2004 USD Fact Book

Alumni and Parent Relations


Alumni Association Each person who receives a degree for the University of San Diego enjoys fuJJ membership privileges in the USD Alumni Association.

Notable USO alumni include: Steve Altman '86 l) .D.)

Will iam Jones '8o (B.A.) Chair of Federal Reserve Bank San Francisco- Los Angeles: member of the USO Boa rd of Trustees; received Hughes Career Achievement Awa rd in 2000 Liam McGee '76 (B.A.) Presiden t of Bank ofAmerica, Ca lifo rn ia ; chai rman of the USO Board ofTrustees Eric Musselman 1 87 (B.A.) Head Coach of the NBA's Golden State Wa rriors Joh n Shaw '73 (S.S.) President of the St. Louis Rams Footba ll Company The Hon. Lynn Schenk '70 (1 .0 .) Former San Diego congresswoma n; received the Hughes Ca reer Achievement Award in 2002 Juan Vargas '83 (B.A.) Californ ia State Assemblyman

Executive vice president for Qualcomm, Inc.; pres iden t or Qualcomm Technology Licens ing Roche lle Berkley '76 l) .D.)

Congresswoman from Nevad a Bernie Bickerstaff Sr. '68 (B.A.)

NBA player and coach David Casey Jr. '74 (I.D.)

President o f the Association o f Trial Lawyers o f Ame rica: received Hughes Career Achievement Award in 2003 Father Joe Carroll 1 70 (M.A.) President of St. Vincent de Pa ul Vill ages Rev. Salvatore Cordi leone 1 78 (B.A.) Auxi l iary Bishop of San Diego Theo Epstein 'oo U,D.) General Manager of the Boston Red Sox Joseph Ghougassian '77 (M.A.), '8o l).D.) Pres iden t of Lukas & Sons Publishers; former U.S. ambassador to Qa ta r

Regional Rc-pre\enbtives Anne Foley '87

Alumni Office Degheri Alumn i Center

Chad Stewart 1 94

Rick Apel '91 New England

(619) 260-481 9

San Diego

Portland, Ore.


Ke lly Kreis le '97 Orange County

Jenn ife r Bailey 1 97

Ch ris Bradish 1 0 1 Washington, D.C. Steve Weisz '86

Seatt le, Wash. Matt Bury '96

Jack Kelly 1 87

Gerard Rodrigues 1 97


Los Angeles



Kristin Boettger '87

Tami Dahl 1 96

Ol ivia Gil-Guevara Associate Director

Bay Area

Min nesota

Joe LaMantia '86

Lukas Smart '99



Liam Dunfey Assista nt Director

Martha Med ina 'oo

Chris Toward 1 89

Ari zona

New York

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