student-body officers who would also head standing com­

mittees in the college. These officers, class pres idents, and special delegates from the classes compose the student council . Student- Body officers for 1954-1955 wer e: Jacqueline Kearns, Ka thl een Br ophy ,Ma ry Tu rner , Leann Mahoney, and Lillian Jimenez. The funct ion of the Studen tCouncil is to foste r understanding and cooperation be­ tween Faculty and Studen t Body by repre­ senting the views of t he Studen t Body to the Administration. This representation is made to the Presid ent of t he College,Mothe r Cath­ erine Parks, Mode rator of t he Council. Th e aim of the Studen t Council is to up­ hold the college motto "THAT ALL MAY BE ONE," and in so doin g foster the "family" trad ition, whichis the her itage of all colleges of the Sacred Heart.

Sand y Schw arz ma n, Pre sident, Fre shm an Cla ss; Vir gini a Rau sch , Pre side nt, So ph om oreCla ss; Ka roleeKuh an, Pr esi dent, Sen ior Clas s; Jane Petty , Cha irman Re sid en ceCo mm itt ee ;El ay ne La ng en ieu x,Pre side nt of the Ch ildr en of Mary; Ch airma n, Re lig iou s Affair s; Mary Turne r, Vic e-Pres ident;Cha irman, Soc ial Affair s; Ja cq ue lin eKearns, Pr esi dent of Stu dentBod y; Cha irma n, Welf are Com ­ mitt ee ; Vi rg inia Ro de e, Re cor ding Sec reta ry; Cha irman, Publi cit y; Leann Mah on ey ,Co rre spondin g Sec reta ry; Cha irman, Ho ste ss Comm itte e;Arl ine Ray­ mond ,Pr esi de ntof W.A.A .; CarolFar rell, Pre side nt,Junior Cla ss; Ann Dy er , Vice - Pr esi dent, Sophom or eCla ss; An gel Kraemer, Vic e-P res ident, Fre shman Cla ss mi ssi ng .

Hostess Committee Inaugura ted for gracious greetings, the Hostess Committeeaims at enter tainingvisi­ tors at the college in order tha t their stay may be enjoyed and remembered. Meetingon the average ofo nce amonth, the group discusses appropri ateplans for expected guests. Col­ lege or senior high school visitors tour the campus and engage in cu rrent college activi­ ties. Highlight ing the ir visit, the Hostess Commit te sponsors a dance, tea , or tour of San Diego in hon or of the guests. For events such as major drama productions, or special programs, members of the Committeeact as official hostesses for the college.

Welfare Committee This commi ttee was established by the Cons titution of t he Associated Student Body under the chairmanship of the Studen t Body President for the purpose of cari ng for the interest of individual students, studen ts in general, and the college as a whole. Such a task involves the preservation of high stand­ ards of Christ ian conduct, dress, and order. The wise and loving over-all guidance of Reverend Mother Rosalie Hill and the ofter repeated conviction of San Diego 's beloved Bishop has been the constan t inspiration of

the organ ization — "We have agrea t work to do, and we cannot come down!" Th e membership ofthe commit tee consists of its c hairman and as many semesterlyproc­ tors as the re are campus-areas to be proc- tored. These proctors are chosen by the chair­ man in consultation with the faculty moder­ ator, andthey are drawn fromall four classes. Responsibilities are shared by resident and day students. Weekly proctors areappointed by the semes terly proctors.

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