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The strength of a shoot

Stands against the crushing rain

In the warmth of love, haiku




Most Reverend Bishop of

Reverend Mother Ethel Teegarden, Most Reverend Francis James Furey, Apostolic Adminis­ trator, and Mother Anne Farraher

Mother Aimee Rossi, Dean, and Carolyn Shaffer



Charles Francis Buddy San Diego

Mother Kathleen McDevitt, Vice-President and Librarian Miss May A. Clarke, seated; Miss Patricia Moore and Miss Patricia Basel, librarians.

Mother Mariella Bremner, Registrar Mary Jane Mitzner and Kathleen Mavis


Senior Class Officers: Sharron Moore, Treasurer; Patricia Murphy, President; Louise Holmberg Mother Catherine McShane, Advisor


s E C N L I A

. 0 S R S

Vice-President· S h • tep anie Mayfield Sec ' retary; and



Mr. Louis Phillips, Mrs. Irwin Klein, Mother Sally Furay, Mother Gertrude Patch Upper Division English

Mrs. Patricia Sprague Reneau, Mrs. John Dickinson, Miss Judith Coleman Lower Division English

SUE ELLEN CURLEY San Diego, California Major: English Minors: Philosophy, Education

MARIANNE STELLA CUSENZA Carlsbad, California Majors: English, Theatre Arts Minors: Philosophy, Italian

ELIZABETH WELDON KEATING Carlsbad, California Major: English Minors: Philosophy, Social Sciences

SUZANNE HELEN KORZON La Jolla, California Major: English Minors: Philosophy, Education

ANN NEWMAN, M. Denver, Colorado Major: English Minors: Philosophy, Education

ANN MAUREEN PECHT, M. Oxnard, California Major: English Minors: Philosophy. History, Theatre Arts

MARILYN PATRICIA PUZO San Diego, California Major: English Minors: Philosophy, Social Sciences

VIRGINIA THOMPSON, M. Downey, California Major: English Minors: Philosophy, Education, Social Sciences

ANNE LUCILLE WHITLOCK San Diego, California Major: English Minors: Philosophy, Education, Social Sciences

LORETTA MARGARET YOUNG San Diego, California Major: English Minors: Philosophy, Education, Italian

Mrs. Karena Shields, Mother Irene Lawrence, Sociology

Dr. Josef Kalvoda Political Science

Miss Patricia Shaw, Mother Agnes Murphy, Mr. Thomas Davis, History



Miss Jannette Jensen

Mother Mary Derham

Mother Catherine McShane History Department Head

BETTY ANN BARRETT San Diego, California Major: Social Sciences Minors: Philosophy, Education

ANNETTE ELIZABETH BOEHLER, M. EI Paso, Texas Major: Sociology Minors: Philosophy, Psychology


WENDY MARIA EISEMAN, E.deM. Swampscott, Massachusetts Major: Sociology Minors: Philosophy, English

MARGARET (PEGGY) MARY EVERETT Lemon Grove, California Major: Sociology Minors: Philosophy, English



MARY ELEANOR FIPP, M. San Diego, California Major: History Minors: Philosophy, Education

LOUISE ANN HOLMBERG San Francisco, California Major: Sociology Minors: Philosophy, History


ANNA MARIA IZUEL San Diego, California Major: Sociology Minors: Philosophy, Education, History

BETTY JO JENSEN San Diego, California Major: History Minors: Philosophy, Education

JOAN BERNICE KARPINSKI, M. San Diego, California Major: Social Sciences Minors: Philosophy, Education

STEPHANIE ANN MAYFIELD, M. Major: Political Science Minors: Philosophy, History, Spanish

JUDITH ELIZABETH McMILLAN, M. San Diego, California Major: History Minors: Philosophy, Education

SHARRON MOORE San Diego, California Majors: History, Political Science Minor: Philosophy


MARGARET LOUISE MORGAN, M. La Mesa, California Major: Political Science Minors: Philosophy, French, History

JULIANA VERONICA OAS San Diego, California Major: Sociology Minors: Philosophy, Psychology


COLETTE JOAN PADEREWSKI La Jolla, California Major: History Minors: Philosophy, Education

SHERYL KAY PLANANSKY Baldwin Park, California Major: Sociology Minors: Philosophy, English

MARY FRANCES POLAKIEWICZ San Diego, California Major: History Minors: Philosophy, English, Spanish

PAMELA FRANCES PRICE San Diego, California Major: History Minors: Philosophy, Education


LINDA ANNE RAHL Seal Beach, California Major: Sociology Minors: Philosophy, English

ROSE MARIE ROSS, M. San Diego, California Major: History Minors: Philosophy, Education

KATHLEEN ANNE SHAW San Diego, California Major: Sociology Minors: Philosophy, Education

ATILANA RAMBAYON VALLEJOS San Diego, California Majors: History, Political Science Minors: Philosophy, Education


RUTH ANN WICKERSHAM San Diego, California Major: Sociology Minors: Philosophy, Education

MARY ELIZABETH WILLIAMS Chula Vista, California Major: Sociology Minors: Philosophy, Psychology



Mother Patricia Shaffer, Mother Agnes Schmit, Dr. William Larson Chemistry



lother Bernice Farrens, Miss Helen Langen Biology

Mr. Joseph Jaddou and Mr. James Haskins Mathematics

Mr. Rudolph Lippert Astronomy


JUANITA MALANGA AIDS San Diego, California Major: Mathematics Minors: Philosophy, Education

MARITA ANNE ANGLETON San Diego, California Major: Biology Minors: Philosophy, Chemistry, Mathematics


FRANCES BERYL BRESCIA National City, California Major: Biology Minors: Philosophy, Chemistry

BONNIE-LYNNE MARY BURCHETT Anaheim, California Major: Biology Minors: Philosophy, Art

CHRISTINA JANE CANWELL La Jolla, California Major: Mathematics Minors: Philosophy, French

SOCORRO LETICIA CAZARES San Diego, California Major: Biology Minors: Philosophy, Chemistry, Mathematics


NANCY MARY ERHARDT San Diego, California Major: Chemistry Minors: Philosophy, Biology

PATRICIA PEARCY KRUSE, M. North Hollywood, California Major: Mathematics Minors: Philosophy, Physics


VIVIENNE DIANE MAGNUS La Mesa, California Major: Chemistry Minors: Philosophy, English

PATRICIA MURPHY, M. San Diego, California Major: Chemistry Minors: Philosophy, Chemistry, Mathematics


GLORY KATHRYN ODGERS, M. Claremont, California Major: Chemistry Minors: Philosophy, Biology

LORNA GERALDINE POPP El Cajon, California Major: Chemistry Minors: Philosophy, Mathematics


JEAN ELSIE ROSE San Diego, California Major: Chemistry Minors: Philosophy, Biology


Mile. Veronica McKenna, Mother Mariella Bremmer, Mme. Bojan Brink French

Frau Erhard Rothe German

Sig. Clara Regnoni-Macera Latin and Italian


Sra. Richard Bartelme, Sra. John Graves, Dr. Antonio Blanco Spanish

Mme. Tatiania I. Vacquier Russian


BEATRIZ COTA Tijuana, Baha California, Mexico Major: Spanish Minors: Philosophy, French

MARGARET ANN DE GUIDE San Diego, California Major: French Minors: Philosophy, Latin


ANITA RUSSELL GOOD, M. San Ysidro, California

Major: Romance Languages Minors: Philosophy, History

MARILYNNE McBIRNIE Fabens, Texas Major: Spanish Minors: Philosophy, English, Education


CECELIA MARGARITA MORENO Calexico, California Major: Spanish Minors: Philosophy, Education

MARY LOUISE TAMULONIS Banning, California Major: French Minors: Philosophy, Education

ISABELLE TROMBETTA, M. El Cajon, California Major: French Minors: Philosophy, Italian


Mrs. Myron T. Hill, Mrs. Frederick Andrews, Mrs. Roger Hanafin Art



Mr. B. R. Van Vleck and Miss Kathleen Brophy Theatre Arts

Dr. Joseph Rossi Music

Mrs. Kramer Rofleisch, Mr. Clayton Fox Music


MARGO ANN DRAGOLOVITCH Banning, California Major: Art Minor: Philosophy

CYNTHIA KATHLEEN HUNTER San Diego, California Major: Art Minors: Philosophy, History


SANDRA ANNE SCHADEWALD, E .deM. Coronado, California Major: Art Minors: Philosophy, Biology

VICTORY JANE STRASSLER La Jolla, California Major: Art Minors: Philosophy, English


CATHERINE LINDSETH WHELAN, M. San Diego, California Major: Art Minors: Philosophy, History, Education

LA DELLE MARIE WILLETT, M. San Diego, California Major: Art Minors: Philosophy, Education


CHRISTINE MAE CAMUS San Diego, California Major: Theatre Arts Minors: Philosophy, English, Education

MILCHA CHRISTINA SANCHEZ Encinitas, California Major: Theatre Arts Minors: Philosophy, English


MICHAELE O'BRIEN FLAHERTY Whittier, California Major: Music Minors: Philosophy, Education

PATRICIA ELZIRE TIERNAN, M. San Diego, California Major: Music Minors: Philosophy, Education





Miss Kathryn Markey, Mrs. Manuel Mercado, and Mother Margaret Guest Education



Miss Agnes Engstrand, Mrs. O. H. Jeffers, Miss Mildred C. Hagan Education


NORMA CAZARES San Diego, California Major: Psychology Minors: Philosophy, Sociology

MARGARET JO KING Tuscon, Arizona Major: Psychology Minors: Philosophy, Biology


LETICIA MARIA OCHOA, R.N. Oxnard, California Major: Nursing Minors: Philosophy, Psychology

LILLIAN LOUISE NELSEN, R.N. San Diego, California Major: Nursing Minors: Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology


Reverend Father William Spain Senior Theology

Mrs. Edward W. Warren and Dr. Walter Wilkins Psychology

Dr. Roman Kocourek, Mr. Carroll Kearley, Mr. Dennis Bonnette Philosophy


SENIOR MEMORIES The San Diego College for Women, founded and sustained on a tradition of ex­ cellence and integrity in education, beholds the timeless, mystic tradition of the sea. Spanish Renaissance windows frame the vast spectrum of the water's blue: brilliant concerts of blue-green, subtle gray-brushed tones, periodic turquoise hues. . . The vital renewing movement of the changeless sea. . attended by the precise architecture of classi­ cal Europe . . and witnessed by a generation of the time. Currency — immediate, ani­ mated, intense — within the shadows of an abiding culture. Traditions — strong, clear, decided. Traditions continuing as the metaphor and framework of vital growth . . as they were four years ago for a new group of freshman girls . . and as cumulative meaning for a graduating senior class of young women. The patterns of the sea are endlessly varied . . complex and simple . . with aspects spanning the sublime and the ordinary . . the eternal and the transient . . the memorable and the forgotten. . . And so our college years . . a pattern of four years . . varied and complex in ac­ tivities, events and experiences . . and yet, with the simplicity of one in faith, tradition and purpose . . and above all the unique growth of each and all: Individuals . . of the quiet gifts: their warm smiles lending serenity to those days that were always crowded, often hectic and sometimes unhappy . . of dedication: the devotion of those who expended time, effort and talent in the million necessary tasks in the smooth operation of student-body and class affairs . . of laughter: the indispen­ sable characters, rich in humor, who turned disappointments and failings into an amusing appreciation of human foible and who added an enriching light-heartedness to accom­ plishments . . of imagination: the easy-going students who managed midterms, term- papers, mixers and movies in the same comfortable stride; scientists who organized and formulated everything from titrating to dating, announcing their engagements in the same short conversation in which they announced the solution to a difficult math problem . . of starry-eyes and visions: rainbows riders who came down to earth long enough to display their rings and announce the date; personnel people who dated the most eligible men that sail the seas . . of understanding: the eager ones who wrestled with Aristotle until they knew what "pers se" and "per accidens" really means; the special friends who listened and what is more, endured; the politicians, opinionated and articluate in every­ thing from Havana to Aadack; the philosophers, pragmatically, ideologically, scienti­ fically, poetically and historically versed in the wisdom and ways of life . . . Individuals . . the laughable, lovable, elegant, profound, amazing, intelligent, ingenious . . the good and the gracious, the pretty, popular, the promising, the sad, smiling and shy . . . indivi­ duals whose gifts and singularity formed the most important and enriching pattern of our four years together . . and whose influence and ideals will be a meaningful force throughout our lives . . . Our Faculty . . patient, helpful, exacting, encouraging and probably disappointed at times . . but always hopeful and always vital with the excitement and discovery of ideas — projected and illustrated . . History professors — alive and intrigued with the destinies of Henry VIII and Frederick Barbarossa . . Philosophers — explaining for the tenth time why the final cause is the cause of all causes . . Social and Political Scientists — grimacing, when reminding after the midterm that a nation is not a state and a com­ munity is not a society . . Language instructors — surviving anglinized versions of their



subject . . Drama and Speech instructors — exasperated after transforming stone-faced twentieth-century students into Shakespearian damsels . . Scientists — enduring the mangled results of amateur dissection and contaminated specimens . . Literature pro­ fessors — communicating the beauty of artistic creation, of words and language, and patiently attempting to understand less illuminating student papers ... A Faculty . . dedicated and appreciated . . whose value and help will be a continual source of guidance to be tapped in the many years to come . . The eternal and sublime . . the Annual Mass of the Holy Spirit . . Children of Mary . . Mater Admirabilis . . First Fridays . . noon Mass . . novenas and spiritual bouquets .. . The memorable . . Mother Danz . . Feast Wishes . . President's Days . . Faculty Lectures . . concerts and piano recitals . . dramatic productions . . student teaching . . twenty-first birthdays . . op. cit. and ibid. . . Christmas Formal . . Autumn Informal . . Bal de Fleurs . . mixers . . Freshmen Follies . . Junior Fair . . IRC, Speaker's Bureau . . honors assemblies . . finals . . farewell . . friends . . . The ordinary, but unforgettable . . tickets: parking and attendance . . class meet­ ings . . Ritchie's and Speedee Mart . . vending machines (working or otherwise) . . coffee over lab-books . . the bridge and the smoker . . the snow-topped mural . . mixers and "those who only stand and wait" . . stations one-through-seven on registration, multi­ colored student body cards . . proctoring, lunch lines, trench coats . . the portry on Friday nights . . the stacks . . deciphering the time-schedule . . post-office vigils . . the lower floor cultural showcases . . syllabi . . . Senior Year . . Father Spain . . graduate records . . engagement rings . . 12:30 class meetings, ten-day parties, cushions in the theatre (never enjoyed) . . sitting in the back at assemblies . . and the FINAL: mixers, parties, dinners, classes, grades and finals ...and Graduation . . the climax and culmination of four years . . intense in spiritual, in­ tellectual and personal growth . . stable in the heritage of the Sacred Heart . . within the view of the mighty sea. A farewell to the direct, daily influence of a tradition rich in spirit and purpose . . but a lasting recognition of its value and force in the years yet to come: "I am forever walking upon these shores Betwixt the sand and the foam

The high tide will erase my foot-prints And the wind will blow away the foam But the sea and the shore will remain Forever." (Kahil Gibran).

Junior Class Officers: Jean Childs, Secretary; Carolyn Shaffer, Vice-President; Inna Mix,


Treasurer; Mother Sally Furay, Advisor; and Karen Graham, President.



DIANE ALANIS Denver, Colorado

DENISE BELSON San Diego, California

PAMELA ALESCH La Mesa, California

MARY LOUISE BELT San Diego, California

ELAINE BIKO La Habra, California

CHARLENE AUSTIN Riverside, California

BARBARA ARETZ Long Beach, California

JUDY BLAINE Pasadena, California

LAUREN BACK San Diego, California

BRENDA BARTEK San Diego, California


La Mesa, California


IRENE CARAMES Miami, Florida

JANINE BRINK Paris, France

ERNESTINE CASTRO Oceanside, California

MAUREEN BUCKLEY La Jolla, California

CARLENE BUSHCENA, R.N. Anaheim, California

JEAN CHILDS Coronado, California

SUSAN CHOW San Diego, California

GEORGIA BUTCHER La Mesa, California


MARY CLARKE Pasadena, California

GERALDINE COMEAU Los Angeles, California

Palos Verdes Estates, California


VIRGINIA CONWAY San Francisco, California

JEAN DREYFUS Bellflower, California

SANDRA D'AGOSTINO San Diego, California

JULIE DUENEZ San Diego, California

EILEEN FARRELL San Diego, California

AVE DE VANON San Marino, California

MADELINE DARCY Chula Vista, California

CECELIA FIAMENGO San Pedro, California

GEORGINA FORGO La Canada, California

SARITA DOYLE La Jolla, California

LANA DIRR San Diego, California

JANE LEONARD Oxnarci. California

OLGA LASCHUCK San Diego, California

ANITA GEYER Los Angeles, California

NANCY LOWRY Phoenix, Arizona

RACHELLE GIULIANI El Cajon, California

KAREN GRAHAM San Diego, California

PATRICIA HOFMAN San Diego, California

JO ANN KOZICKI Lemon Grove, California

GAY GUZINSKI San Diego, California

VICTORIA KOSS Del Mar, California

LYNN HOROBETZ Chula Vista, California

KATHLEEN HAGAN San Diego, California


RACHEL MANSIR Tijuana B.C., Mexico

CATHY McMAHON Denver, Colorado

MARGARET MARTIN Lemon Grove, California



Whittier, California

ROBERTA MEIER Newport Beach, California

TRINIDAD MATANANE San Diego, California

MARGARET MARTIN Evanston, Illinois

CATHERINE MILLS San Diego, California

IRMA MIX Brawley, California

ANNE McGARVEY Des Moines, Iowa

MARIBETH MATTINSON San Mateo, California




DORIS PULLIAM Encinitas, California

MICHALYN MORGANTI San Luis Obispo, California

PEGGY RAYNOHA Sen Diego, California

LAURA MORRISON San Diego, California

SUZANNE MUNSELL Encinitas, California

MARIA T. RODRIGUEZ Chihuahua, Mexico

MARIANNE REGO Chula Vista, California

ANN PAKKER Pacific Palisades, California

CATHERINE RODEE Pasadena, California

CONCETTA PECORARO Lemon Grove, California

JOANNA SADY EI Cajon, California


YVONNE SALAMY San Diego, California

MARION SNYDER La Mesa, California


ADELE SCHROEDER San Diego, California

KATHY STEVES La Habra, California

MARILYN THAYER La Habra, California

SUZANNE SCHULTZ San Diego, California

CAROLYN SHAFFER Woodland, California

SALLY TYSON Del Mar, California

KATHLEEN SHEA Anaheim, California

ELEANOR SMITH San Diego, California

JILL VERHOVEN BIANCO Sunnyvale, California


PENELOPE WRIGHT Pasadena, California

KATHLEEN ZAWORSKI El Cajon, California

THORA WALSHE Pasadena, California

MARIE ZUNIGA San Diego, California

AGNES WEST San Diego, California

MARY ELLEN WICKER San Diego, California

SALLIE SALADINO San Diego, California

MARY ANNE ARESTAD El Cajon, California

MARY WILLIAMS Atlanta, Georgia


LAURIE YOUNG San Diego, California

JEANNE WOODY Lakeside, California

CLASS OF 1965 To the Class of 1965, college life at USD has truly proven to be a challenge —

academic, social, cultural, and spiritual — a challenge which has been met with a spirit

of determined accomplishment.

Could not determination be considered the keyword of our Freshmen year? As we

met the challenges of college life, our class responded with strong determination. Fears

were soon lost in the excitement of Freshman Week. The Freshmen Follies and class


party brought the class closer together. Collecting toys for the annual toy drive gave

everyone the real Christmas spirit. Our first retreat left us peace and zeal, and gave us

the feeling of being a real part of the student body.

Having completed that first challenging semester, our class swirled into the next

semester. Strains of "Waltz Dream", our Freshman Operetta, will be remembered long,

as will our Supper Dance and the success of our Carnival, which began a new tradition

at USD. As we gave the pizza party for our Seniors on Class Night, we realized that

our Freshman Year was at its close.

After a summer of varied activities, we returned as the Sophomore Class for 1962-

63. Initiating another tradition, our class sponsored a fruitful Thanksgiving drive which

was highlighted by the Greek-flavored "Sophomore Surprise."

Looking like a medieval castle, the main patio provided the setting for the Bal Des

Fleurs. Efforts for this project were well rewarded by the enchanting evening, as the

entire student body and their dates danced until one o'clock in the morning.


As the spring semester hurried by, house parties became a favorite form of social

activity. Soon, the "Sophomore Serenade" marked the close of another year.

Entering into the realm of upper division subjects, our Junior Class found itself in

the midst of full class schedules and heavy studies, dotted with social events. Soon prepa­

rations were begun for the Autumn Informal at Del Webb's Ocean House. A successful

Junior Fair was filled with memories of our Freshman Carnival.

Not a single heart remained untouched at the news of the assassination of our greatly

respected president, John Fitzgerald Kennedy. The student body offered a Requiem Mass

in our chapel on the day of his burial in the presence of a flag-draped catafalque. Rev­

erence, respect, renewed patriotism and admiration pervaded our classes and studies as

we continued our side of the battle.

"Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" when class rings arrived a few weeks before

Christmas. Plans for a snow trip to Lake Arrowhead during semester break helped to

make studying for final exams just a fraction more on the easy side.

Encouraged by accomplishments of past years and under the guidance of our coun­

selor, Mother Furay, and the class officers, Karen Graham, president; Carolyn Shaffer, vice-

president; Jean Childs, secretary; and Irma Mix, treasurer, our class returned to continue

our second semester of the junior year.

Next year will bring student teaching for many and graduate exams for others. And

for some it will bring the new world of engagement rings. Yet there will still be that

unifying thread which bound us together through our first three years at USD and which

will make us all one in eternity ... we are always Children of His Sacred Heart.

Sophomore Class Officers: Susan Lundquist, Secretary; Marsha Zandi, Vice President; Mary Jo McBrearty, Skinner, Treasurer


s 0 p

C H L 0 A -M S 0 S


Pttsident; Mother Gertrude Patch, Advisor; and Susan


JANE ADAMS El Cajon, California

NONA AGUILAR Los Angeles, California

JOYCE BALDWIN North ridge, California

DIANE ANDERSON San Diego, California

VIRGINIA BEARDSLEY San Diego, California

LOUISE BOLDUC Santa Barbara, Californi;

WYNNE ANDERSON San Diego, California

SHELIA ANDERSON Rancho Santa Fe, California

KATHRYN BUEHLMAN Oxnard, California

CHARLOTTE BROADUS San Diego, California

BEVERLEY ATER Coronado, California

MARGARET BAKER Escondido, California

JANET CONWAY San Francisco, California


LOIS BUENGER Coronado, California


ANNE BUTCHER San Diego, California


DIANA DOERR Jeddah. Saudi Arabia

ELLISSIA DARLEY San Diego, California

MARIA CARRASCO Tijuana B.C., California

BEATRIZ DORBECKER Tijuna, B.C., California

ANNE MARIE FORNEY San Francisco, California

SHARON CIARROCCA Point Magu, California

CLARE FRAENZL rring Valley, California

CAROL GARLOW Big Bear Lake, California

RITA HAGER San Diego, California

NOEL GARY San Diego, California

ANN HEAD San Diego, California

KATHY HELLMER Las Vegas, Nevada

CONNIE GONZALES Beverley Hills, California

ROSALIE GRANT San Diego, California



National City, California

SUZANNA GRANT La Mesa, California

ANN GRAY San Francisco, California

PILAR IZUEL San Diego, California


GLENN LAMB Sierra Vista, Arizona

ROBERTA LANE Los Angeles, California

KATHLEEN JORDAN San Diego, California

HILARY LAWSON San Diego, California

PATRICIA KARCHER Anaheim, California


ANN LINNETT Oxnard, California

ELIZABETH LEE San Diego, California

MARSHA ZANDI San Diego, California

ANN MARY LUI San Diego, California

NANCY LONG Tacoma, Washington

ANNE KLINK Santa Barbara, California


JACKIE MACKIN Vancouver, B. C.

MARY ELLEN OLIVARES Stanton, California

MARY MAGGIO Descanso, California

KATHLEEN PERLOWSKI San Diego, California

JUDITH PIERCE San Diego, California

MARY JO McBREARTY North Hollywood, California

MARIA MASSAQUOI Monrovia, Liberia

PATRICIA POTTER Los Angeles, California

SANDRA QUALIATO La Jolla, California

JUDITH MUNSTER San Diego, California

MARY ANN NOLAN Tacoma, Washington

JOAN RUSSO Glendale, California

ARLENE SALAMY San Diego, California

JANE REYNOLDS Lincoln, Rhode Island


MAUREEN REYNOLDS Vancouver, B.C., Canada

CLAUDIA RICKS La Mesa, California

PATRICIA SHIELDS San Diego, California

KAREN SCHIPPER San Diego, California

KATHLEEN ROBINSON Banning, California

KAREN SEIGERT Pomona, California

SUSAN SKINNER Del Mar, California

CHRISTINE ROGERS San Diego, California


PAULETTE STANHOPE Palos Verdes Estates, California

LYDIA STUDER El Centro, California

ANGELA VASSELLE La Jolla, California

SYLVIA STUDER El Centro, California

MARILYN WAGNER San Diego, California

MARY WASLEY Bellingham, Washington

LOIS SUGRUE La Mesa, California

MARGARET SUCEC La Mesa, California

LUCY WILKINS San Diego, California



JOAN WOESSNER San Diego, California

Imperial Beach, California

Denver, Colorado



JANET MALOWNEY San Diego, California



Mr. Robert Mathison and the Blue Room.

Second semester transfer students: Janet Malow- ney, Jacqueline Latham, and Lupe Jimenez.

Also new this semester: Mary Anne Arestad, Pat McGann, Sandra Lopez, and Emily Bonilla.

CLASS OF 1966 September was the month for renewing old friendships, making new ones and

settling into the classroom routine. The Sophomores made the adjustments from surf

and sand to texts and assignments with quite a bit of lamenting, but without too much

heartbreak. We bounced through the weeks without a care in the world — until mid­

terms. But even then, we made room in our schedule to reveal to the Freshmen the

great "Who are the Sophs?" mystery. The "Buddies" Dessert Party helped the Sophs

every bit as much as it helped the Freshmen!

From then on, 'til Christmas, life for our Sophomore Class was one big round of

football and basketball rallies and games; cheerleading; Kris Kindls; not to mention

support for the fall play; fun of our class party; dancing at the Christmas Ball; work

put into the Thanksgiving Clothing and Food Drive; and help for the Freshmen in

their annual Christmas Toy Drive. Best of all was the anticipation of a "restful"

Christmas holiday, with only ten times the homework and three term papers due on

January 8th!

Coming back in a new year, the Sophomores faced the grim ordeal of finals. But

the thought of the end of an old semester, and a few days of rest and a Retreat before

the beginning of a new one, brightened the horizon just a little.

By the end of January we were looking forward to the new semester filled with

dances, midterms, and upper division courses. The semester end looked very close with

its promise of a Bal des Fleurs and the presentation of our Associate of Arts certificates.

Our class officers exerted every bit of effort to make certain that we reached the Ball

and presentation. Mary Jo McBrearty was quite a lively president, with just a touch

of an erratic conformist in that Madras scarf on her hair. And certainly our drama


department would have been lost without the performances of vice-president Marsha

Zandi. Secretary Susan Lundquist received more than her share of writing exercises

in class and for our class. Richie's certainly would not have been the same on Tuesday

and Thursday without poetess and class treasurer Susie Skinner and her Rilkish ideas.

February may have had one extra day this year, but we certainly filled the entire

month to the brim — Mardi Gras Dance; the Supper Dance for all lower classmen;

our traditional variety show; and the penitential atmosphere of Lent. Easter vacation,

the College for Women Evening of Music, the University Ball, all kept us just on the

tips of our toes and walking at a very rapid pace.

By June the Sophomores began to make the adjustment from text and assignments

to surf and sand with (albeit) a lot of less grumbling than was heard in September!

We will return as Juniors, entitled to attend the upper division mixers and having the

privilege of watching the Freshmen and Sophomores struggle through P.E. twice a week!

Freshman Class Officers: Mary Kay Cowan, President; Mother Patricia Shaffer, and Susan Beli Treasurer.




Advisor; Judith Banks, Vice-President; Kathleen Schweizer, Secretary;


GEORGINA BAER Chula Vista, California

JUDI BANKS Anaheim, California

CECILE BOTZ San Diego, California

JULIANNE BARR La Mesa, California

JOANNA BRADY Tegucigalpa, Honduras Central America

MARY ANNE BRAMANTI Chicago Heights, Illinois

NORA BLAY San Diego, California

AUGUSTA BECKER San Diego, California

MARY BROOKE El Cajon, California

CONNIE JEAN CABRAL San Diego, California

BARBARA BONESSA Ontario, California

SUSAN BELL Huntington Beach, California

RITA MARIE COLTON San Diego, California

JO CONNOR Playa del Rey, California

CHERLYN CALDWELL Calexico, California

PATRICIA CORKILL San Diego, California

FRANCES CANDLIN Denver, Colorado

BARBARA CHAMBERS San Diego, California


MARY KAY COWAN San Diego, California

KATHY CHAMBERS North Sycamore, New York


BEATRIZ DE LA VEGA Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico

SANDY CLEMINSON Los Angeles, California

La JoIIa, California


MARY EILEEN DOWNEY San Diego, California

KAREN DUNCAN Lakeside, California

JEAN FOX San Diego, California

BARBARA DUNLAP La Jolla, California


DIANE GALLAGHER San Diego, California

JULIET AFLORES San Diego, California


ROXANE GALLANT Poway, California

SUSAN GANTNER La Jolla, California

DANIELLE FOISY San Diego, California

MONICA FOREST San Diego, California

JUDITH GIACINTO Lemon Grove, California

IRIS GILPIN Hollywood, California

FRANCES GARNETT San Diego, California

STEPHANIE GORDON Glendale, California

RITA LOUISE GASCA Whittier, California

SHIRLEY GAVER Tucson, Arizona

BERYL GRAHAM San Diego, California

MARTHA GARCIA San Diego, California

JEAN GEAR San Diego, Califorina

CAROLE GHAREEB San Diego, California


JANICE HACKNEY La Jolla, California

Northridge, California


SUSAN HANSON San Diego, California

TESSIE HART San Diego, California

MARY ROBIN HOWARD San Diego, California

KATHLEEN HARTNAGEL Los Angeles, California

THERESE KEISER San Diego, California

KATHLEEN KEPTNER San Diego, California

LORRAINE HAVIAR San Diego, California

BUNNY HAYWARD Encinitas, California

MARCY KING Rancho Mirage, California


CARLA HEITZMAN La Habra, California

ANDREA KIRINICH San Diego, California

San Diego, California


JOYLEE LOFTIS El Cajon, California

LINDA LEE LOVCI Santee, California

ROSALIE KNEESHAW San Diego, California

CARMEN MARINA LUCERO Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico

MARCELINE LAZZARI Ontario, California


MARGARET MAHONY Birmingham. Michigan

EILEEN LUNA Imperial Beach, California




Guam, Mariana Islands



PATRICIA LEWIS San Diego, California

Helena, Montana

San Diego, California


JO ANNE MARI Anaheim, Cailfornia

MARGARET MASIELLO Whittier, California

ROSEMARY MEZA San Diego, California

KATHLEEN ANN MAVIS San Diego, California

PAMELA MOORE San Francisco, California

MARY ELLEN McGUIRE Anaheim, California

MARY JO MUSURACA Los Angeles, California

PATRICIA McGEENY Long Beach, California

CHERYL NORRIS National City, California

DE ANN McKIM Grand Island, Nebraska

ENITA MEIHAUS St. Louis, Missouri


Vancouver, B.C., Canada


DIANE PARISIEN Seattle, Washington

BARBARA PETERSON San Diego, California


JOANNE PINKEL San Diego, California

CLAIRE O'CONNELL San Diego, California

CELINE OLVERA San Diego, California

PATRICIA PUHGER El Cajon, California

ANNA MARY PITRONE Escondido, California



Lemon Grove, California

CECELIA RAMIREZ V. Nogales, Sonora, Mexico

CAROL ANN QUALIN San Diego, California

SHARON ANN PADDOCK San Diego, California


SYLVIA RANGEL Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico

CHERYL ANN REISING San Diego, California

ROBERTA ANNE ROY Los Angeles, California

JERALYN RICK San Diego, California

BETTY LOU SANFORD San Diego, California

JEANNE SCHNEIDER Altadena, California

SALLY ANN ROETZEL Colorado Springs, Colorado

JENNIFER ROACH Pasadena, California



San Diego,


HELEN SCUTT La Jolla, California

ANTOINETTE ROSA San Diego, California

BERNADETTE ROSA San Diego, California


JULIE IRMA STINGLE San Diego, California

SUE SHANNON San Diego, California


LESLIE C. SHEAHAN Bellevue, Washington

MARIANNE SIDENFADEN Los Angeles, California

ANA CRISTINA TAIX San Diego, California

ANN SULLIVAN San Diego, California

LINDA M. SMITH San Diego, California

ROSE ANN SOBOL San Diego, California



San Diego, California

San Diego, California


DONNA MARIE TRUMBLE San Diego, California

ANNA VALLADOLID San Diego, California

CARROL SUE WARD La Mesa, California



YVETT VASQUEZ ELIAS Coronado, California

PATRICIA ANN WILSON San Diego, California


MARY VIEIRA San Diego, California

SARA RITA VELLA San Diego, California

JANE WYDRA Chula Vista, California



MARIE F. WAGGONER San Diego, California






CLASS OF 1967 Traditionally, we Freshmen were a "little confused" when we first appeared on

campus. After the first few weeks, however, our adjustments to the scholastic and

social life began. Of course, all of these experiences were accompanied by the help of

our big sisters, and our big brothers from the College for Men, who wrote cheerful

notes to encourage us and keep up our spirits. Welcome Week and the first month of

school brought the first events which initiated us into the family atmosphere of the

University. One activity followed another; Convocation and Investiture; the Fashion

Revue directed by social chairman Kathy Shea and Bill White; the Senior sponsored

Palm Patio dance; the ADG dance; the USD pool party; and finally the Flootenanny.

The Freshman Follies provided a wonderful opportunity for each member of our

class to become acquainted with one another. The unifying effect of this project con­

tinued the family atmosphere which we had come to recognize as one of the principle

values of USD. The talents of the Freshmen were very well displayed under the direc­

tion of Pat Wilson and Judy Banks.

Midterms interrupted the college social activities for a week, but the Junior Dance

presented by the Men's college in More Hall brought us back into a relaxed mood.

Marcie Lazzari led the volley ball team to victory and to our first trophy. Kathy Keptner

collected hundreds of toys with the aid of her class and the contributions of the student

body at our college. Thanksgiving and Christmas relieved us from the pressures of

classes for a while (but not from the pressures of term papers), and the mistletoe spirit

of the Bishop's Christmas party sent us home with a great deal of holiday spirit en­

veloping us.

During these first few months, the fortnightly officers gave us some examples of


the leadership qualities of our class. Mary Kay, Bunny and Helen began the task of

organizing all of us into a "class". Their work was continued by Susan, Anna Christina

and Mary Ann. Diane, Jo and Kathy did their share as we began to take on some

semblance of a unified group. Carole, Adrienne. and Jean contributed the final touches

and we prepared to elect permanent officers.

Logic, English, western civilization and anthropology took a second place as we

celebrated the elections of our permanent officers: Mary Kay, Judy, Susan, and Kathy.

Then our academic subjects re-entered the limelight as we experienced our first semester


Mother Shaffer's guidance, consideration and understanding helped each of us

to begin our second semester at USD. A few other events also aided in continuing the

buoyancy of our spirits: our Freshman Supper Dance with its Valentine theme; the

Phi Kappa Theta Dance; the Mardi Gras Dance just before Lent; the faculty lecture

in honor of St. Thomas Aquinas; and the Passion Play presented by the College for Men.

Easter vacation seemed to be only a brief stopping for a breath of air before we

continued our studies and our fun. Theatre Arts seemed to predominate as we sup­

ported the College for Women Drama Club in their spring play and the College for

Men in their performance of MEDEA. Final exams were not as difficult because they

seemed to spell out a favorite word — SUMMER VACATION.

Freshman Follies Chairmen Judy Banks and Pat Wilson surrounded by members of the Freshman Class in the cast.


Associated Student Body Officers: Seated, Mary Fipp, President of Children of Mary, and Standing: Kathleen Shea, Social Chairman; Ave DeVanon, Corresponding Secretary; Joan



Maureen Pecht, Associated Student Body President. Karpinski, Vice-President; Sarita Doyle, Recording Secretary.


UNUM Distinguished, student-written poetry and prose is the sum and substance of the Unum, literary maga­ zine of the San Diego College for Women. A board of judges, comprised of students, moderated by Mother Patch, determine the material for publication, which has been submitted by students and faculty members. Unum is published once annually in the spring.

Under the leadership of Margaret De Guide, Editor-in-chief, Stephanie Mayfield, Assistant Editor, and Sheryl Planasky, Art Editor, members of the editorial board include Lynn Horobetz, Margaret Martin, Mary B. Schoen, Marion Snyder, and Marty Sucec. Mother Patch serves as faculty adviser.

IMPETUS Newest of the SDCW publications is the Impetus, originally an out­ growth of the Unum, which has ma­ tured to independent standing during the course of the 1963-1964 school year. Its purpose: to provide the stu­ dent body with a commentary on cur­ rent thought and criticism of the vari­ ous phases of the arts. Many students have made contributions to the infant publication during its early months.

Editor-in-chief, Lynn Horobetz, originator of Impetus, is assisted by Mary B. Schoen, Marty Sucec, Marion Snyder, and Pam Alesch, under the direction of Mother Patch.


What? Wally finally got us all together for a picture? The hardworking Alcala Staff include Mother Bremner, moderator, Pamela Alesch, editor, Sandy D'Agostino, Brenda Bartek, Marty Sucec, Suzanne Munsell, Priscilla Bodenstadt, Peggy Raynoha, and Marty Martin. ALCALA

The Alcala serves as the annual publication of the events of the school year at the San Diego College for Women. Staffed by the stu­ dents of the college, the Al­ cala continues into its ninth year. Little need be said in explanation of the book for it tells its story in the pictures before you.

Mother Bremner and Suzanne Munsell hurry to meet the publisher's deadline.



The Congregation of the Children of Mary of the Sacred Heart is the spiritual organ in the San Diego College for Wom­ en. The foundress, Saint Madeline Sophie, wrote that this organization is an "aposto- late," for all its members "must be Apos­ tles." The aim of every member is a perfect Christian life. Every Child of Mary conse­ crates herself to carry out the will of God in whatever state of life He has placed her. She strives for perfection by inculcating within her own life a spirit of detachment, courageous purity and devotion to the will of God. By strengthening her own spiritual life, she is able by example, to spread the love of the Sacred Heart throughout the world.

\ 1

Mother Farraher and Mary Fipp, president of the Children of Mary, pause for a moment of reflection before the statue of Mater Admirablis.


The Children of Mary salute the Blessed Sacrament in procession.

"Medal" members of Children of Mary gather together in the Chapel. Those present are Maureen Pecht and Mary Fipp, President, Judy McMillan, La Delle Willett, Suzanne Schultz, Mary B. Schoen, Wendy Eisman, Sandy Schadewald, Joan Karpinski, Anne Boehler, Maria Rodriguez, Irene Carames, Patricia Murphy, Margaret Morgan, Glory Odgers, and Lorna Popp.

ii|S' mm ^rnBk

• + + ?




Officers of the I.R.C. are President, Sharron Moore, Secretary, Mary Bernadette Schoen, Vice-President, Stephanie Mayfield. and


Mother Murphy gave an excellent explanation of the situation in Israel when she spoke at an I.R.C. meeting.

Planning the CIVIL RIGHTS Meeting at Pomona.

The International Relations Club seeks to famili­ arize its members with current events and issues on a four-fold basis. Through various media the group aims to study the political problems which face mod­ ern man; to know the essential differences between the opposing world blocs; to understand the reasons for and projected outcome of this conflict; and to promote a vital enthusiasm for the world in which we live. Implanting intellectual awareness of these four areas in the student constitutes the function of the I.R.C. at the San Diego College for Women. Mother McShane is the enthusiastic faculty adviser.

Sharon Moore, briefed the audience on the back­ ground of a guest speaker.


EL CLUB ESPANOL The prominent position that the Spanish language occupies at the College for Wo­ men is evidenced in the enthusiasm of the students who are heard conversing in Span­ ish with a more or less "American accent". Recently under the direction of our Spanish faculty a Spanish Club was organized with the aim of acquainting interested students with the language, literature, customs, history, and problems of the Spanish speak­ ing world. Through their activities the mem­ bers hope to make our "Alcala on the hill" come closer (at least in spirit) to the Alcala in Spain.

Preparing for the Christmas Posada which promises to be an annual function of the newly formed Spanish Club are the officers Irene Cannes (Sec.), Cynthia Char- masson (Counselor), Stephanie Mayfield (Vice Pres.) and Anita Good (Pres.).

Noontime provides the Spanish Club and faculty advisers — Senora Bartelme, Senor Blanco, and Senora Graves — with an opportunity to practice the language.


Club officers, Jeanne Woody, treasurer, Margaret De Guide, president, and Isabelle Trombejta, secretary, point out some of the outstanding features of Paris.

Girls interested in using the French they have learned meet at lunch time in the dining hall to converse over lunch.

LE CLUB FRANCAIS a few of the activities which may make up the program for one of the weekly meetings. A newspaper, The Jirauette, is published monthly by the club. The French Club's primary aim is to familiarize its members with French con­ versation by putting the French they know into everyday practice. Guest speakers, mov­ ies, group discussions and picnics are just

Visiting high school students from the Convent of the Sacred Heart, El Cajon, share in the festivities which followed a club meeting.


ALCALA PARK PLAYERS The main concern of the Alcala Park Players is the sponsoring of two full length plays annually. Death Takes A Holiday and The Miracle Worker, this year's pro­ ductions, offered all who attended first rate entertainment and a chance to sit on cush­ ions for future productions. The proceeds from these plays were donated to the school for new theater cushions.

Upper left: Miss Brophy, Adele Schroeder, Mary Clarke, and Mary Kay Cowan set the stage for the Alcala Park Players next probuction. Lower left: Scanning program for any necessary changes are Miss Brophy, Pam Alesch, Secretary, Mr. Van Vleck, moderator, Christine Camus, Presi­ dent, Kathleen Zaworski, Vice President, and Mary B. Schoen, Treasurer.

Just before the curtain closes the audience gives the company of D~lllh T d/c~s A Holidq a fin3I ovation.


WOMEN'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The W.A.A. serves the purpose of promoting school spirit through outdoor exercise and recreation. Throughout the year the club sponsors various ac­ tivities. In the warm months sailing is a favorite. On campus the volleyball, volleytennis and basket­ ball seasons terminate with the W.A.A. staging an intramural tournament for each sport. Climaxing the competition is the awarding of the "Spirit Ban­ ner" at the end of the year. In this way the W.A.A. plays a vital role both in encouraging enthusiasm within the class and in fostering physical fitness.

"After the rains came" Mrs. Mercado and the officers of the W.A.A., Judy Blaine (Vice Pres.) and Wendy Eisman (Pres.) inspected the tennis court.

The Junior and Sophomore teams sparked class spirit through competition.

The basketball tournament was only one of the tournaments successfully sponsored by the W.A.A.


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