2008 USD Fact Book

Student Information (Fall 2007) Men

Accreditation The Uni versity of San Diego is accredited by the Western Associat ion of Schools and Colleges, 985 Atlantic Ave., Suite 100, Alameda, CA 94501, (510) 748-9001. For individual school and program accreditation information, go to www. sandiego.edu/academics/accreditations.


3,241 4,263

Faculty Number of Facu lty (Fall 2007)


Degrees awarded (2006-2007)

2, 124


Full-time Faculty Part-time Faculty

399 142

StudentTuition (2007-2008) Undergraduate 1 to 11 .5 units

(full -time equivalent)

Libraries The Helen K. and Jam es S. Copley Library

$1,115 per unit

Full-time Faculty by Rank Professors

Cop ley Library, located on the west end of campus, houses more than 400,000 books, bound periodica ls and journals. A large co llection of video and aud io tapes , laser discs, DVDs, compact discs and slides is also available, as well as a wide variety of reference works, government documents, newspapers, rare books and the University Archives. Study space for more than 800 students includes group study areas, quiet carrels and the Mother Rosa lie Hill Reading Room. Katheri ne M. and George M. Pardee Jr. Legal Research Center The Pardee Lega l Research Center, just east of the School of Law, has a coll ection of more than 515,000 volumes and vo lume equivalents. Open to all USO studen ts, the LRC is a state and federa l documents depository and has a co llection of United Na tions documents.

$16,150 per semester

12 to 18 units


97 89 20

Assoc iate Professors Assistant Professors Instructors

Graduate Master's Doctoral

$1,095 per unit $1,108 per unit

Students Student Enrol lment (Fall 2007) Undergraduate Graduate and professional Law Tota l enrol lment

School of Law (J,D. students)

$37,704 per year

Full-time, day


$26,804 per year

Full-time, evening


$1 ,300 per unit

Graduate program



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